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FOUND DEAD ON THE ROAD SIDE. Last Monday morning a sad report reached Bala that Mr. Edward Lloyd, Dol-llycbwyn, had been found dead on the side of the road near Gwernhefin. Further confirmation was soon forthcoming, when his body was brought to the Workhouse mortuary pending the in- quest. Mr. W. R. Davies, the county coroner, was communicated with, and the enquiry was held the same evening. THE INQUEST. The inquest was held at the Board Room be. fore Mr. W. R. Davies, the county coroner, and the following jury ;-Messrs. R. L!. Jones (foreman), D. W.. Jones, H. LI. Davies, Evan Davies, R. Evans, J. J. Hughes, M. J. Jones, H. Evans, 0 H. Hughes, D. T. Lewis, O. W. Roberts, G. Rees, and G. Roberts. There were also present Dr. Williams and Police Inspector Morgan. In opening the enquiry the coroner said they had been brought together to inquire into the circumstances touching the death of Mr. Ed. ward Lloyd, whose body was found on the road near Gwernhefin, under circumstances which would be brought out in evidence. He could not say whether the doctor, after hearing some of the evidence, was able to state the cause of death. Sunday night was a cold night, and it appeared that deceased had been for hours out in the cold, and he thought no strong man even could withstand such cold. The jury could consider after hearing some of the facts, whether it would be advisable to ad. journ the inquest or not. The doctor had made an external examination of the body. The finding of a man dead on the highway made it incumbent upon them to endeavour to ascer- tain whether he received any injury accident- ally, whether he receive fair play, or whether he received any injury by doing or not doing something which ought to have been done. The jury then went to view the body, and upon their return the following evidence was given:— Garibaldi Roberts, slater, Llanuwchllyn, said I I was acquainted withJEdward Lloyd. I was I with him last night going from Goat, Bala. We were driven in a, car towards home. W. T. Ellis, Red L on, was the driver. We went as far as 'Stryt Gwernhefin.' There was too much ice to be able to cross the bridge. On the road Lloyd said he would go home past Gwern- hefin. Lioyd and myself alighted from the car near Stryt Gwernhefin. It was light then, and would be about 7 p.m. Lloyd could then walk and speak alright. Lioyd alighted from the car, and sat on the side of the hedge. I said to him, 'Come on, Lloyd, if you begin sleeping, here you will be.' Lloyd replied, You go on, I w'll overtake you.' I went on as far as Gwernhefin hayshed to shelter from the rain, and slept there. I came back soon. I do not know hew long I slept, and found Lloyd in the place I had left him. I said to him, Come on, Lloyd, so that we may go home.' I got hold of him and tried to rouse him, but he fell back helpless. I thought he was asleep, and I said, 'Come from there, Lloyd.' I placed my hand on his forehead, ana found it was cold and wet. I went to Dol-llycbwyn, a distance of about half-a-mile off. I cannot say when I reached there It was dark and wet. The body bore no signs of struggle, his clothes were in order. We had some whisky in the car. We drank pretty freely of it, but cannot say bow much. The three of us drank of it. I had only one bottle of whisky, and Lloyd said to me on the road, Here, tap this,' and he had a drink, so also I and Willie. I tapped the bottle with my knife, and replaced the cork with a paper stopper. 1 had that bottle afterwards. I think Lloyd had another bottle, but I did not see it. I have no idea how long deceased had been there. It was about 6-30 or 7 p.m. when we left Bala. I do not know what time it was when I reached Dol-llycbwyn. After doing so, I knocked and called for John Lloyd. The ser- vant appeared at the door, and I went up to in- form John Lloyd of the occurrence. He ordered Robert Morgan to inform his cousin, Mr. R. Jones, Cyffdv. 1 went to Cyffdy, took a pony and rode to Bala for a doctor and inspector. I can't say what time it was. By Mr. R. Ll. Jones: He lost no time in going to Del lycliwyn and Cyffdy, and thence to Bala. The bottle was empty, and no one helped him with it after leaving Lloyd. From the Goat they started, and it was there he un- derstood the whisky was obtained on the previous Saturday. By Mr. J. J. Hughes: Edward Lloyd was sober when he went from the Goat, and chatted along the road. By Inspector Morgan Was he sick when he went from the Goat? I heard that be had been complaining. Dr. Williams said he was called to see the deceased about 6-30 a.m. on Monday. He found the body on the back drive leading to Gwern- hefin, about eight yards from the gate. The deceased was apparently about 55 years of age, and was a farmer. He had attended deceased professionally several times. Some years ago, he had suffered from erysipelas and cold, and generally suffered from want of proper care of himself. Deceased was dead when he found him. Witness made an external examination, but was not able from that, or from the evid- ence already adduced, to state what was the cause of death. By Mr. R. Ll. Jones Does the doctor think that a post mortem would reveal the cause of death? The doctor replied that it would undoubtedly. There might be many causes to which his death might be attributed. The fact that he had been lying for so many hours in the place where he was found was sufficient of itself to cause his death. The Coroner said it would certainly be more satisfactory to the deceased's relatives, and to the jury, to adjourn the inquest, and that in the meantime the doctor could make a post mortem examination. The jury agreed to this, and the inquest was adjourned to Tuesday next at 12 noon.


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