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BALA. DR. BARNADOS HUME. A very successful sale of work was held at the Vestry Room of the Independent chapel on Thursday last, by means of which over fl4 was secured for the benefit of these Homes. The management of the sale was in the capable hands of Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Post Office, and others. -_u_u_ THE THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE. We learn, with regret, that Principal Ed- wards, D.D., has, on account of ill-health, in- timated to the College Committee his intention of resigning. HIGH STREET IMPROVEMENT. The Joint Committee of the County Council and Urban Council met on Monday last, to endeavour to settle the claim made by the Urban Council of Bala for improving High Street. The Committee appointed by the County Council were:—Hon. C. H. Wynne, Rug; Messrs. W. Davies, Cae'rblaidd; and Haydn Jones, Towyn. The Committee ap- pointed by the Urban Council consisted of the Chairman (Mr. R. Ll. Jones), Mr. R. W. Ro- berts (Vice-chairman), and Mr. David Jones (Birmingham House). The Clerk of the County Council (Mr. R. Jones), and the Clerk of the Urban Council (Mr. J. R. Jones), were also in attendance. The amount claimed was £ 794. An offer was made by the representatives of the County Council. The Urban Council met to consider it, and refused it. The Urban Council made an offer to accept a certain sum in full discharge of claim but the representa- tives of the other side did not decide anything, further than to submit it to the County Coun- cil. The matter will, it is conjectured, have to be decided by arbitration. LITERARY AND MUSICAL MEETING AT TY'NYBONT. On Thursday last, at the Ty'nybont Inde- pendent Chapel, a very interesting competitive meeting was held, under the presidency of Mr. J. Parry, Glantegid. The chapel was crowded -every nook and corner was occupied, and the seating accommodation was inadequate, that only about one out of every three could be seated. The following programme was gone throu,h:- Competition, reciting a portion out of the Scriptures—1, Lizzie Davies, Glan'rafon. Bardic addresses were given by the Chairman, Mr. Ellis Jones, and others. Solo competition, 'Yr Eos '-1, G. A. Pugh, Bala; 2, Kate Rowlands; 3, S. J. Hughes and Thomas E Ellis. For the best essay, the prize was adjudged by Mr. James Jones, Bala, to be equally divided between J. Rowlands, Tyisa, and E. Ll. Jones, Cwm. Rev. W. Morris' adjudication on answering of questions, resulted in a division of the prize between Jane Rowlands, Tyisa, and Llewelyn Owen, Cwm. Quartette competition, for the rendering of an unseen piece of music, Mr. John Jones' party was adjudged the best. Song, by Miss Dakin,' Yr esgid ar y traeth.' Mr. Watkin's adjudication on the englyn, 'Craig y Garn,' declared Mr. Ellis Jones' con- tribution the best. Competition trio, 0 na bawn yn seren '—1, Mr. D. Roberts' party from Talyb-mt. For the best recitation of 1 Carlo and the child.' The effect given to the piece by some of the competitors was very amusing and evoked loud laughter. The first prize was given to Mr. R. Roberts, and the second to Mr. D. Jones. For the best essay on the duty of the church to oppose the sins of the present time, the prize was awarded to Mr. John Roberts, Ty'nybont. Duett competition, 'Gwraig y Morwr '-1, Mr. Roberts and Mr. D. R. Jones. Competition on rendering any solo selected by the competitor—1, Mr. R. Roberts; 2, Mr. Robert Jones, Rhyducha. Penniilion, The profligate son,' first prize awarded to Mr. Lewis Roberts, Cwm. On the motion of the Rev. T. T. Phillips a cordial vote of thanks was given the Chairman for his able services. After singing the National Anthem the audience dispersed. It



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C A E R W Y S. ----,-_,-/""-/-

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