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tj vr I-.v, P,, R Y L. PETTY SESSIONS. TUESDAY.—Before Dr. W. T. Girdleston (in the chair), Mr. S. Perks, Captain E. W. Keatinge, Messrs. John Foulkes. W. J. P.- Storey, and W. H, Coward. EXTENSION OF TIME. On the application of Mr. J. Pierce-Lewis, the bench granted an extension of time for Mr. Martin O'Connor from 10 o'clock to 1 a.m. on the 2nd of February, being the occasion of a ball to be held at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Prestatyn. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. Wrn. Crosby Jones, 142, Vale Road, plead- ed guilty to being drunk and disorderly on January 21st, at High Street. P.O. Ta!e said that the defendant was drunk in High Street, and in consequence of his disorderly conduct, witness requested him to go home. He declined to do so, and witness-had to lock him up. Defendant was fined 5s. and 7s. costs. Thomas Jones and Mary Jones, Brickfield Terrace, husband and. wife, were charged with being drunk and disorderly on Jan. 7th, at Vale Road. P.C. William Roberts said that he found both defendants at 11.30 on Saturday night, the 17th ult., drunk and disorderly. They were shouting, swearing, and using bad language. He had previously cautioned the defendants. Defendant's wife only appeared, and said that her husband had caused all the bother. It was the first time such a thing had hap- pened during the 14 years of their married life. The Bench fined Mary Jones 2s. 6d. and costs, and said that unless the husband at- tended the court, they would issue a war- rant for his arrest. The husband subsequently appeared, and pleaded guilty He was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. ASSAULTING THE TOWN CRIER. Edmund David Ellis, back of Wellington Road, pleaded guilty to assaulting T. W. Roose, town crier, on the 25th ult. Complainant stated that on the 25th ult. he was attending a sale conducted by Mr. Wm. Hall, auctioneer, his duty being to see that no goods were removed without a per- mit. The defendavit was removing a hat stand when witness stopped him, as he had no ticket. Defendant thereupon assaulted him by pushing him several times against the iron gate, caught him by the neck, and held him against the wall. Defendant then went into the house and left the hat stand, afterwards returning to witness and striking him two blows on the chest. Defendant said he did not know what had happened, as he was drunk. If he did as complainant said he had, he was very for it. The Bench fined defendant 5s. and 9s. costs, the chairman warning him as to his future conduct. THEFT OF LEAD PIPING. William Tinman, 6, Wellington Terrace, was brought up in custody charged with stealing on or about the 6th of January, a quantity of lead piping and taps from the Pavilion at the Winter Gardens, the pro- perty of the West Rhyl Land and Buildings Company, Limited, Mr. Rudland appeared to prosecute, and Mr. F. J. Gamlin defended. Thomas Richard Davies, caretaker at the old Winter Gardens, residing at 19, West Parade, said that during the arst week in January, he saw some lead piping at the Pavilion in the gardens, which belonged to the West Rhyl Land and Buildings Com- pany, Limited. He identified the piping and taps produced as belonging to a wash- ing basin, glass v, ash up, cistern, w.c., and other fixtures in the Pavilion. The lead and taps in the present condition were worth about 5s., the lead weighing about 40 lbs. The piping was in working order when he last saw it. He had not seen anyone on the premises, but the place had been broken into several times prior to the first week in January. Cross. exa min ed: I superintend the build- ings on the ground, and usually look into the buildings once a week. I did not miss the articles until January 24th. as I had not looked for them particularly until then. I had missed several pieces in December, and so I looked for these. The missing pipes in December belonged to the hot and cold water service in the tearoom. Edward Burke, general dealer, 3, Vale Road, Rhyl, said that on January 14th he purchased a quantity of lead, some of that produced to the court, from the prisoner, whom-he paid 2s. Prisoner said he had had ginger beer bottles, which he bad taken to some works, and received the old lead in exchange for them. He asked witness if Mr. Cuddy was about, and on his saying that he y 11 was not, prisoner asked him if he would buy the lead for 2s. 6d. Witness offered 2s. for it, an i it was accepted. It was about 10 o'clock in the morning, and at 12 o'clock be sold the lead to Mr. Robert Jolley, who asked him where he purchased it and he told him. Mr. Jolley calculated the lead as worth 3s. 4d, but he gave witness 3s. 6d. on being pressed for that sum. Cross examined I swear that he said he got the lead from the ginger beer works, but I did not press him for particulars, as I always took him to be a respectable man. Robert Jolly, plumber, 4, EIwy Sreet, said that on January 14th, 118 bought the lead from the last witness. Cross-exa mined: I have not been to the soda water works to make inquiries. P.S. MacWalter said that in consequnce of information received, he saw Burke, and from what he said, he afterwards saw the last witness, who showed him the lead and taps produced. After taking possession of the lead he saw the prisoner, and told him that Burke had said that he had purchased lead piping from him two weeks previously. Prisoner replied that he had sold Burke some lead piping for 2s. Witness then asked him to explain how he got the lead, and he oplied Mr. and Mrs. Powell Jones gave me Sine scrap iron when Sthey were leaving Bis :vdon some months ago, and I found somu lead piping amongst it. Witness asked if he sold the siron and lead at the same time, aiid he replied 'I sold the scrap iron some weeks ago—after it was given me.' Witness asked why he 'dic\ not sell the lead at the same time, and he theu said 'I had not found the lead then, 1 found it after wards.' At the police station he produced the lead to the prisoner and read over the warrant. The prisoner said, I deny the charge.' Inspector Pearson gave corrobarative evi- dence, and said that the prisoner had told him that he found the lead in a bag at the back of a boiler at Brigydon. Peter Powell Jones, fruiterer and gucne- dealer, 6, Water Street, said he had lived at Brigydon, leaving there at the end of No- vember or the first week in December. He had not given anything to the prisoner, but he left an old iron grate and boiler at the place, which were subsequently given to the prisoner by his wife. He had never seen the lead piping produced at the back of\ his house. Cross-examined: I left several cwts. of old' iron in the corners of the yard. It is pos- sible that the lead was under the boiler, but if it was there, it was put by someone else. Annie Powell Jones, wife of the last wit ness, and aunt of prisoner's wife, said that she gave the prisoner some rubbish and iron the first week in Dec'.mber. She had never seen the lead before. Mr. Gamlin here produced two tops of syphons, and asked if the witness had seen them before. She replied that she had seen them in the rubbish heap, but did not know anything about the lead piping. She gave the prisoner all that was in the heaps. William Beaven, 11, Clwyd Street, said he had resided at Brigydon. and bad left about December 1st. When he left he did not see any lead there. He saw nothing but some old iron, Charles Ellis, plumber, Windsor Street, proved cutting pieces off the pil at the Pavilion, which fitted the piping before the t!1 court. Michael Cuddy, general dealer, Vale Road, said he bought some old iron from the prisoner two months ago. Pri-oner had not offered him the lead. This closed the case f r the prosecution, and the prisoner having given evidence, the bench unanimously came to the conclusion that the prisoner was guilty, and sent him to prison for one month with hard labour.




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