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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at the workouse on Monday. Air. H. Williams presided, and the oilier members present were Messrs. Thomas Jones (Plas Coch), John Evans, Edward Jones, Robert White, Evan Davies, Hugh Jones, E. Wil- liams Jones, T. P. Roberts, R. H. Pugh, J. Garner, G. H. Simon, R. Davies Jones, Richard Jones, John Roberts, E. R. Evans, Rev. W. G. Richards, Isaac Williams, T. H. Roberts, John Foulkes, E. Rogers Jones, Thomas Jones (Llanferres), Mrs, Edward Roberts, and the clerk (Mr. R. H. Roberts). THE DEATH OF MRS. J. F. REECE. A letter was read from the Rev. J. F. Reece, rector of Lanfwrog, who is also a member of the Board, conveying his grate-j ful thanks for the kind sympathy shown with him by the Guardians in his great sor- row caused by the death of his wife. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that the number of paupers in the house was 78, as compared with 79, the corresponding period last year. The number of vagrants relieved during the fortnight was 51, an increase of 17 on the corresponding fortnight twelve months ago. OLD AGE PENSIONS. The Chairman submitted to the Board the report of the committee appointed at the last meeting, to consider the Old Age Pen- sion scheme. As to the first clause in the scheme, the committee were in favour of some state provision to the poor in old age, distinct from the poor law. As to the second clause whether they regard favour- ably a proposal for the State to endow with 5s. a week persons arriving at the age of 65 years, on condition that they had insured against sickness and funeral expenses for a period in a friendly or trade union society,' the committee were in favour of granting this whether they had insured or not, if the recipients bore a good character.. The Board adopted the recommendation of the committee, and it was also passed that the scheme, if it became law, should be administrated by the Boards of Guard- ians, and that the contribution from local rates should not be more than one-fifth of the whole amount. No discussion took place upon other and minor provisions in the scheme. THE SALE OF INTOXICATING LIQUORS TO CHILDREN. The Clerk read a circular letter and re- solution passed by the Bodmin Union, in favour of legislation to render it illegal to sell or supply any intoxicating liquors to children under 13 years, for consumption off the premises. It was pointed out in the resolution that drink was a fruitful source of pauperism and crime, and that its sale to young children greatly conduced to the increase of pauperism and crime throughout the country. Mr. Thomas Jones (Plas Coch), proposed that a similar resolution be adopted, but that the age be risen to 15 years. Mr. Richards seconded, and the motion was agreed to. THE EVIL OF TIED HOUSES. Mr. John Garner said that inasmuch as this matter had been mentioned, he would move at the next meeting, that the magis- trates be requisitioned not to grant licen- ses to tied houses in the Ruthin Petty Ses- siooal division. He thought the present system, with regard to the ownership of public houses was most unfair to the ten- ants, as well as to the country at large (hear, hear). The Clerk said this question did not come within the scope of the PJor Law, and that really the Board were powerless in the matter. After some discussion, Mr. Garner said he would bring the matter before the District Council, and asked the clerk to place it on the agenda for that meeting. At present, inferior articles were sold in these tied houses, causing hardship to the tenants, and the community at large. ABLE BODIED PAUPERS. At the-last meeting of the Board, it was announced that the resignation o; the house servant bad been handed in, and after some discussion it was accepted, and a resolution passed appointing a committee to make an inquiry as to the number of able I bodied women in the house, and whether one of them could do the kitchen work so as to obviate the appointment of a paid servant. At the present meeting, Mr. E. R. Evans asked why was this committee not edled. The Clerk explained that the hon • ser- vant had intimated to him her des,: to withdraw her resignation, and to compji r her year of service. Thinking that tin- Board did not wish to force the servant to leave, he had taken upon himself to instruct her to remain, and therefore did not call the committee, knowing that they would have to go over the same work at the end of the servant's year of service. In the course of the discussion that en- sued, several members contended that the resolution of the Board should have been carried out, and the committee called, it being stated that the question of able bodied paupers in the house should be immediately taken into consideration. It was ultimately decided to allow the servant, whom the clerk and master said was an excellent girl in every respect, to complete her term of service, and at the same time to go into the question of able bodied paupers.

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OERYG-Y-DRCJIDION. -_/''''''_,/--,_.-..........-/.........._",..-.....,-,/--,...-',----,,-_..-

ST. ASAPH. '------'-------"'---/--'-"'-;'-"--,,----/-,-,,-'


C A E R W Y S. ----,-_,-/""-/-

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