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C A E R W Y S. ----,-_,-/""-/-

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proceeds of the ball, held on the 15tib. of Decem- ber last, including several donations, be appro- priated for the use of the charity. On the motion of Mr. William Parry, se- conded by the Chaiyman, the clergy and minis- ters oi the Nonconformists chapels whose con gregations had made collections in aid of the charity were sincerely thanked for the amounts collected, the Chairman remarking that it was very gratifying to the Committee to see that subscriptions from this source were increased. {ELECTION OF THE COMMITTEE. The Chairman said that several members of the Committee retired this year in rotation, but Were eligible for re election. But. there was one vacancy to be filled also. This had been caused by the death of a very old member of the Committee, whose loss they all felt very much. Ile allu,,t,,d to the I.,ite Mr. Tli,,)itias Gee. He had been connected with the institution for many year, and always took very great in- terest in it. Mr. T. J. Williams proposed that the retiring members of the Committee be reelected, viz., Messrs. F. J. Preston, R. E. Hughes, E. A. Tumour, J. Harrison J. lies, and'R. Humphreys Roberts. Mr. Gold Edwards, in seconding, said that they had lost from amongst them, as th" Chair- man had just told toc-ai, a very old member of the Committee in the person of Mr Gee. about whom he could speak from personal knowledge. Mr. Gee had been a subscriber to the institution before he (Mr. Gold Edwards) was, and he was rather an old hand at it now. For many years, Mr. Gee had a special fund as the hooks would show, to which he collected subscriptions amongst the ministers of the Cafvinistic body. Mr. Gee had, indeed, all his life taken a very warm interest in the institution. He thought it.would be gratifying to the family, and to Mr. Gee himself, if his wishes could be known, that they should elect in his stead his son, Mr. Howel Gee. As far as he knew, Mr. H. Gee had not been consulted, but he (Mr. Gold Ed- wards) hoped that, if elected, Mr. Gee would not be simply an ornamental member, as some of the members appeared to be (laughter). They wanted a gentleman that would come down amongst them. The register showed that some of the members had not appeared there at all during the year, neither were they present at that meeting. At the same time, he would be sorry to omit their names. The late Mr. Gee put his shoulder to the wheel, and collected money himself from amongst the ministers of his denomination (hear, hear). He was sure that Mr. Howel Gee, if elected, would follow in his father's footsteps. The Chairman, in supporting, said they would all be glad to see Mr. Howel Gee elected to fill his father's place. The motion was carried. NEW STEWARD FOR ST. ASAPH. Mr. Grimsley was, on the motion of Mr. J. Parry Jones, elected steward for the St. Asaph district, in the place of Mr. Howes Roberts, resigned. THE INFIRMARY TO BE REGISTERED UNDER THE COMPANIES ACT. The Chairman said Mr. John Davies, solici- tor, had taken a great deal of trouble in the matter of the proposal to register the institu- tion under the Companies Act. Mr. Davies had submitted his report to Mr. Gold Edwards, whose ability, as a lawyer, no one could gain- say. Mr. Gold Edwards Hear, hear (laughter). Proceeding, Mr. Gold Edwards proposed that the necessary steps be taken to have the in- stitution registered, and went on to say that it was very difficult to carry on the business in the old grove. If registered, the work of the institution could be carried on much better. Hitherto, they had the securities registered in the names of gentlemen, many of whom had passed away. All the original trustees had gone, and nobody had been appointed to fill their places. It was very undesirable to have the affairs of the institution in this unsettled state, and it would be to its interest to have it registered under the Companies Acts. Dr. Hughes seconded, and the motion was carried. Mr. John Davies explained that the effect of this would be that rule 25 of the institution would be done away with. The object of the registration was that all the securities would now be vested in the institution itself as a cor- porate body. ELECTION OF PRESIDENT. The Chairman proposed, and Colonel Lloyd Williams seconded, that the Honourable Laurence Brodrick, of Coed Coch, Aoergele, be the president for next year, and the motion was carried. THE JUBILEE FREE BED. Mr. Preston pointed out that the fund of the Jubilee Free Bed was languishing. No dona- tion had been given towards it since August, 1897, although since then n legacy of £ 100 had been left for its benefit by the late Mr. Edward Lloyd. This brought the fund to £295, and they required t205 more to have sufficient money to endow the bed. Mr. Preston then announced, amidst much cheering, that he Would give a third donation often guineas to Wards the fund. Mr. Thomas Williams, in supporting Mr. Preston's appeal in favour of making further efforts on behalf of the Free Bed Fund, pro nrsed a donation of 15 (hear, hear). Dr. Griffith William; Roberts And I shall be very glad indeed to give another couple of guineas to my previous donation (loud ap- plause). These promises were then followed by the Chairman, £ 5; the Mayor. £ 5; Mr. T. Gold Edwards, X5; Mr. T J. Williams, f2 2s. Col. Heaton, £ 2 2s. Dr. Hughes, £2 2s. and Mr. Foulkes, fl Is.—a total of zC39 19. Other matters of minor importance were re ferred, and the meeting was closed by a vote of thanks to the Chairman, proposed by Col Heaton, and seconded by Colonel Lloyd Wil- liams.