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Every man with a clever son believes in heredity. It is a singular thing that the oyster-fisher works hardest when he gets into a good bed. She So you are engaged to one of the Mus- grave twins? How can you distinguish one from the other?' He: 'I don't try to.' I don't think Phil Graves will ever set the world on fire.' I Oh, I don't know. He is an agent for a new make of oil stoves.' Brainwave: I He'll have to give up litera- ture.' Heartsurge: Health failing ?' Brainwave: 'No-hair.' Timmins: 'Can your daughter play the piano ?' Robbins (wearily): 'I don't know whether! she can or not, but she does.' The bicyclist now buys a store Of liniment and salves, And spins along the road way To show his padded calves. Park Policeman: 'Get off the grass there. Can't you see the sign ?' Surlie: I ain't walkin' on yer old grass. I'm steppin' between it.' 'There are two men who will never die of water on the brain.' 'Why not?' Soaker never uses water and Charlie hasn't any brain.' Bill: Say, Sam, who wrote that poem, Snow, snow, beautiful snow ?' Sam I dunno. Why ?' Bill: Well, ef I had him yere, I'd push his face in it.' Wife 'Was that man ever a farmer ?' Husband No.' Wife: 'But he's always'talkin' about the delights of livin' in the country.' Husband Exactly. That's what's shows he never was a farmer.' Witticus Here's a funny thing.' Citticus What is it ?' Witticus Account of a man who walked in his sleep because he dreamed he had no money to pay his 'bus fare.' She: What charming teeth Mrs. Highsea has He You flatter me, madam.' She: I Ob, pardon you are her husband?' He Oh, no; only her dentist.'