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PENLLYN DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL MEETING. On Saturday last, the annual meeting of the above Association was held at the County Hall. Sir H. B. Robertson presided. He was supported on the platform by Lady Robertson, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. J. R. Jones, Mrs. Dean, Miss Jones, Miss Parry, and amongst those present we noticed Miss Wil- liams, Miss Lloyd, Miss Stevenson, Miss Ellis, Misses Owen, Mrs. Hugh Williams, Mrs. Dr. Williams, Mrs. J. T. Jones, Mrs. D. Evans, Mrs. Williams, Nurse Jones, Dr. Hughes, Dr. Williams, Messrs. Evan Jones, L. J. Davies, W. Morris, J. C. Evans, R. Ll. Jones, J. Parry, J. W. Roberts, J. Williams, Dr. White Jones, R. Jones, R. Evans, J. T. Jones, J. Ll. Owen, Revs. T. T. Phillips, L. D. Jenkins, loan T. Davies, and J. E. Jones. The Chairman, after a few appropriate re- marks, called upon Mrs. Burton, the Hon. Secretary, to read the Executive Committee's and Hon. Secretary's Report. REPORT OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR 1898. The Executive Committee has the pleasure of presenting its report for 1898, the third year of District Nursing in Penllyn. During the last twelve months, 122 cases have been entered on the books, and nurse has paid 2,494 nursing visits. Of these 122 cases, 33 were in receipt of parish relief, and all were nursed free of charge, except two cases. Among the important cases these have been very serious :—Consump- tion, pneumonia, pleurisy, hemorrhage, bron- chitis, meningitis, abcesses, cancer, heart dis. ease, rheumatism, dyspepsia, gastritis, ioteritis, peritonitis, severe cramps, and convulsions. Miss Franks, the Inspector of Nursing, visited Bala on November 16th, and reported very favourably on the work done in this district. During October* nurse gave simple lectures in Welsh on nursing to women at Llanuwch llyn. They were so much appreciated that it is proposed to do the same in other parts of the district in 1899. When Nurse Jones took her well-earned holiday in the summer, Nurse Latham, from Manchester, was engaged to carry on the work, which she did successfully. Nurse Jones' skill and devotion are shown more each year, and her work is very popular and well appreciated. The Committee is much gratified to find that the collections made in churches and chapels throughout the districts on Sunday, September 13th, exceeded those of previous years, and they offer hearty thanks to those who responded to their appeal to carry on the work. Gifts of old linen and clean rags are particu larly acceptable. Subscriptions for the current year are now due. MRS. BURTON'S REPORT. Before reading the report for 1898, prepared by the Working Committee, I must ask you to. listen to a short account of what has been done during the year. I will not keep you long for interesting and successful as the work done is, it is now so wellknown, and I believe appreci. ated, that it requires little explanation and comment. There has been 122 cases regisctered during 1898. During the previous year there were 129. Nurse has paid 2,494 nursing jvisits. Many of the cases this last year have been long and tedious, requiring a great deal of attention and careful nursing. To one patient alone nurse paid 439 visits between April and December, to another 129 visits in 49 days. There have been more surgical cases this year and very serious ones. Of these 122 cases all have been nursed quite free of charge, except 2. Thirty three were in receipt of parish relief. As is usual, nurse was most busy during the first quarter of the year. In January, she paid 316 visits, in February 302, in March 210. In these months occurred many cases of bronchitis, pneumonia, and pleurisy. Among them were little babies, who made astonishing recoveries. Nine cases over 80 years old, most of these entirely re- covered. Nurse has visited the Workhouse about 24 times during the year. During Octo- ber, nurse gave some lectures in Welsh on the elements of nursing at Llanu Nchllyn. I wish everyone clearly to understand that she did this entirely out of kindness, and for the bene- fit of the people. Her voluntary work she is no way bound to do, as to give up her over- time to it. But I feel sure, from the way that they were received, that she must feel how much good she was really doing. Over 200 women assembled in the schoolroom listening atten- tively, almost breathlessly, drinking in every word, many of them having walked three and four miles from the hills through the pouring rain and darkness. I know how well they at- tended, for I was present at one, and, unfortu- nately, not being able to understand Welsh, I had the opportunity of observing the audience. But though I could learn a great deal from watching how she did her nursing, changed sheets and blankets, made poultice, and so on, I muse also tell you, these lectures have not cost our funds a single penny. All expenses were most generously defrayed by the good people at Llanuwchllyn themselves. So though we put it in our report, we cannot take any credit for it. The whole credit is due to nurse's unselfish goodness and the public spirit at Llanuwchllyn. But the success there has encouraged us to arrange for lectures in other parts of the dis- trict wherever they show a wish for them. We have already approached the Bala and Llanycil School Board for the use of this schoolroom, and they have consented if we pay Is. 6d. a night. I think we must afford this sum. Though we no longer receive any grant from Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute, they con- tinue to inspect our work. Miss Franks visited Bala on the 16th of November, and Ion the re- sult of her inspection we received the following report:—'Nurse's work.—The one case seen was in good nursing order.' 2. Nurse's equip- ment.—'Uniform, bag and cupboard neat.' 3. Manner in which nursing books are kept.— A ell kept.' 4. General remarks.—'A good account of the nursing work at Bala has been received, Nurse's work seems much appreci- ated.' Arthur L. B. Beile, Master of St. i Katharines. Financially, 1 was rather anxious last year !—n» moire grant from the Jubilee Institute, the loss of several kind friends, and the remarks of others that we were getting on so well we wanted less help. I think that is the worst of all, because it is no encouragement to do one's best. Fortunately, there are only a few such. As a matter of fact, our receipts are rather less for 1898 than the previous year, the flo from the Jubilee Institutemakes a serious difference. But that we knew must cease after two years, and we are very grateful for the assistance we had in beginning. What I think is really very satisfactory and encouraging is that the sum collected on Nurse Sunday this last year exceeds that of previous years by about X-3. It shows that the general interest and sympathy with the nursing of the sick poor increases rather than diminishes, that all are doing what they can afford to help in the good work, without expecting it to be known and noticed. I can only offer them in the name of the Nursing Committee our hearty thanks for their unostentatious charity. Balance at commencement of year in hand £ 92 18s. Id.; receipts from all sources, 9116 2s. 3d.; expenditure, JE124 18s. 9d. There was thus a balance in Treasurer's hands now of £ 101 14s. 7d. Our expenditure last year was more than in 1897. This was caused by the larger sum spent in railway travelling, and by our employing a temporary nurse while Nurse Jones took her holiday in July. Nurse Lathim, who came from Manchester to take her place, seems to have been very suc- cessful, though she could not speak Welsh, and gave satisfaction to doctor and patients. For her part, she said she was much pleased with her five weeks in Bala. and that everyone had been very kind and helpful to her. The Work- ing Committee has met 12 times during the past year, regularly once a month. Its members attend very well. We have done our best to carry on the work and I hope have given satisfaction. But we are not infallible, and if anyone wishes to ask any question or suggest anything, we hope he or she will do so to-day. Though there are seven or eight other Dis- trict Nursing Association in Merionethshire— at Barmouth, Dolgelley, Festiniog, and else- where, I find that Bala and Penllyn is held up among them as ac example of success, of popu- larity, of unity of feeling and purpose in pro- moting the public good. Long may it be so. And so long as we have you,r confidence that we are doing our best, we hope that you will support us in the work, and above all, so long as we have the privilege of Nurse Jones as our nurse, I do not fear, any falling off in our prestige among District Nursing Association. At the Poor Law Conference at Bangor, I find that Mr. Bircham spoke in great praise of the nursing movement in Merionethshire. A good name, a fair reputation is considered the most valuable possession, and so it is. But like all other valuable possessions, it requires keeping up. You must all help to keep Merionethshire the example to Wales, and Penllyn the model to Merioneth. • Well, I will not detain you no longer. all this is very dull hearing. But it is not dull to think how much pain and suffering has been re- lieved, how many weary days lightened and cheered by Nurse Jones' skill and kindness. And how much good she has done by educa- tion in the value of cleanliness and ventilation. To keep this up and going, we ask for your continued support again this year. Mr. Evan Jones, J.P., Bodrennig, in moving the adoption of the report and the financial statement, said the work done by the nurse during the year had been of an exceptionally progressive character. The statement just read led them to hope that the institution would not be short-lived, but will continue progressing both in the nature and quality ot the work. He was glad to hear that it was proposed, if the finances allowed it, to have a. second nurse. He was pleased also to learn that the doctors were doing all they could to instil into the minds of heir patients the im- portance of proper nursing. Mr. L. J. Davies, J.P., Llanuwchllyn, in seconding, said the lectures delivered by Nurse — — — Jones at Llanuwchllyn had been most highly appreciated. It was but fair to give credit, for j the initiating of these lectures to Mrs. Jones, Plasdeon, she was the moving spirit, and the success that attended these lectures was due to | her exertions. He hoped the lectures would be repeated. He did not think it redounded to the credit of the churches and chapels, that, the collections only amounted to 93-5. He had seen one little chapel at Llanuwchllyn collect 940 on a special occasion towards another ob- ject. If they prayed less and contributed more it would be much better (laughter). He did not think they, as Nonconformists were fulfilling their duties in these matters. They talked of triumphs of war and of peace, but he did not think there were heroes 01 heroines to be compared to nurses when they discharged their duties faithfully and conscientiously. The resolution was passed unanimously. APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Rev. L. D. Jenkins, rector, in proposing the re-appointment of the following as Execu- tive Committee:—President, Sir H. B. Robert- son Vice presidents, Mrs. Price and Miss Jones, Frondderw; Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Parry, Miss Parry, Mrs. Burton (Hon. Sec.), and Mr. J. T. Jones (Hon. Treasurer), said the names of the Committee were such as were very re- presentative of the people of the district, and were persons in whom they had the utmost con- fidence. They could not entrust the work in safer hands than to those who had done so successfully in the past. Mr. J. C. Evans, M.A., County School, in seconding the proposition, said institutions of this kind were the noblest fruits and brightest flowers of Christianity. They helped to em- phasise andi to perpetuate the characteristic of Christ's life, and however varied their doctrines might be, he felt certain they would always be one in doing all they could to heal the sick and help the weak. This motion was unanimously carried. It was further resolved that Mrs. Jones, Maesyrhedydd, and Mrs. Williams, The Col- lege, be added to the Committee. CONTRIBUTIONS BY CHURCHES AND CHAPELS. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the churches and cnapels for their contribu- tions. Personally, he would like to see the private subscriptions still more increased, as this would show that the country was becoming more in favour of the movement. In seconding, Mr. J. Parry, J. P., Glantegid, said it was gratifying to observe an increase in the collections of the places of worship. This appeared to him to signify that the institution was taking roots. He was glad to note also that the Committee had a substantial balance in hand—there was nothing more encouraging than a good' reserve fund. The meeting passed an unanimous vote of thanks to the several places of worship. Votes of thanks to the medical men, the nurse, Mrs. Burton, and the ahairman, ter- minated a most successful meeting.

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