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POLICE COURT. Monday.—Before the Rev. Chancellor B. O. Jones presiding, Captain Cole, the Mayor of Ruthin (Dr. J. Medwyn Hughes), Messrs. G. Blezard, G. H. Denton, J. Watkin Lumley, W. G. Rigby, and W. T. Rouw. THE LATE MR. ADAMS. The Deputy Clerk (Mr. John Roberts) read a letter from General Carey thanking the magis- trates for the resolution of sympathy passed by them on the death of their late clerk, and expressing the grateful appreciation of the family for the kind references made by the Chairman and other magistrates to the ability and tact with which the late clerk had dis- charged his duties for over 44 years. THE MILITARY BALL. Mr. Lloyd Jones, solicitor, on behalf of Mr. j E. Tegid Owen, of the Castle Hotel, applied for an occasional license from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. on February 10th, when the Military Ball would be lield iu the Town Hall- Replving to the bench, Mr. Jones said that 3 license had invariably been granted in Denbigh up to 4 a.m., and it was so in Ruthin du. -Z previous years. Ti, Chairman said he and his colleagues were of opi, *,on that 3 o'clock was quite late—or rather early enough, and that the license would be grante I up to that time. MAGISTR ATES AND THE TEMPERANCE I QUESTION. The Oliaitftifin said he had received a letter Whifek he would read for the information of his colleagues and also of the numerous audience which was present in court. 1 The letter was from the proiliotdtl§ "Di & tem- perance meeting held at the Town H&U, Ruthin, on the previous night, and contiaiiiea resolutions in favour of appealing to the magistrates of that petty sessional division to adopt every possible means to curtail the drink traffic in their midst (1) by greiaflly reducing the number of public-houses, by rob granting new licenses, or refusing to relief licenses when circumstan. ces justified siich a course; (2) by closing the back doors df public-houses for business pur- poses and (3) limiting the supply of drink to children urifler 13 years of age. The Chairman, having read the letter and resolutions, said he did not think that that wast The Chairman, having read the letter and resolutions, said he did not think that that wast the iiri)e to discuss the matter, but no doubt the representaitions so made would be borne in mind Whenever occasion arose. THE MAINTENANCE OF A MOTBBTR. Mr. W. H. Jones, relieving officer fpr the ^lahraAiadr district, applied Co the bendh, on behalf of the Ruthin Board of Guardians, for an order of the Court compelling Richard Jones, a resident of Bodfary, to contribute the sum of Is. weekly towards the maintenance of his mother. It was explained that Jones was a widower, earning 15s. a week, with no children dependent upon him. The bench granted the order, and allowed the costs of the application. DRUNK ON LICENSED PREMISES. WARRANT ISSUED. John Dolben, of Gellifor, was summoned for being drunk on licensed premises-the Boars Head, Ruthin, on January 9th. Defendant did not appear, but his wife came forward on his behalf, saying that her husband was Suffering from cold. The Chairman thought it very impertinent of the man not to come to court when summoned. His colleagues and himself were of opinion that they could not allow the process of the court to be set at naught. Therefore a warrant would be issued.







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