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CAMBRIAN GOSSIP. -f- ,_r.r- Professor Henry Jones, Glasgow, has been laid up with a very, evere cold, und-has not been able to take his classes for some time. 000 Principal Charles Edwards, of Bala, is still confined to his room, and be has made but very slow progress during the last fort- night. But his general health has been im proving. 000 It is a fact worthy of record, that during the whole of 1898, not a single fatality hap pened at the Penrhyn Slate Quarries Bangor, although over 3,000 workmen are employed therein. 000 The Tyst Dirwestol (under the editorship of Mr. R. Prys Jones, now of Pontypridd), a bright little temperance monthly. started about twelve months ago, has now been adopted as the official magazine of the Gwynedd (North Wales) Temperance Asso- ciation. 000 In the list of successful candidates it the recent final LL.B. examination of London University, appears the name of Mr. T. Arthur Levi, B.A. (Oxon and London), of the Inner Temple. Mr. Levi, who is the son of the Rev. T. Levi, of Aberystwyth, is placed in the first class. 000 Welsh archaeologists, we understand, are co-operating with lovers of antiquity throughout the country in protesting against the horrible vandaiism which pro- poses to demolish the ancient and beauti- ful Bargate' of Southampton in order to accommodate some new-fangled electric scheme. 000 < o a correspondent who complained of the scarcity of books dealing with Welsh poetry at the splendid library at Birming- ham, the librarian of that institution is re- ported to have said that there was more Welsh poetry translated into German than into English.' 000 St. David's Cathedral has the honour of turning out the youngest Fellow of the Royal College of Organists and licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music in the person of Mr. W. H. Harris, pupil-assistant of Mr. Herbert C. Morris, cathedral organist. Mr. Harris is not yet 16 years of age. 000 People who want to alter the Welsh names of localities should take warning by the fate of Ystrad Fflur (Cardiganshire), which has chosen to be Latinised into Strata Florida.' A parcel from Carnarvon addressed to an igent there was recently sent to the State of Florida. The mishap, it appears, occurs pretty frequently. 000 A correspondent states that the retiring Bishop of Bangor (Dr. Lewis Lloyd) intends bo dispose of a portion of his library on re- moving from ihe Palace at Bangor. The collection to be offered for sale includes copies of Bishop Morgan's Welsh Bible, 1588; Dr. Parry's Welsh Bible, 1620; 'The Breeches Bible,' I Areboeologia Cambrensis,' Dr Owen Pughe's Welsh English Diction- ary, and other well-known works. 000 'Paddy,' a sagacious little dog belonging to Mr. Roberts, of Mmste ley, is one of the most zealous supporters of the British and Foreign Bible Society. During the last two years, Paddy' has collected the sum of 24s, towards the society's funds, and last week at a public meeting held at Minserley he was presented by the Rev. D. J. Edwards, on behalf of the parent society, with a hand- some new collar. 000 The proposal to establish a Welsh chair at the Marietta University, U.S.A., is very heartily taken up by Welshmen in the States. Fifty thousand dollars is required by next June, and committees have been formed in all the principal cities for the purpose of raising the sum. Prof. John Rhys and the Rev. Hugh Price Hughes are named among the supporters of the movement, which was started by Dr. W. C. Roberts. 000 Miss J er ny Parry, the lady harpist who has played at successive eisteddvodau in her native country, is now with a company of vocal compatriots in the United States. Y Drych, the leading Welsh newspaper in America, speaks glowingly of her abilities. At the close of one of the concerts, a vener- able Welshman said,4 Os yw yr angylion yn y nefoedd yn canu yn well na'r famous singers from Wales, bydd yn drueni ofnadwy os na chawn fyned yno.' 000 At a meeting of the literary committee of the Cardiff National Eisteddvod, the following were appointed adjudicators in various subjects:—Mr. L. J. Roberts, M.C., inspector of schools, Rhyl; Professor Powell, M.C., University College, Cardiff; and-for recitation—the Rev. Waldo James, Blaenllechau, and Dr. Treharn, Cardiff, Ap Madoc, America, is unable to accept the office of conductor, and the appointment of a conductor in his place is being considered. 000 We hear of some hairbreadth escapes in the collieries occasionally, but one which occurred at Llanberis Quarry last week cer- tainly takes the palm. A young man was on the point of firing a hole when the powder accidentally ignited, and he was blown to the 'bonc 'or gallery above. He fell on his face, and though his jawbone and arm were injured, he managed to run to shelter. Had he fallen to the bottom of the gallery, his body would have been mangled beyond recognition. 080 Notices have been issued convening a meeting of the Welsh National Liberal Council at the Working Men's Hall, Shrews- bury, on Wednesday, February 1st, at 1.30 p.m. Among other business, the Council will elect a president (in the place of the late Mr. Thomas Gee), a treasurer, and a secretary. For the last named office, four candidates have been recommended by the General Purposes Committee, viz., Mr. Lewis Davies, Pontypool; Mr. W. H. Hughes, Pontypool; Mr. Gwilym Parry, Denbigh; and Mr. T. B. Rees, Launceston. 000 An amusing anecdote is related of a cym- manfa once held in the open air in Cardi- ganshire. The day was unusually wet, and all that the preacher, perched in the pulpit above, could see below him was a vast sea of umbrellas. There was not a solitary face in view. Bobol anwyl,' cried the minis- ter at last in a tone of protest,' I was not sent here to proclaim the Gospel to a lot of umbrellas.' Oh, indeed,' retorted an ec- centric medico who stood by, 'then why don't you bring some heavenly fire to dry a little of this rain ? 000 The Welshmen domiciled in Glasgow have a flourishing Cymric Society, whose enter- prising secretary is Mr. H. H. Roderick, brother of Mr. W. Roderick, Market Square, Pontypridd. The other day a successful concert and competitive meeting was held at the Christian Institute, and Welsh items predominated in the programme. The Cym- ric Glee Party and the Gwalia Male Voice Party t)ok part, and the chair was occupied by the Rev. Edwin Aubrey, a rising Welsh man hailing from Bury Port. 000 The Roman Catholic community having recovered from the surprise caused by the announcement that Father Beauclerk had been appointed to lighter mission, and that his connection with Holywell and St. Winefride's Well had been consequently severed, are making a determined effort to try and get the rev. gentleman once more back to Holywell and the neighbourhood. It is not thought, however, that the prayer of the petitioners will be acceded to, as Father Beauclerk has long exceeded the usual stay of the Jesuit Order. 000 According to a letter which has been re ceived by Mr. Griffith Jones, solicitor, Car- narvon, from Mr. William Griffith, F.G.S., who is now at Coolgardie as managing part- ner of Messrs. Bainbridge, Seymour and Co., mining and consulting engineers, of London, the Westralian market has prac- tically gone bang,' though he firmly be- lieves that there will be a great deal of money made there in the next few years. Mr. Griffith, who is a native of Portdinor- wic, and has been associated with mining pursuits in Africa, expects to finish his work in July next, and then to return home once again. He has had several good offers from foreign Governments to report on the mineralogical value of different countries, but he has got tired of foreign soils, and longs to settle down in his native land. A member of Parliament and a Spanish minister have also requested him to report on the resources of Patagonia, but Mr. Griffith, wary Welshman as he is, is not inclined to accept the proposal of what he describes as the off chance.'




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