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BALA. _¡-J-r-J- SUCCESS. We are glad to learn that Mr. George Guest, last week succeeded in obtaining Fit-man's Second Class Certificate in Shortland. Mr. Guest was a pupil o Mr. T. R. Dakin. PENTECOSTAL LEAGUE. On Saturday last, the members of the Bala branch of the Pentecostal League, were enter- tained to tea by Mrs. Thomas, Plasyndre. The guests numbered about 70. The tables were loaded with delicacies of all kinds, and the in- vited thoroughly appreciated the repast. After supper, from a we!l-decked Christmas tree, a suitable present was handed to each member. Subsequently, a sacred concert was held under the presidency of the kind hostess. PRESENTATION. Last week, Miss Jones, Frondderw, was the recipient of a splendid massive silver inkstand and blotting pad, given by the members of her Sunday school class. The presentation was made on behalf of the class by Mr. Edward Dakin. The inkstand bore the following in- scription Presented to Miss Jones, Fron- dderw, by her Sunday school class, January 1899, as a slight token of their esteem and recognition of her 41 years' faithful service.' Miss Jones expressed her sincere thanks to the donors for the handsome gifts. SQCIAL EVENING. On Thursday last, the members of the Christian Endeavour Society at the Indepen- dent chapel, spent a pleasant evening together. The Committee of lady members consisting of Misses. M. H. Evans, L. J. Dakin, and N. Jones kindly undertook to provide the J tea, and this delectable part of the programme was properly appreciated. The deacons of the church with the local preacher,-t, nnd the or- ganist (Mr. 0. H. Hughes had been invited, and with the members formed a company of ever 30. After clearing the tables, a miscel- laneous meeting was held under the presidency of Dr. Williams, when the following programme was gone tltroti-ii Congregational hymn, I Aberystwyth,' by the members. Address by the chairman, in which among other things, he offered a hearty vote of thanks to the ladies for the tea. This was carried with cheers. Com- petition, in answering a number of ques- tions, 1st, Mr. Ivor Evans. Song, Over the Line' Miss Evans, Addresses by the guests, all of whom spoke in commendatory terms of the work of the society. Violin solo by Miss Evans. Competition, 'Extempore speech,' 1st, Mr. J. W. Rowiands. Song, 'The Life Boat' Miss Maggie Jones; Competition, reading an unpunctuated piece, 1st. Mrs. Annie Williams. Hymn, 'Carnarvon,' by a party. Competition, singing a hymn at sight. The chairman offered a prize valuers, to the first and 2s. 6d. to the second. Miss Dakin secured the first, an i Mr. T. Williams, the second prize. The guests kindly undertook the several ad- judications. Messrs. T. R. Dakin, 0. H. Hughes, and Miss Dakin, acted as accompanists. The meeting terminated with a cordial vote of thanks to the chairman for his services.