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He wa.3 told to watch for the defendant, and on the Saturday night but one after the oflence, he saw her again ia the station, and took her to the -tationmaster, to whom she said that she had baen living at Gonway, but was then living at Llandudno Detective Weaver testified to making in- quiries about the defendant, and found that she was not known at 7, Erskine Terrace, Con- way. At the address given at Llandudno lie found that she lived at Colwyn Bay, and did in iacfc live there on the 28th of October. For travelling without a ticket a fine of 10s. and 9s. 6d. was imposed, and forgiving a wrong address 10s. and 8s. 6d. cost, or in def tult seven days imprisonment in the first case, and 14 days in the second. BREACHES OF THE FACTORY ACT. Elias Parry Jones, grocer, Colwyn Bay, was summoned by Mr. John Hilditch, one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Factories, with neglect- ing to give notice of the occupation of a fac. tory. Mr. Augustus Lewis, Chief Inspector, con- ducted the prosecution, and Mr. Amphlett for the defendant pleaded guilty to a technical offence, and pleaded that the defendant was ignorant of the fact that it was necessary to sgrve notice of occupation. It was stated that the factory in question was a provender mill, in which there was a piant for generating electric light, and a gas engine. A penalty of 20s. and 6s. 6d. costs was im- posed. John Roberts, Fern Bank, Colwyn Bay, was charged by the same Inspector, with not pro- perly fencing off the fly-wheel of an engine in his builders' yard on the 17th day of December last. Mr. Augustus Lewis prosecuted, and Mr. Amphlett defended. Mr. Hilditch seated that, on the day in ques- tion, he visited the defendant's yard in Erwin St., and saw an engine of about 8-horsepower at work, which had a fly-wheel making about 60 revolutions a minute. Tiiis fly-wheel was not protected. In cross-examination he said there was a substantial shed over the engine, but he could not say whether that was intended for a casing. The engine was running when he saw it, but the strap was off. There was a mortar mill outside, but he could not swear that the engine had been used for making mortar. 0 By Mr. Lewis He considered the shed to be an engine house. Mr. Amphlett, for the defence, said that the engine was a portable one to take to buildings in different places, and was only taken to the yard for storage, and the shed was really a casing to protect it. It was running on this particular day for the purposes of oiling, to be kept in order. Mr. Jones, Surveyor of Colwyn Bay, said that be considered the shed referred to to be a casing for the engine, and not an engine house. He had never seen the engine wonting where it was now, but had seen it at buildings several times. When the shed was made, Mr. Roberts called his attention to it, and said it was in- tended for a casing and not an engine shed-, and he, therefore, said it was not necessary to re- ceive the consent of the Surveyor to its erec. tion. Cross-examined by Mr. Lewis Witness said it was impossible to oil the engine without go- ing inside the shed. He had never seen engine fences where the machinery could be oiled without the attendant going inside of the pro- tection. Mr. Lewis Have you seen men going inside rail fences that were within 12 or 18 inches of the engine. Witness replied that he had. Mr. Lewis: Then you must have a special breed of engineers about here (laughter). After a legal argameat as to the meaning of the term 'factory,' the justices retired to con- sider the case. On their return The Chairman said: Ten shillings and coits. The costs were 7s. 6d. BREACHES OF THE COUNTY BYE- LAWS. John Mitchell, hawker, Llandudno, was lined is. and 8s. costs for travelling with a vehicle after the stipulated time without a light on the 8tH of December. John Jones, Nant Eirias, Colwyn, charged with a similar offence, was fined 6d. and 6s. Gd. costs. Hugh Jones, 19, Taliesin Street, Llandudno, for a like offence, was mulcted in a penalty of 8s 6d. including costs; and William Davies, Rhos Villa, Colwyn Bay, in 7s. 6d. including -costs. ALLOWING A COW TO STRAY. John Jones, Abergele Road, Colwyn, was fined 2a. 6d. and 5s. costs for allowing a cow to stray on the Llanelian Road on the 9th inst. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. There was the usual crop of these offences to be dealt with, and fines were inflicted as fol. lows :— El .as Williams, Colwyn, 5s. and 6s. 6d. costs; I William Williams, Pennington Terrace, 5s. and 7s. costs; James Evans: Llawr y Pentre, Colwyn, 10s. and 7s. costs; William Morris, Twnaii loaf, Llanelian, 10s. and 6s. 6d. costs; j Robert Roberts. Agnes Road, Colwyn Bay, 5s. and 8s. 6d. costs Edwin Jones, Old Colwyn (an old offender), 203. and 8s. 6d. costs, or 21 days in default. CHIMNEYS ON FIRE. For allowing their chimneys to take fire Henry Woodiwys, Springfield Road Sarah G. -Green, Woodland Park Road and Anne Haw- ley, Brighton House, were each fined Is. and g/j. 6d, costs.