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ST. ASAPH. ,r-r-r- LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY. The members of the above society whicti is in connection with the Church Institute, held a musical evening on Thuislay la-t. ani it was both well attended, and thoroughly enjoyed by those present WOMEN'S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. The Committee of the above invited the mem- bers to the Annual Social meeting and tea, on Thursday evening last, at 6 o'clock, when a very large attendance was the result. After tea the members enjoyed themselves with songs, speeches and games, whilst the eatables were excellent. HOCKEY MATCH. The above game, whioh is practically un- known in the city, was played at Elwy G) ove Park on Saturday last, between the Oolwyn Bay and Mold teams, and resulted in a draw of two goals each. Being, as hitherto stated, an unknown game here, it evoked great interest, especially among our football players, and a good number of spectators assembled. DEBATING SOCIETY. At the above societ,, which is held at the C.M. schoolroom, under the presidency of the Rev. Jonathan Jones, the subject under discus- sion was, Is the confessional dangerous,' Mr. R. Griffiths, Arsylifa, in an able paper cham- pioned the affirmative side, whilst his opponent who is also a strong debater was Mr. Owen Hughes, station. The other members that spoke were Messrs. Henry Thomas, David Hughes, W. H. Jeffreys, John George, R. Hughes, &c. STEAM ROLLER. The above which is the property of the Flint Urban District Council is at present employed on High street Some time ago we mentioned that it would work upon this hill Oft the com- mencement of the new year. It arrived here on Wednesday morning, and dragged the street up; on Thursday the Flintshire County Coun- cil steam roller arrived together with the above, for the purpose of rolling the stones put on the street. No doubt it will be a work that will greatly improve ic, and other places in the city will undergo the same process. MIRACULOUS ESCAPE. On Sunday last, during the storm that broke over the district, Mr. William Hughes and his wife, Pant Evan, had gone to the shippon to milk the cows, when they heard a peculiar noise. Although the building to all appear- ance was as soiind as a bell,' Mr. Hughes' wife thought of going out to see the cause, when Mr. Hughes thought of waiting to try and find the cause. Had Mrs. Hughes gone, no doubt it would have been a fat it step as the roof came bodily down just as she thought of leaving. A heavy oak beam fell right between the two cows that Mrs. Hughes had just moved from. But the corner that both husband and wife were standing was not touched. A house in Luke street of this city is also severely damaged by the late storm.