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MOLD. FOOTBALL. The local team on Saturday last, engaged the Llay Hall Swifts in the return encounter under the auspices of the Wirral League. The game was anything but Interesting, the local men taking matters in an exceedingly easy fashion, and much to their surprise the visitors showed up, and scored a simple goal. Mold pulled themselves together, but it was a long time before they could equalise, which was done through Eaton. Nothing further was done up to half time. On resuming the homesters instantly began to press, and put on another goal, and eventually won by two goals to one. As above stated, the game was anything but interesting, the home team especially the for- wards, taking matters very easy, the backs and half backs were particularly energetic, and but for this the result might have been different, the visitors (although they were penned in their goal in the second half) breaking away on two or three occasions, and getting within an ace of scoring. URBAN COUNCIL. [Crowded out last week.l The monthly meeting of this Council w held on Wednesday, the 11th inst.. present, the Chairman, Mr. W. P. Jones, and Councillors J. T. Morgans, W. Wright, J. E. Davies, H. J Roberts, T. Lloyd Powell, Thomas Lewis, G. H. Simon, T. Foulkes, T. Parry, J. B. Marston, R. Jones, Dr. William, medical officer, and Mr. G. H. Bradley, clerk. Councillor R. Jones asked what had been done in respect of the property in Wrexham street ? The Surveyor said he had nothing to report. He saw that afternoon they were putting a few panes of glass in the windows, and the only thing to be done now was to put up a hoarding in front. Asked why proceedings were not taken, the surveyor said he understood it was tbe clerk's duty. The Clerk said it was no part of his work and if the surveyor looked at his appointment, he would find he had to prepare all statutory notices. He (Mr. Bradley) certainly used to help the late urveyor-ït. was friendly assis- tance, and he never at any time considered it his duty to prepare the notices, and it was certainly not part of the Clerk's work. Councillor H. J. Roberts said he should like to see the officers of the Council working better together. The Clerk in reply said there was a little friction a short time ago, but they now better understood one another. The Council discussed the memorial to the County Council on the latter taking over the main roads, and the clerk intimated that the reply was likely to be favourable. The Surveyor in submitting his report stated that the net receipts from the last fair were 6s.: he had two men employed in collecting the toll and they could be worked elsewhere more pro- fitably. He read correspondence relating to a building at Ty Ucha, which had been condemned by the medical officer as very injurious to the health-of the people who lived adjacent, and said that something should be done. The Council were unanimous in their decision that steps should be immediately taken to com- pel the owter to put his property into a proper sanitary condition. The medical officer saidhe had not received the necessary returns to enable him to complete his report, but he stated that a slight outbreak of fever had taken plaee in the town he had taken an empty house and isolated the case, and his action was approved. Mr. Buckson, solicitor, Warrington, made a claim of 2s. a yard for damage tol his land in Maesydre on the construction of the sewers. The Surveyor said the land in question was worth nothing like the money. The Clerk was instructed to offer Is. per yard. On the recommendation of the Finance Com- mittee, Mr. Joseph Jones had his remuneration for collecting the races increased from £ 25 to £ 35 per annum, and also an honorarium, of £ 10 for pAst services. The Clerk submitted claims against the Connci' amounting to C5. 15s, which were rot o i the agenda, and a strong opinion was ex- pressed, they should not be paid unless received in proper Lime. SCHOOL BOARD. I The monthly meeting was held on Wednes- day. Present :-The Rev. W. W. Morgan (chairman), Messrs. P. P Hughes, Lamb, Bithel, Gittins, Prince, J. T. Morgans, Catherall, T. J. Humphreys, and the Clerk (Mr. H. Goodman Roberts). The report of the last pupil teachers' ex. amination was submitted. It appeared that out of five candidates, only one had obtained the grant. It was thought that the report was anything but satisfactory, and it was hoped the results in future would be better. A resolution was passed that the pupil teach- ers who had sat for the scholarship examina- tion should still continue their instructions at the central classes. Out of four applicants for the vacancy at Leeswood Schools three attended, and a selec- tion made; also for the vacancy at the Mold School, the appointment was postponed. The Board changed their hour of meeting in future from two to three In discussing Mr. Prince's notice of motion, it was proposed that the Visiting Committee of the Mold Schools should in future be divided between the Mold members and the Revs. E. Bithei and J. T. Humphreys; also, that an At- tendance Committee outside the Board be ap pointed, and report monthly to the Board. The Clerk reported that, during the recent storms, both the Mold and Buckley Schools had been damaged, and it was oidered the necessary repairs should be done forthwith.


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