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TOWN COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday afternoon. The Mayor (Mr. Tumour) presided, and there were present:— Alderman W. Keepfer, Councillors Boaz Jones A. Lloyd Jones, J. Simon Roberts, R. Henry Roberts, Roger Pryce, John Davies, T. A. Wynne Edwards, Griffith Jones, J. Howel Gee, with the Town Clerk (Mr. J Parry Jones), the Town Clerk's Deputy (Mr. Edward Parry), the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. Griffith Williams Roberts), the Borough Accountant (Mr. Ellis Williams), the Borough Surveyor (Mr. John Davies), and the Inspector (Mr. William Wind- sor). APOLOGIES. Letters of apology for non attendance were received from Aldermen Robert Owen, R. Humphreys Roberts, W. D. W. Griffith, and Councillor D. H. Davies. THE HEALTH OF THE BOROUGH. The Medical Officer reported as follows:— During the month seven deaths have been registered, two of which occurred at the In- firmary, one a resident of the town, and the other from outside the borough, thus leaving six for the borough pioper. Six deaths were reported as having occurred at the Asylum. Twelve births had been registered, tour males and eight females. The above numbers give an annual death and birth-rate respectively per thousand of 11 and 20'06. COUNCILLORS GUILTY OF ILLEGALITY. The Town Clerk submitted the monthly bills for payment, amongst which there were several from members of the Council for goods sup- plied. Mr. John Davies said that he had received a letter from the Town Clerk some time ago, stating that no member of the Council had a right to supply goods for the Corporation. Mr. Wynne Edwards, rising to a point of order, asked whether the Council was the pro- per place to discuss this matter. The Town Clerk said he received instructions from the Council, some years ago, to inform each member of the Council that he could not contract with the Council. He sent a letter to this effect to each new member, but as to whether they carried out the spirit of the law in this respect was no business of his. Mr.R. Hen ry Roberts asked whether minerals were accepted by the Council. The Mayor: What sort of minerals do you mean? Mr. R. H. Roberts: Stones. Mr. Wynne Edwards asked why Mr. John Davies, when Borough Surveyor, did not carry out the law in this respect by not contracting with members of the Council (laughter). Mr. John Davies But I was only an officer then. The Mayor: I think we had better go on, gentlemen. The subject then dropped. ELECTION CHARGES. The following report was submitted by the Finance Committee for adoption A letter was read from the Town Clerk, ad- vising the Council had no power to revise the scale of charges at Municipal Elections, but suggesting, with a view to avoid further dis- cussion in the future, that Presiding Officers be paid a tee of £ 2 2s., instead of £ 3 3s, asj here- tofore, and the poll Clerks 15s. instead of £1 Is.; also, that th" fee for counting be 10s. 6d. in- stead of JE1 Is., it being understood that this suggestion is not binding upon any future Re- turning Officer. The Town Clerk also pointed out that he personally did not receive any extra payment for his duties in connection with Municipal Elections. It was re-golve(I-That the Town Clerk's sug- gestion be adopted. No discussion took place upon the report, and it was adopted. LIGHTING OF STREET LAMPS ALL NIGHT. The following report was also submitted by the Finance Committee, with reference to the question of lighting the street lampsall night:— A letter was read from the Gas Company with reference to the lighting of certain street lampsall night, and stating that the gas would be charged for on the assumption that each burner would consume 35 feet of gas per night, if kept lit from midnight to 7 a-M from which it appeared that to keep lit the 20 burners sug- gested by the Surveyor in Vale Street, High Street, Love Lane, Henllan Street, Factory Place, Beacon's Hill, Red Lane, Mold Road, Ruthin Road, and Park Street, would entail an expenditure of £12 for the months of Novem- ber, December, and January in each year in addition to which there would be the extra re- muneration to the lamp lighters for their se- cond journey to extinguish the lamps. It was thereupon resolved—That the matter be left to the Council to decide whether the lamps be kept lit or not. Mr. Roger Pryce said that the question of lighting the lamps all night had been fought two years ago, and it was owing to the mis- apprehension of the Surveyor that they were not kept lit according to the resolution passed by the Council at the time. There was a general complaint in the town that some of the lamps were not kept lit till the morning. If that were done, the burglaries recently committed would