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CATTLE MARKETS, AND FAIRS, BIRKENHEAD.—Agricultural Produce. -January 17. daF, old, 22 10s to C3 per ton; old clover, £ 3 to £ 3 Ifla; wheat straw, £ 110s to £ 115s; ditto, oat, £ 1 to £ 1 Ifts 6d; barley, £ L 5s; and manure, 2s to 4s per ton LONDC,N. -Agricultural Produce. -January 17th.— Good M!pplie3, and trade qrilet at the following prices: —Good to prime hay, from 65s to 82s Od; inferior to fair hay, 45s to 60s; good to prime clover, 70s to 100s; inferior to fair ditto, 50s to 68s; mixture and sainfoin, 50s to 85s; straw. 2os to :j8s per load. '(,ivgarooT. Wholesale Vegetable. -January 18th.- Potatoes:—Giants, 2s 2d to 2s 4d main crops, 2 8d to 3a 2d bruce, 2s 4d to 2s 8d per cwt. Turnips, 8d to Is per dozen buncnes; ditto swedes, Is 4d to la 6d per cwt; carrots, 2s 91 to 3s 6d per cwt. On- ions, Eaglish, 58 to 6s; ditto, foreign, 48 to 43 9d. LIVSRPOOL.—St. John's Market.— January 18th.- Beef, 5d to 9d per lb; mutton, 6d to 9d; veal, 7d to 9d; fresh pork, 6d to 9d per lb fresh butter, Is 2d to Is 4d per pound; ditto, salt, Is Od to Is 2d per lô; efgs" per 120, 10s 4d. VV'REXHAM, January 16th.—There was a large supply of stock at the market, and prices were firm for both ceef aDd d.&'ry cows. The demand for pigs was sharp, and the ci was good. Beef made from f5d. to f(L pit lb,, tha top price being 2i9 103. Dairy cows rlmged from £t5 to £20 per hearl, and rearing calves from 25s. so 42s. each. Pigs realised from 7s. 6d. to 8" Gl. per score lbs. Tne;.e was a small supply of mutton, and Sd. pr lb. was readily given. S*LFOK:S >, January 16th.—There was an Increase O^ ,:3 batata. bat nearly 2,<;00 sheep less than last week The of stock exhibited were baasts, 2,529 shettp, 1.423; caSves, 118; and pigs 92. Pi,ices:- Beef, from lî i to 6^d; sheep, 5d to R-ld ar;d calves, to par lb. Pigs, 7s 3d to 7s 9s per score > BIRMINGHAM, January 19ch.—Scpplies oretty fair. ma b'niaeas showing little improvement. Prices as on Tuesday. Bed, 4:1 to and mutton, 5d to 8d per Th. Bacon plo- 74 to 7a 2d per 20 lbs; porkets, 9s 31 to 9: Hi: and sows. 5s 9J to 6s per 20 lbs. LONOOK. January 19th,—There was only a moderate HTimb'jr of beasss offered, the bulk of which cons sted ■it tiiii bu'ia and rough cattle, which met a fairly st*v?y tJomand se lata rates. Sheep in moderate supply, bat thedeiKind was vury slow; late prices, however, were ma."ltlolue;1 79 to 8st Down wethers quoted at 5-' 64 to 53 3d Oat ditto, 5s 4d; lOst half-breds, 5s to 5s 2d list 4a lOd to 5s per S !b3. Cali trade qtt'et; best soiti quoted at from 5s 4d to 5s 8d per 81b, «itrik;iig the o.f-ii




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