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When fortune pipes even cripples dance. White lies have to be frequently white- washed. The architect of his own fortunes seldom tires of building extensions. It is safe to consider any man smart if you can't find out how he does it. The biggest fault of some people is their un- willingness to be told their faults. Even in travelling over a thorny path it may not be necessary to step on all the thorns. Careful observation shows that wealth brings happiness—at least, as often as poverty does. If there's one thing above another that some people like to answer it's an unanswerable ar- gument. It is surprising how many good things a man reads in the course of an evening 'that should teach a lesson to his neighbours. Two things may be said in praise of the whole-souled egotist—his character is marred neither by insinceiity nor hypocrisy. Some of the best lessons we ever learn are taught by our mistakes and failures. The error of the'past is the wisdom and success of the future. Pa, what is a pessimist ?' A pessimist, my son, is a person who never goes out on his bicycle witnout expecting to puncture his tyre.' I love the good old-fashioned songs, And for good cause, as you'll allow A present joy to them belongs- Because nobody sings them now. 'Do you know a good tonic for nervous per- sons, Simpkins?' No; what I want to find is a good tonic for people who have to live with them.' Do you think opals are unlucky ?' inquired the superstitious man. Yes,' was the reply. My wife wants one, and its going to cost me three guineas.' 11 'Your daughter looks so much like you, Mrs. Greene, that I can hardly tell you apart.' Really ?' Yes; 'but don't tell her I told you so 1' Ethel: Yes, Fred told me that you threw him over. He thought you were awfully cruel.' Kitty And what did you tell him 1" I said that you were cruel only to be kind.' Why, Jack, I didn't know that she utterly refused you.' I It amounted to the same thing. She said she was willing t) wait until I could support her.'


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