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THE BEVERAGE OF THE PEOPLE. Let us glance at the ordinary breakfast bever- ages of the people. Tea, even if properly infused, is only a stimu- lant. It is not a nourishing beverage, and as usually decocted is washy, trashy, and deleterious. Coffee, even when of the best, and prepared in perfection as you will find in the East, where Mahommedans are forbidden by their religion to use alcohol, is only a cardiac or heart stimulant. It increases for a short time the power of that organ without being in any sense of the word a nourishing beverage. Cocoa.—The ordinary cocoa is not by any means a nourishing beverage, Its good qualities, either in the English or foreign varieties, are smothered in starch and sugir that induce and promote indi- gestion. Dr. Tibbies' Vi Cocoa is a nourishing beverage, containing four great restorers of vitality-Cocoa, Kola, Hops, and Malt. It stands out as a builder up of tissues, a promoter of vigour, and in short it has all the factors which make robust health. Being a deliciously flavoured beverage it pleases the most fastidious palate. Its active powers of diastase give tone to the stomach, and promote the flow of gastric juice, and however indigestible the food taken with it at any meal, it acts as a solvent and assimilative. Merit, and merit alone, is what we claim for Dr. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa, and we are prepared to send to any reader who names THE NOltTH WALES TIMES a dainty sample tin of Dr. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa free and post paid. There is no magic in all this. It is a plain, honest, straightforward offer. It is done to introduce the merits of Vi-Cocoa into every home. Dr. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa as a concentrated form of nourishment and vitality is invaluable; nay, more than this, for to all who wish to face the strife and battle of life with greater endurance and more sustained exertion, it is absolutely indispensable. Dr. Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa can be obtained from all Chemists, Grocers and Stores, or from 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill Row, London, E. C.

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