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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Monday, under the presidency of Mr. J. R. Ellis, J.P. (Chairman). There were also present Messrs. Robert Jones (Vice-chair- man), A. L. Clews, P. Mostyn Williams, David Griffiths, E. P. Jones. Joseph Williams (Gas), S. J. Greenhalgh, Amos Maltby, Joseph A. Williams, W. Elwy Williams, Capt. Keatinge, Dr. Prichard, Messrs. A. Rowlands (Clerk), R. Hughes (Surveyor), R. J. Hughes (Sanitary In- spector), L. G. Hall (Gas and Water Manager), and Dr. Eyton Lloyd (Medical Officer of Health). SEASONABLE COMPLIMENTS. The Chairman, before proceeding with the agenda, wished the members, the officials, and the representatives of the press, a happy and prosperous new year. He congratulated the Council on the work done during the past year. The extension of the West Parade had been most satisfactorily carried out under the super- intendence of the Town Surveyor. This exten- sion would open out a large tract of land for developing into building land, which would add to the ratable value of the town. The coast defences on the East Parade had also been car- ried out by the Surveyor in the most satis- factory manner, and had well withstood the pressure of the recent heavy storm. The pur- chase of the Bodfor site was also a very satis- factory undertaking, and the Council had re- ceived a sum very little short of the purchase money for the ground sold after what was re- quired for widening the street, had been taken away. He hoped that the new year would be a prosperous one. They had gone in for powers to provide electric light, and he hoped that they would not transfer their rights to any other body. If they did not illuminate the business part of the town with electricity, he hoped they would go in for lighting the pro menade with electric light. Their promenade at present was very attractive, but if lighted with electricity its picturesqueness would be enhanced. Some members of the Council were in favour of asliphalting the promenade roads, and he favoured the idea, believing it would be a great improvement, and would not cost much more than those roads did under the present system. Then it was intended to go in for a refuse destructor. All towns of any note now employed those things, and in some of the neighbouring towns he believed that the power employed to generate electric light was also used to drive the refu3e destructor. If the members of this Council would care to go to Llandudno to see how it was worked there, he would be very glad to entertain them. He further suggested more crossings in the town, and hoped that the Surveyor might be in- structed to make two or three asbphalt cross- ings as an experiment. Mr. Mostyn Williams responded on behalf of the Council, and reciprocated the good wishes of the Chairman. Qn the motion of Mr. Greenhalgh, seconded by Mr. J. A. Williams, a vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman for the way in which he had entertained the Council at the recent banquet. DRIFT SAND. The Surveyor reported that 360 loads of drift sand had been cartel away from the streets and promenades. MAIN ROADS. The Road Committee reported that a Sub. committee appeared before the Main Road Sub-committee of the County Council as a de- putation in support of the application to have Wellington Road and Grange Road mained. The deputation were courteously received and heard. The points mostly contended for were (1) the large use made of the roads for various kind of traflic by persons from outside the dis- trict of Rhyl, as thoroughfares to the Railway Station and otherwise; and (2) the heavy con- tributions of Rhyl to the County Fund for all purposes, and in respect of main roads alone about £ 1,100 a year receiving only about £ 62 in return, on an average for Vale Road as a main road Mr, Keatinge expressed thanks to the mem: bers of Rhyl district on the County Council for their support, and promise of consideration of the application. Mr. Elwy Williams remarked that the Com- mittee they appeared before was only a Sub- committee and would have to report to the Main Road Committee. As a member of the Sub-committee he did not think it was any breach of confidence to say that the Committee suggested maining Wellington Road from Foryd Bridge to the Catholic Chapel. He thought it would be very foolish to cut off at that point. They were fully entitled to have the road mained all the way to the station. He suggested that an application be made to the County Council Main Road Committee for this Council to be heard again before them. The Ciark was directed to communicate with the Clerk of the Couuty Council to ask if a de. putation would be received again. COST OF INSTALLATION OF ELECTRIC LIGHT. x The General Purposes Committee reported that the estimated cost of installing the electric light in Rhyl has been fixed at £ 10,000, and that amount was recommended to be inserted in the provisional order. Mr. Mostyn Williams moved that the amount be reduced from f,10,000 to 95,000. The Clerk said it was too late, as the amount had to be fixed before the 21st of December.! Mr. Mostyn Williams said they had blun- dered from the commencement in this matter. They were at first told that they were not bound to supply electric light to anyone de- manding it within the compulsory area. But it now turned out that they were bound to do so, and consequently they did not know to what expenditure they were liable. He thought an expenditure of 1:5,000 would be quite suffici- ent, believing that for the present they should confine their operations to the electric lighting of the Promenade only. He also thought that they had made a mistake in not combining the question of providing a refuse destructor with" the elec$ric light and carrying both projects out simultaneously. 0 SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. The Clerk submitted correspondence with the Education Department, and others, giving information as to the appointment, duties, and responsibilities of a school attendance commit- tee, and having considered the question gener- ally the Committee recommended that no Ifur- ther action be taken in the matter by the Coun- cil at present. They were satisfied that the proposed change, viz., to transfer the duties of the school attendance authority from the Committee of the St. Asaph Union to the Rhyl Council—would increase the cost. Mr. A. L. Clews moved that the matter be referred back to the General Purposes Com- mittee. Captain Keatinge seconded. Mr. J. S. Greenhalgh said that after giving the matter full consideration tliey decided to leave well alone. He thought if the clergymen, ministers, and laymen connected with the differ- ent churches in the town did their duty a little better there would not be so much ground for complaint. On a vote being taken, the amendment was carried by eleven votes to three. FINANCIAL STATE OF THE TOWN. Mr. Mostyn Williams, on moving the con- firmation of the minutes of the Finance Com- mittee, said that most of the Committees hadNriras far kept well within their estimates, and their position in the bank was in reality f800 better than it was this time last year. BETTER POLICE SUPERVISION ASKED FOR. Mr. Maltby, in accordance with notice, moved, I Thatithe County Council be petitioned for better police supervision or protection in Vale Road and the surrounding neighbourhood.' After discussion, it was resolved to com- municate with the Chief Constable.