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PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday before Messrs J. T. Strachan, R. M. Hugh Jones, T. Morgan Owen, and J. H. Ellis. LICENSE TRANSFER. The license of the Crescent Hotel, Rhyl, was transferred from Mr. Warburton, to Mr. Harry Norbury. CHEATING THE RAILWAY COMPANY. Daniel Patrick, a boot a shoe dealer, of Sandbach, Cheshire, was charged by Detective Inspector Weaver, with travelling from Aber to Rhyl, on the 24th of November, without paying his fare, and with intent to defraud the London and North Western Railway Com- pany- Mr. Fenna, solicitor to the company, said that defendant was observed taking a ticket at Bangor, on the 24th of November, to Aber. It was suspected that defendant did not intend to alight at Aber, and the attention of the guard of the train was directed to him. The guard kept his eye on the defendant who did not get out at Aber or Rhyl, but went on to Chester. At Flint t'ie tickets were examined, and defendant produced the return half of a tourist ticket from Sandbach to Corwen. That ticket would be in order from Rhyl to Sandbach, but he had travelled from Aber to* Rhyl without paying ac all. He (Mr. Fenna), had no hesitation in saying this was a deliber- ate attempt at a bare-faced fraud. It was the man's intention to evade payment, and he took a short distance ticket to get out of Bangor. Evidence having been given in support of the opening statement of the advocate, Defendant admitted travelling as stated but had no intention of defrauding. He intended getting out at Aber, but changed his mind, and went on, offering to pay the fare from Aber to Rhyl, at Crewe. The offence was considered i roved, and a fine of 10s. and £1 16s. 6d. costs was imposed. NEGLECTING CHILDREN. Kenza Taylor, and Jane Taylor, travelling gipsies, failed to appear in response to a sum. mons issued at the instance of Inspector Jones, of Denbigh, charging them with neglecting their children, and a warrant was issued for their apprehension. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Richard Owen, High street, Rhyl, a butcher's assistant, was charged by Inspector Harberd, of the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, with cruelly ill-treating a horse by using it in an unfit state. The Prosecutor stated that about a quarter to eleven oa the morning of the 4th inst., he, saw the defendant in charge of a bay gelding attached to a two wheeled butchers care, Observing that the animal travelled very uneasily, he stopped it, and upon examining it found a raw wet wound about 2 inches long, and an inch and a half wide under the collar. The surrounding parts were swollen and inflamed. and painful to the touch. The collar pressed on the wound, and no attempt had been made to ease the collar When spoken to defend- ant said the horse had been out to grass for some weeks, and had only been working for two or three days. In his opinion it was cruel to work the horse in the st^te it was in. j Inspector Pearson corroborated. j The defendant admitted all that was said, but stated that the horse was all right when it was taken out at seven o'clock in the morning, and the wound must have been caused while the animal was at work. Inspector Harberd replied that that would be impossible. The wound was a chafe, and it must have taken some time to cause it. A fine of 5s. and 9s. cost was imposed. DEFAULTING RATEPAYERS. A large number of summonses against rate- payers, who had neglected to pay the general district rate, were disposed of, and orders made.

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