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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the St. Asaph Board of Guardians was held at the Board Room, St. Asaph, on Friday. There were present Mr. T. Howes Roberts (in the chair), the Rev. J. Adams, the Rev. E. T. Davies, Rhyl, Messrs. S Perks, Joseph Lloyd, J. H. Ellis, Robert Davies, Prestatyn, A. Foulkes, J. D. Jones, J. Kerfoot, J. Vaughan, T. Pierce, Thomas Evans, Joseph Jones, Joseph Lloyd, Rice J. Williams, Rhyd. Miss Bennett, Mrs. F. L. Rawlins, John Williams, John Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, John Parry, Joseph Roberts, Hugh Williams, &c. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that the number of in- mates in the house last board day was 137, ad. mitted since, 15; discharged, 13. Remaining in the house at the present time, 139; corres. ponding period last year, 145, being a decrease of 6. The number of vagrants relieved bince the last board day was 87, as compared with 102 the corresponding period last year. CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES AT THE WORKHOUSE. The Master's Journal contained the following entry relative to the festivities in the house during Christmas. 'The inmates have requested me to coney their sincere and heartiest thanks to the Board for the plentiful supply of roast beef, plum pudding, &c. supplied to them on Christmas Day. Bright and profitable services were also held in the chapel both morning and evening. Mrs. Luxmore's annual treat on the 29th December had also been looked forward to with keen interest. From 4 to 5 o'clock the aged and infirm men and women had tea to- gether, a privilege which the old folks enjoyed. At five o'clock all the able bodied men, women, and children had a splendid tea provided for them in the Dining Hall. At six o'clock, all the inmates that could leave their beds assem- bled in the waiting hall to meet their old and generous frien'l Father Christmas, who came again to present to the men gifts of tobacco, pipes, and mufflers; tea, sugar, and shawls for the women and books, toys, and sweets for the children. At seven o'clock, a concert was held in cue Dining Hall, Mr. John B. Luxmore presiding; the treat throughout was thoroughly enjoyed, and evidently moved the inmates to a high pitch oi enthusiasm. They desire their heartiest thanks to be conveyed to Mrs. Lux more, not only for the above treat, but also for the use of the field for another year, for books presented to the library, and illustrated papers for Christmas 189S.' He had also the pleasure of acknowledging gifts from the fol- lowing ladieb and gentlemen Mrs. Dodd, late 3f Llannerch Park, valuable books, dolls and coys for the children; Mrs. Fosbery, Bryn Elwy, tea, sugar, and Christmas cards for aged and infirm women Miss M. E. Bennett, Bryn Gfobaith, St. Asaph, Christmas cards; Mrs. Percy, Rhyl, sweets for the children Mrs. Walthall, the Cottage, Christmas cards; the Rev. B. Jones Bateman, Pentre Mawr, Aber- gele, 91 Captain Arthur Heaton, St. Asaph, F, I and Daily Graphic and other papers through- out the year 1898; a football from Mr. J. Pierce, Abergele (a member of the board), copies of the Rhyl Record and Advertiser, also the Rhyl Journal weekly throughout the year 1898 from the editors Gwalia Welsh newspapers from an unknown friend throughout the year 1898 box of oranges from Mr. Hugh Dryliurst Roberts, butcher, Denbigh; oranges from the Rev. Her- ber Lucas, St. IV-, -f ride's Church, St. | Asaph parcel of papers from Mr. Mans bridge. St. Asaph; parcel of illustrated and other papers from Mr. T. Coxhea l, rityl Upon the proposition of the Chairman, secon- ded by Mr. S. Perks, the usual votes of thanks were passed to the ladies and gentlemen named. INDISPOSITION OF THE CHAIRMAN, The Chairman said that the Chairman of the Board (Mr. E. Morgan) was unable to be present that day owing to indisposition, and he was sure they all regretted his absence. Mrs. F. L. Rawlins said the Chairman was so regular in his attendance and so extremely courteous and kind tu them all, that she thought they should send him some message of sym- pathy, coupled with their good wishes for a happy new year. The Chairman seconded Mrs. Rawlins' pro- position, which was carried. The Chairman also proposed a vote of sym- pathy with Mr. John Roberts, Geinae, who was unable to attend through illness. Mr. Joseph Jones seconded, and it was car- ried. CALLS IN ARREARS. THE DYSERTH BRIDGE AGAIN. The Clerk announced that the following parishes were in arrear with their calls, Bodel- wyddan, Cefn (two calls), Cwm, Dyserth, Llan- fair (two calls), Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, and Waen. He had received a communication from the Dyserth Assistant Overseer stating that he could not get the rate in, owing to the rate of two pence halfpenny in the £ levied by the Dyserth Parish Council for the bridge by the Dyserth Waterfalls. Mr. Rice J. Williams said it would be remem- bered that a deputation from the Dyserth Parish Council attended before the St. Asaph Rural District Council and asked their consent to the erection of this bridge by the Waterfalls. The District Council refused to express any opinion on the matter other than if the Parish Council did erect the bridge they would do so on their own responsibility. Though they had not ootained any consent, the Parish Council decided to erect the bridge with the result that as soon as it was erected someone came and took it down again, and it was now lying along- side the river. They as Parishioners felt it was very hard that they should be called upon to pay a rate of two pence halfpenny in the £ for a useless expenditure of this kind, which added to the three farthings in the f, the expenses of the Overseer, made a considerable addition to their poor rate proper. Mr. Gwilym Parry Are we to understand that Mr. Rice Williams is pleading for time ? The Chairman He is pleading to get off al- together. Mr. J H. Ellis: I think they are getting off very well. I propose that proceedings be taken to compel them to pay up. They have got the luxury of a Parish Council, and they will have to pay tor it. Mr. J. Pierce seconded Mr. Ellis' proposition, and it was carried.

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