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CORWEN. THE NATIONAL SCHOOL. The scholars of the above school re- assembled last week after their Christmas holidays, all in good form, and giving fair promise of continuing the favourable pro- gress made by them during the last half year. When closing for the holidays, each child was through the kind generosity of Miss Davenport, presented with sweets, oranges, Christmas cards, &c., which they duly appreciated. Again, they were the happy recipients of more sweets and oranges on the re opening of the school, It is needless to add that Miss Davenport's kind interest in the school, and its wel- fare is equally gratifying and encouraging to teachers and pupils, who all combine to thank her most heartily. We also have the pleasure of recording an interesting distri bution of prizes by the Rev. T. LI. L. Wil- liams, rector, on Friday afternoon. The prizes consisted of books, and were awarded to the following children for regular atten- dance, &c., during the half year ended 30th December last. The school was opened 197 times, and the prize winners have come out in the following order of merit:—Mary E. Parry, 197; Jennie Parry, 197; Adeline Stockton, i95 Bertram Vinton, 195; Alfred Bowen, 194; Blodwen Evans, 194: Alfred Dodd, 193; John Vinton, 193; Evelyn M. Vinton, 192; John Newns, 192; Sarah J. Roberts, 191; Joseph Parry, 190; Ethel Stockton, 190; Rosie Bowen, 18j George Edwards, 188; Lily Bowen, 188; Amelia Dodd, 185. A handsome book was also awarded to Edith Williams for best hand- writing. It is hoped that many more will next time be eligible for prizes. The warmest thanks are due to those who have come forward to assist in this way with the work of the school; and may the time soon come when many more friends will come forward and do likewise. CONCERT. A successful vocal and instrumental con- cert was given to a large audience at the Assembly Rooms on Friday evening. The artistes were Miss Jones, Commerce House, and vliss Olive Pugh, The Bank (sopranos), Mr. Arthur Davies, Cefnmawr (bass), and Mr. O. Roberts, R.A.M., Berwyn. Instru- mentalists solo harp, Mr. H. G. Glaysher solo violin, Mr. H. Condon Finucane solo euphonium, Mr. F. W. Taylor, and solo cornet, Mr.T. J. Hillier-all from the Albert Hall, London. Mr. Bryan Warhurst acted as accompanist. The following programme was gone through in fine style:—Trio (two trombones and cornet), Winds whistle cold' (Bishop), Messrs. Hillier, Taylor, and Finucane; song,' The Toilers,' Miss Jones; solo violoncello, Nocturne' (Burgmiller), Mr. A. Bruner; song, 'The Star of eve' (Wagner), Mr. Arthur Davies solo euphon- ium, Italian Boatsong' (Pinsuti), Mr. F. W. Taylor; song, Lend me your aid' (Gounod), Mr. Owen Roberts, R.A.M. L solo violin, 'Cavatina' (Raff), Mr. H. C. Finu- cane; quintette (harp, two violins, viola, and cello), Abendruche' (Loeschorn), Messrs. Glaysher, Hillier, Taylor, and Finu- cane; solo harp, The bells of Aberdovey (J. Thomas), Mr. Glaysher i song, Twilight is falling' (Streleski), Miss Olive Pugh; quartett (four violins), Vorspiel' (Lohen- grin), Messrs. Glaysher, Hillier, Finucane, and Bonner song,1 Iesu, cyfaill f'enaid cu (Warhurst), Mr. Arthur Davies; solo cornet, The Lost Chord' (Sullivan), Mr. T. J. Hillier song, Prectosita (Dorisi), Miss Jones song, Perl fy nwyfron (Warhurst), Mr. Owen Roberts, R.A.M.; sextett, two violins, viola, cello, harp, and organ, Ave Marie (Bach and Gounod), by the instru- mentalists finale, 'God save the Queen.'



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