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DENBIGHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. The Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of Denbigh were held at the County Hall, Ruthin, .a Friday. Captain Griffith- Boscawen presided, and the following magis- trates were also on the beach:-Col. Mesiiain (Deputy Chairman), Sir R. E. Egerton, Col. Saxon Gregson Ellis, Caotain Cole; Chancellor B.'O. Jones, Messrs. J. H. Barton JV. T. HOlny, O. Isgoed Jones, Algernon Potts, W. G. Dodd, T. P Jones-Parry, The Mayor of Ruthin (Dr. J. Medwyn Hughes), Lieut.-Colonel Heaton, Messrs. E. O. Y. Lloyd, Thomas Williams, J. Watkin Lumley, and J. LI Thomas. Th6 following gentlemen constituted the Grand Jury.- Mr. Robert Beeeh, Ruthin (foreman). T. B. Barton, Abergele. W. F. Burslem, do. Edmund Cooke, do. G. R. Griffith, do. 5, H. Harris Jones, Un-thin. W. Arthur Jones, Abergele. jaities l,ailc,,isliii,e, do. T. J. Linecarr, do. J. A. Lloyd, Eirias. S. H.1 Martin, Llandrillo. J. P. Moone, Abergele. R. Owen, Llandyrnog. ■ W. Clwyd Pierce, Denbigh. Robert Reading, Llandrillo. William Tickle, Ruthin. Joseph Wolstenholme, Eirias. Ed. Roberts. Colwyu Bay. THE CHARGE. THE DEATH OF MR. LLEWELYN ADAMS. The Chairman, in charging the Grand Jury, said they met that day under unfortunate and melancholy circumstances in some respects. Since the last sessions they had lost their respected Clerk—Mr. Llewelyn Adams—who, for 15 years, was Clerk of the Peace for the county of Denbigh, and during this long period Mr. Adams never missed attending and per- forming the duties of the sessions. His death would be, indeed, a great loss t*o the county. He (the Chairman) had acted as Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for two years when the late Mr. Joseph Peers was Clerk of the Peace. Mr. Ileers' experience in that respect was al- most unrivalled, and he was followed in his important office by Mr. Adams, who had the advantage of being trained in a great measure under Mr. Peers' auspices. Mr. Adams per- formed his duties with strictness and regularity, and he was glad to say that, during the 15 years they had been thrown together in their respective positions as Chairman and Clerk, they had always acted most harmoniously, nOli a single unpleasant word having taken place between them. He was sure that the Grand Jury, as well as the Magistrates would feel that they had lost in Mr. Adams a most able and excellent officer, and one who would be difficult to replace. At a meeting held that morning, the Standing Joint Committee, whose duty it was now to appoint a Clerk of the Peace, had exercised their power, and had ap- pointed Mr. John Roberts, the late Mr. Adams' assistant, as Deputy Clerk. Mr. Roberts was, therefore, qualified to act as Deputy Clerk of the Peace until a permanent appointment should be made. Proceeding, the Chairman said he was sorry that the jury had been called to- gether when there was absolutely no business to do. At the same timf\ he did not think any one would be justified i preventing the Grand Jury from coming 1., the Sessions. In the county of Denbif they had seldem many prisoners to try, 1 it was not often that a maiden session urred-in fact, it had only happened four r tive times-perhaps this was the sixth dur:" the 18 years he had acted as Chairman, i his augured well for the state of crime in i he county. Their duty, as jury, would be -imply to retire to their room, and if they should wish to make any presentment, the Court would be very pleased to hear it. The Grand Jury then retired, and on re- turning to court in a few minuies afterwards, Mr. Beech, the foreman, said they had no pre- sentment to make, but simply wished to eon- firm what the Chairman had said with refer- ence to the late IVl r. Adams. The Clerk then read a letter from Miss Ceciline Jocelyn Foulkes, addressed from Ox. ford, and forwarded to the Chairman, in which she tendered her own and her sisters' most cordial thanks for the resolution of condolence passed by the Quarter Sessions on the death of their late father Jocelyn Foulkes, Erriviatt. They were deeply touched by it, and by the kind words in which the long ser. vices of Major Foulkes to the county were re- ferred to. The Chairman then formally moved that the court express its sincere sympathy with the family of the late Mr. Llewelyn Adams, and that it recorded its high appreciation of the services rendered by him to the county of Den- high for so many years. Colonel Mesham seconded, and the motion was unanimously carried. On the mction of Colonel Mesham, seconded by Mr. T. P. Jones-Parry, the following C?' I justices were re-appointedas Visiting Committee of H.M. Prison at Ruthin: -Colonel Corn- wallis West, the Rev. Chancellor B. O. Jones, Mr. G. H. Denton, Captain F. B. O. Cole, and Mr. George Blezard. Mr. Swayne, the Acting Under sheriff, then congratulated the Chairman on the fact that there were no prisoners to be tried that day, and begged, on behalf of the High Sheriff, to present him with a pair of white kid gloves. Mr. Swayne then handed the gloves to the Chairman. The Chairman said he was extremely obliged to the High Sheriff for the gloves, and ex- pressed a hope that the absence of prisoners a these sessions was a good omen for the future. Mr. T. E. Morris, Barrister, said that, Ion behalf of the bar, he wished to express their regret at .the death of the late Clerk of the Peace. He understood that observations had been made by the Chairman on the subject, and o-i behalf of himself and the bar, he begged to say that they had always met with every kind- ness and courtesy at the hands of the late Mr. Adams Mr. Morris (who was instructed by Messrs. D. Jones and Roberts, Llanrwst), then applied that the appeals entered by the London and North Western Railway Company against the assessment of Poor Rates in the parishes of Llanddoget. Eglwysbach, and Llanrwst (Urban and Rural) he respited to the next sessions, in order that the cases might be submitted to the arbitration of Mr. C. A. Russell, Q.C Mr. Trevor Lloyd (instructed by Mr. C. H. Mason for the Railway Company). assented. The Chairman said this was the wisest course, and the application was granted.