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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of this Council was held on Friday last, when there were present: —Mr. R.V.LI. Jones (Chairman), Messrs. D. W. Jones, J. W. Roberts, Evan Jones, Edward Jones, M. J. Jones, D. Jones (joiner), W. T. Jones, H. Ll. Davies, D. Jones (Birmingham House), and T. R. Dakin (Deputy Clerk). FINANCE. It was reported that there was a balance of E463 4s. Id. due that day to the Treasurer. This added to the cheques signed at the meet- ing, increased the Council's liabilities to 9502 19s. 2d. PLANS. Plans were submitted of alterations proposed to be made by Mr. H. W. Lloyd in High Street with the view of converting the present pre- mises into a pharmacy. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. D. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. Evan Jones, that the plans be approved of. APPROACH TO BALA STATION. A letter was read from the Great Western Railway Company stating that they could not see their way clear to provide more than a footpath on the top side of the road. It was resolved that an amended estimate for a parapet on one side of the road only be sent to the Railway Company. CLAIM FOR IMPROVING HIGH T-REET. —PROTRACTED ENQUIRY. A letter was read from Col. Slacke stating that he would arrange for an enquiry as soon as possible after receiving notification of the result of the conference of the two authorities if it should still be found necessary to hold one. INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Inspector reported that the yard in the occupation of Mr. Robert Roberts, in Plasey Street, was still unfenced the landers required to be put up by Mr. David Roberts had not been fixed, neither had the road in front of Ty- tundomen been put in order. The work re- quired at John Edwards' in Tegid Street had been completed. With regard to the first matter, it was re- ported that the work was in progress. The Chairman promised to see Mr. D. Roberts to urge him to have the landers put up at once. APPLICATION FOR INCREASE OF SALARY. An application was made by the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. Williams) for an increase of salary, adducing the following as his reasons for so doing :— a.-That the work has been, during the last few years, such that the present salary (95) was quite inadequate to cope with i b. b.-That H.M. Inspector (Dr. Bruce Lowe) in his report stated he was surprised at the annual stipend the Medical Officer re- ceived. c.—That there is no Council in Wales that pays its officer such a paltry sum. It was resolved that the application be taken into consideration at the next meeting. SERVICE PIPES AGAIN UNDER DISCUSSION. The following report of the Street and Water Committees, viz, That the Council do away with all work connected with service pipes, except that imposed by the Act of 1847, and that no assistant manager of waterworks be appointed, was again sub judice. Mr. H. Evans proposed the adoption of the report, on the ground that those requiring pipes could obtain them from other tradesmen in town. Mr. D. Jones (joiner) seconded. Mr. D. Jones (Birmingham House) proposed, as an amendment, that the consideration of the report be further deferred, pending the ap- pointment of a Surveyor. He thought there was now a material change in the condition of affairs to what it was when the report was sub- mitted. It would, certainly, be an advantage to defer it pending the appointment of a new Surveyor. Mr. D. W. Jones seconded. The result of the voting was distinctly in favour of Mr. Evans' motion, the report being adopted. VARIOUS. Mr. Evan Williams, coachbuilder, applied for permission to take along the street a wooden building from the front of the Goat Inn to a field adjoining his premises. He thought no damage would be caused to the street in its transport. If, however, he found that the building was very heavy, he would have it put on wheels. The application was granted. An orcter was received from the Local Govern- ment Board fixing f,2 2s. as the cost of the re- cent enquiry into the Council's application for a loan of £ 400. It was resolved to make an application to the Rector of Bala to hand over the parish map and apportionment to the Assistant Overseer.



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