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A TOPSYTURVEY RHYME. The following lines appeared in the Oswesiry Advertiser of December 22, 1875, and have been I re-printed in the Jubilee Supplement of that paper, issued last week. They will mostly explain themselves; but it may be stated that there had been litigation over a new reredos at Denbigh; that a statue of Dr. Pierce stands in that town that Disraeli had recently bought shares in the Suez Canal; and that most of the names mentioned are those of Welsh M.P.'s. Edith Agabeg will be better known as Edith Wynne, the singer, and Lewis Edwards as Principal of Bala College. Those who remem- ber the persons mentioned in the rhyme will enjoy the topsy-turvy description of, say, Mr. Davies, M.P. for Anglesea 1 We believe all the persons mentioned, except Father Ignatius and one other, are dead. A DREAM. The following line3 were thrown out of the window of a cab, driven at a great rate past our office on Monday last. We subsequently ascertained that the cab contained two persons, one of whom was wildly gesticulating, while the other vainly attempted to calm and restrain him I'm all in a flutter, I scarcely can utter The words to my tongue that come dancing- come dancing, I've had such a dream, that I'm sure it must seem To incredulous ears, like romancing- roman C- ing. It was due, I believe, to that stupid Khedive, Whose Canal shares now come to Disraeli- Disraeli Or else it was brought on by the cold that I caught on That night that I dined with Kenealy- Kenealy. I dreamt Osborne Morgan played on the box organ, And talked th3 best Welsh he was able—was able, While Holland, M.P., having drunk too much tea, Was dancing a jig on the table-the table. Then Gladstone of Ha'rden said he cared not a Farden For Manning, the Pope, or Ben Dizzy—Ben Dizzy, And he sang a short song. for he couldn't stay long, His engagements do keep him so busy-so busy. The Bishop was caperin' in lawn sleeves and apron, And brewing rum punch in his mitre—his mitre, While the Denbigh Committee, having quant. suffi of liti— Gation, got tight, and some tighter-some tighter. But the fumes of the liquor soon brought up the Vicar, Who administered gentle correction—correc- tion With a rod made of birch then he walked off to church, With his eyes in an eastern direction—direc- tion. Then it seemed as if Bala lake got so shallow, The townsfolk were all in a pickle-a pickle, Till the wise Local Board the whole district ex. plored, And found a small stream at Llanycil-Llan. ycil. So Tullock, R.E., came down, and said he, This supply you can't always rely on-rely on, But why such a clatter, 'bout such a small matter, When they keep such good stuff at the Lion— the Lion? I'm really perplexed to say what happened next, But if I remember George Whalley-George Whalley, Danced on a tight rope, drank the health of the Pope, And made atmself ever so jolly-so jolly. Sir Watlin, the gentle, sang a strain senti- mental, And learnedly spoke of the weather-the weather; But he got much annoyed because Morgan Lloyd Would keep tickling his nose with a feather-a feather. Another then rose, and begged to propose, They should drink to the health of the 1 dies— the ladies. But Father Ignatius, exclaiming Good gracious! Said he wished they were all gone to Hades- to Hades. In jjainful surprise I attempted to rise, To give them my views on this question-this question, Buc the st tue of Pierce, looking awfully fierce, Said that sitting was best for digestion- digestion. This being the case, I pulled a long face, And gave myself deeply to thinking-to think- ing, Till sweet Edith Agabeg in injured tones had to beg' Lewis Edwards not to keep winking-keep winking. Mr. Davies began to dance the can can, And astonished them all with his capers-his capers; But me he so shocked, that the doors I unlocked, And now send a report to the papers-the papers. Such then is the scheme I recall in my dream, And its features as now I descry them-descry them But I just wished to say, that I hold by the way, Turkish Bonds, sir, if you'd like to buy them to buy them.



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