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REVIEW OF BOOKS. ,.-,.;.."r.,--,,--.,_.,,-/""\,-''-../',-/-,/'-'/-"-""'J-''-'--'-'-""',,.


REVIEW OF BOOKS. ,r.J- HorticulturalThe 84th annual Garden Seed Guide, printed and published by Messrs. Too. good and Sons, the Royal Seedmen, of South- ampton, has just reached us, and proves to be a useful and very beautiful handbook to the flowers and vegetables that can be grown from seeds. A special feature of the work is the remarkable number—some hundreds in all-of accurate and artistic illustrations reproduced to scale from actual photographs, and thus fur- nishing a very useful aid to the selection of varieties. An interesting prefatory history of this eminent business house is given this year; and we remark that the Messrs. Toogood, who claim to be the largest seedgrowers in the South and West of England, attribute the un- broken career of prosperity enjoyed by the firm since its foundation, nearly a century ago, to the business principles of personally supervis- ing every detail, and of selling produce at the lowest prices consistent with the production of nothing but the very best seeds that can be en. sured by human foresight, all new, most care- fully re-selected, and of guaranteed germina- ting power. The account of the work of special departments, such as the experimental depart- ment, seed control offices, experimental farms, literary division, etc., are specially interesting as showing the vast scope covered by the operations of this eminent house. We notice an excellent full page illustration of a well- known exhibitor at horticultural shows sitting surrounded by costly trophies won with the produce of Toogood's seeds; and a great number of letters are interesting from customers whose prizes, secured with the Messrs. Toogood's strains, vary in number from 100 to 5,000. No less than six pages of matter are devoted to the firm's introductions for 1899. Amongst the most interesting of these are Toogood's Chame leon Nasturtium, which has every shade and marking of dower growing on the same plant, and Toogood's Begonia Hybrida Cristata, a beautiful aiad very interesting novelty, which may be aptly described as a bearded Begonia. Messrs. Toogood and Sons claim their prices to be fully 50 per cent. lower than those of any other house of repute. To take a specific illus- tration we find all Sweet Peas, including such rare and dehghtful novelties as the new dwarf pink Cupid variety, ottered at Sd. per packet, instead of at from 6d. to Is. 6d. About a year since, Toodgood's Culture of Vegetables was published at the cost of printing, and the enor- mous sale of upwards of ten thousand copies testified to the need of such a book. Gardeners will now be interested to learn from page 79 that two further horticultural books have ap- peared lately, each of which is sold at produc- tion cost. In conclusion, we may add that thia really beautiful and ornate guide will be posted freely to every intending purchaser.


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