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_c_ \v~ ■. m > TA li ■ -L> DRAPER, ( iv ,:orm the public generaJi all ASStJ LVIENT <> .vhV GOubh t, -st design, and of the bt- can procure Ll' t ERIES of every descriptio -notice. I2.id.ita.Breeches < H.W. being A pr.. Tailor and Cutter (holder (11., su-d having a of experienc men fit and style is guaranteed, c, ut with MODERATE Charges. A TRIAL ORDER RE>PL TtUI L\ SOLICITED. 1- 3 WILLIAMS. Denbigh, Begs to announce that all Departments in in Establishments have just been replenished with a large Assortment of ik 'v NEW GOODS, Bought for Ca-h, And will be offered at most advantageous prices T. J. WILLIAMS assures his Customers that this is a grand opportunity to secure all classes of the Newest Goods at extraordinary low prices. A Grand Display Is now made of NEW GOODS suitable for Christmas Presents AND New Years Gifts. AN EARLY CALL IS SOLICITED. 0 34, HIGH STREET & TEMPLE BAR, DENBIGH. f~* Q Q Balm o Gilead fu (j I r\Vjl O GEORGE'S PILLS i mi." "They are more than Gold to me—they saved my life." One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results." PILE & GRAVEL Many of my customers have been cured who have suffered for twenty years." The three forms of this Remedy:— No, 1.—George's Pile and Gravel Pills j J II | O No. 2.- George's Gravel Pills p | L,, L f). 3.-George's Pills for the Piles. In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. post, Is. 3d. and 3s. Proprietor :-J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P,S., Hirwain, Glam. N. Splendid Value in New Season's Teas. XjKV is. TEA *0/ N. IS INStlRPASSABLE TOE \(y/ STRENGTH AND X O/ —— FLAVOR. „ Is. Sd. *0 28. TELJ3L TEA IS A SPLENDID \/ESTABLISHMENT wn,L COMPARE WITH FAMILY TEA, L^TAND/L ANY TEA AND /VBACON. INTHB STANDS UNITED Unrivalled. AY28' \*V\KINGDOM. /<bx tea \*x\ — /PURE & FRAGRANT, \^l AO/ AND IS OF N. The Finest Growth, "ETmxIs^ CHESTER, r t>ivt ARYON, k Illustrated V Catalogues 1 y *v sent post free on application. 10s. per month s. ditto. CASH. periodically. v. Chester. < (Welsh) HUNDRED Im and other Articlee i 8vo. volumes, pries Us. Od.; ditto, extra,


WOMEN'S CHAT. """""''-/''-'-'''''''._'-"J'''''-.r----j---

REVIEW OF BOOKS. ,.-,.;.."r.,--,,--.,_.,,-/""\,-''-../',-/-,/'-'/-"-""'J-''-'--'-'-""',,.


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