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WREXHAM GUARDIANS AND THE NEW VACCINATION ACT. STRONG CONDEMNATION. On Thursday, at a meeting of the Wrex' ham Board of Guardians, under the presi dency of Captain Griffith-Boscawen, the guardians were occupied tor some consider able time discussing the Vaccination Act. The Chairman sakl the new act would mean in that union an increased expendi ture of between £ 150 and £200. He was very glad to find that there were very few conscientious objectors in that district. On the motion o' Mr Clarke (Hclt), seconded by Mr. W-. Wilde (Rhosnessney), it was unanimously decided to ask for an increased grant from the Im perialExchequer in consequence of the additional expendi- ture entailed upon the various boards of guardians by the Act. Mr. Bowen (Cefn) next proposed that the board was strongly of opinion that great danger might arise by reason of the con- science clause, tIle Local Government Board be requested to lay before Parlia ment the question of reconsidering the vac- cination laws, with a view to making them compulsory. Mr. Kyffin (Rhos) seconded The Clerk said that up to the end of the' year there bad only been four exemption certificates granted in the whole of the union. The Chairman said he was very glad to hear that. He hoped the Government would reconsider the matter before they were obliged to do so through a terrible outbreak of small pox, an" vhich was not a very unlikely event. The resolution was carried unanimously. The Vice-chairman (Aiderm n Simon Jones) next moved a resolution petitioring both Houses of Parliament to repeal the Vaccina- tion Act of this year, as it was not only vexa- tious, but distinctly retrograde in character, and so opposed to sanitary experie nce as to be little less than a n-itioiial calamity. Statistics were very convincing, he said and how would they like to go back to the good old days when in England 2.000 deaths took c,iice every year in every million of the population from small- pox? He considered it grossly unfair that the excellent state of affairs exist ng in Wales prior to the passing of Lh- Act should be attempted to be disturbed. There had not been a single prosecution under the Act in the Wrexham Union for at least a quarter of a century. The last return.showing the percentage of children not vaccinated was that of 1895, and he found that in Denbighshire the percentage was only 3.7, and this waa onh beaten by Anglesea. with 3 per cent. In England a different state of things existed, and he found that the percen tage was as high as 76.5 at Leicester,.and 63 in Northampton. He certainly thought Wales ought to have exemption from the Act. Mr. J. R. Burton (Minera) seconded the reso- lution. The Chairman said he noticed that the Leicester Guardians had stated that they had not carried out the old act,, and did not intend to obey the new one. He believed this was also the decision at Northampton. Several boards had failed to carry out the old act, and the Local Government Board took proceedings in one case, and several of the guardians were sent to jail; but the Local Government Board took no further actions, and the guardians did just as they liked. It was such actions that had led to the introduction of the present act. The resolution was carried unanimously; and the three motions were o rde ed to be sent to the Local Government Board and the members of Parliament for the county.