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CouiCi.i|3oriiicna. We do not hold ourselves responsiblefor the opinions of our correspondents in the following letters. THE COLLEGE FARM FIRE, TREFNANT. To the Editor of THE NORTH WALES TIMES. SIR, „ With reference to your report of this fire, in your last week's issue, will you kindly allow me to make a correction, so that honour may be given unto those to whom it is due. I speak with all due respect of the Denbigh Fire Brigade, but if Mr. Clift had had to depend upon that body, the whole of his farm buildings would have been burnt to the ground. I maintain that the praise is due to P.O. Lewis and tiie willing helpers of the village of Trefnant, who had been labouring at the fire for an hour and a quarter, and had it completely under control, before the arrival of the brigade, I do not write this from hearsay. I am, Yours truly, AN EYE WITNESS. TREFNANT VILLAGE AND VICINITY. To the Editor of the '!NORTH WALES TIMES.' SIR, We. the inhabitants of the above, after being harrased and persecuted for years, have at last determined to come out of our shell and let the world know some of our grievances. We really believe that we are the most badly used and miserable people in North Wales. Some time ago, you alluded in your columns to the light- ing of the village.' We are sorry to say that we are still in the same hole, except that the Council have spent a few more pounds in vain. Now, with regard to the water supply, it is disgraceful—often during the day-time not a drop, but a pint or two per inhabitant if they stay up at night to wait for it dripping. Again, look at the condition of the roads and streets, which are under the control of several different councils, corporations, and private in- dividuals. It is about time the whole were vested in one body, which could then be ap- proached but at present, each seem tojviejwith the other as to who can place a ruck of stones' in the most inconvenient place for car. riages, peaestrians, and others. As to our drainage system, the ieast said the better, because we have not got one; and talk about Sweet Edinboro', I smell thee noo, it is not in the hunt with us during the summer time. We trust you will publish this. Perhaps it may help to rectify some of our grievances; if so, we will at another time, let you know about others—their name is Legicn. Yours truly, REPRESENTATIVE.