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POLICE COURT. °M-f^Before the Mayor (Mr. E. A. Turn- W u ,?88rs- J- Harrigon Jones, E. T. Jones, ^ellard, and Dr. J. Lloyd Roberts. th DEATH 0F MR> GLADSTONE. e commencement of the proceedings, >v?V*id: Before we begin the business lwnk it is our duty to pass a vote of 3,the o 06 Mrs. Gladstone and her family .*reati bereavement that they have sus- in proposing this, I am sure that V^trof expressing the wish of my fellow- tK rotlSh 8 a^so ever.V resident in this •St tL' is a national calamity and regret, hel)bi national statesman has passed away. ftt c°n,50^ation we have is, that his last U bo W(Jre without pain. 1 beg, on behalf an(l the burgesses of this borough, W O?' r^own Clerk, to send a telegram »adstone in the great affliction which Aftker. C°ll^iiio'tu^0neB: ^ave peat pleasure in "toe proposition which has been made 8en0.rJ:, y Mayor. No doubt all of us are lft^esUin« to the character of the great W ^as ^nne to res^* He had a th )i7~lb was indeed beyond the span of V^itn and that life filled—yes, filled to iitt good works, and with devotion i»a, tUter.est of others, quite regardless of the reat itI?night have been to himself. I A 5 Pleasure in seconding the proposi- ti e • :^ls'rates' Clerk I will see that the u 18 sent off'at once. Ar--XTENSIO-N OF TIME. c?U{ierfe WQr\on one hour was granted to Mr* °t L fche Ball Hotel, on the os- 6l* at tu Priyate dinner which was to* be b°fcel that night< l)a -SFER 0F LICENSE REFUSED. klf vld liughes, late manager of the High Wv«f Mr ?» appeared before the court on. be- 'i4, ;ation t Roberts, in support of an to m fcemPorary transfer of the Qf ;!• William Andrews, the repre- ^)/e,lt v,i ,8srs- Allsopp and Co., Burton- *tou ^fint« ace'y purchased the vaults. jv Qdent Jones said he had no objec- ^!evv's vvajj1*011- J°nes asked whether Mr. tulAudio,^°ln" fco manage the vaults? ther rePlie(l that he was not going a«eYT present he lived at Llan- Tu^Ueri i;88™' Allsopp's representative ten? ^erk »+ vaults now and then. NlJ^avv ated that the application was for V fl0Jans/er only, and Mr. Andrews „ ^r68s in £ °neih]e for the conduct of the SI' W0he meantime, i Certainly I will take that ti v • Rut lie says he won't refill11 chavi a.n<i we don't know yet who H?tv D§- I?6 0 tlie Place» therefore I am e should have the person here Mr. E. T. Jones asked who was in charge of the vaults now ? Mr. Andrews Chaloner Mr. E. T. Jones Which Chaloner do you mean ? Is ib the ex-sergeant ? Mr. Andrews: Yes. The Clerk I understood it was the son. I Mr. E. T. Jones: I heard diuerently, Mr. Andrews. I heard from the sergeant's lips that he is not the manager, and his son is under age. I understand that the sergeant himself does not apply for a transfer. The court was then cleared, and after the re- admission of the public, The Mayor said: The bench have unanimously decided to refuse the application for a transfer, because we consider that you, Mr. Andrews, by your absence are not a fit and proper per. son to hold the license within the meaning of the Act. You don't reside in the borough, and we think that you should bring a responsible man here a month to-day. The Clerk The bench give you a month to find a suitable tenant. Mr. Andrews: Thank you. CRUELTY TO HORSES. Inspector Blake Jones, of Wrexham, sum. moned Mary Davies of Ty Newydd, Llan- dyrnog, and Elizabeth Rees, of Groesffordd, Llansannan, for cruelly ill-treating their re- spective horses by working the same whilst in an unfit condition. The inspector, however, stated that, with the consent of the bench, he would withdraw the summons in each case, as the latter defendant had already destroyed the horse, and the former promised to do the same. The bench allowed the summonses to be with- drawn, and the defendants were ordered to pay the costs, viz., 6s. each. EFFECTS OF A SATURDAY NIGHT'S BOOZE. Amelia Jones, Panton Hall, was fined 3s. 6d. and costs for being drunk in Panton Hall on Sunday morning, the 15th instant. DRUNK ON LICENSED PREMISES. A WARNING TO PUBLICANS. P C. Rogers summoned Elias Roberts, hawk- er, Panton Hall, for being drunk on licensed premises, viz. the Druid Inn, on the 14fch of May. The defendant stated in answer to the charge that he simply went to the house to find his keys which he had left behind. Mrs. Owens was busy at the time, and could not fetch them for him. Replying to the bench, the defendant said he kept his horse there in the yard. P. C. Rogers stated that when he went into the house the defendant was sitting down in the taproom. It was then about a quarter to eleven. He called Mrs. Owens' attention to him, and she stated that she had refused to serve him with drink. Witness had previously turned defendant out of the Plough Inn, and ordered him home. There was no drink before the defendant. The bench fined him 5s. and 7s. 6d. costs. Superintendent Jones said that in future lu intended to take proceedings against all pub licans who allowed men in their houses in a state of drunkenness. When the police found out these cases, the excuse which the publican made was. that they had not been served with drin k However, to allow a man in a drunken st ite to sit in the house, amounted to permitting drunkenness, for which he would in future summon them, and intended this to be a warn- ing. Dr. Lloyd Roberts requested the press to give full publicity to the words of the Superin- tendent. SEVERE STRICTURES BY THE BENCH. Two young men named Jones and Hughes were summoned by P.C. Rogers for creating 9 an affray in Factory Place on Saturday night, May 14th, by fighting. Both were bound over in their own recogni- zances to be of good behaviour for six months, and were ordered to pay the costs, amounting to 6s. each. Mr. J. Harrison Jones, referring to one of the defendants, said he had seen him earlier Th the day under the influence of drink, and said he was sorry to think that a young boy like him should come before the bench on account of drink. It was a matter of sorrow for him that the young men of Denbigh were growing up in this way. Defendant, at the request of Mr. Jones, pro- mised to be a total abstainer in the future. A WARRANT ISSUED. William Hughes, Henllan Street, was sum moned for being drunk and disorderly, but as he did not appear, a warrant was issued for his apprehension.




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