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THE DEATH OF MR. GLADSTONE. ^BETING AT THE LIBERAL CLUB. Was 8eneral meeting of the members the Ljberai Clubrooms, on Tues- Sieat y611111^' lake into consideration the Uttatai j ^e na,tion and the Liberal cause had to ,jB bY the death of Mr. Gladstone, and a resolution of condolence with the butfo 0winS to various causes, there were few members present. Alr- C,,e who occupied the chair, delivered ceased (*ress on the great services of the de- ]°Sg J^tesman to the country, and the great death ^ie nation had sustained by his ofjji' ^r- Gladstone was esteemed by men the „Cree(*8 and all shades opinion as one of tgeniuses of the nineteenth cen- '°r th& a^niirati°n of the people at large !Hr /,e aged statesman was indeed intense. to it Gee" In concluding his remarks, Ireferred \Vej„u o-ae's services in connection with Bstahr ^aegtions, and particularly the Dis- po IShment of the Church, and then called ^Her Secretary (Mr. Price) to read the tyorA 8 received from members of tlie club who liable to be present. foi]0xi' "• Herbert Roberts, M.P., wired as s from the House of Commons :— tl)e a<^ you meet to-night to mark respect for 'flad«^ea<i ^oss sustained by .the nation in Mr. leagj; .°De's death. Undoubtedly Wales not Hiein ^debted to him for reforms, and his ^ve *n t'ie ^ear's the letter was received from Mr. ,Hianis, of Llewesog (iate High v m of the county) '44, Bidston Road. i)ear Birkenhead, 24th May, 1898. t^fet I am unable to attend the meeting pto express sympathy with the family tiQn f^!a(lstone, and to make public recogni- soine s 8reat services to the country. In 8Wi0leSpecfcs' we should rather rejoice at the Patriot exaniPle Mr., Gladstone has left, as a Hole a statesman, and a Christian, to the w°rld and his memory will be one of cherished possessions of the country, to n £ e heartily with you, in whatever you do S8lvices SOme Pu^^c recognition of his Yours faithfully. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Llewesog.' r- ^nvilym Parry wrote as follows :— Chapel Place, JW Denbigh, 24th May, 1898. 1 an *>r*ce> ijito I-1 ^ie members are falling tio{,s 111 with all the other Liberal organisa- Pay h t^le COUQtry by meeting together to jt°-rnaS*i to the memory of Mr. Gladstone, i>ejn js with a sense of pain that I think of ,()Fg deprived-owing to another engagement lie melancholy pleasure of being present. Yours faithfully, M„ „ ,GWILYM PARRY. r*Price .111 See. Liberal Club. T\ u I f" Davies then moved the adoption (,j, r°»lowing resolution :— this meeting of the members of the Denbigh Liberal Club, whilst deeply ^ploring the great loss the nation has ttstained by the death of Mr. Gladstone, desires to acknowledge, with unfeigned, the kindness of a bountiful A £ rr°V^ence *n en lowing hi™ with his p varied talents, in blessing him „ a long life, and a disposition to 0Qsecrate his powers to the greatest highest objects; and to further ^knowledge its indebtedness to Mr. Gladstone for his untiring and self- acrificing labours on behalf of the people °t this country, the memory of which 8eryice will long live in the heart of the hation, and especially by the inhabitants of the Principality of Wales, and, fur. ther, it prays that God will comfort and sustain Mrs. Gladstone and family in their sorrow.' jj Navies) said he felt proud that the Party had been led for the last 50 or Ns 0i 8 y such a man as Mr. Gladstone, who Cgte:t Iaracterised by Lord Salisbury as the Tijg christian statesman 1 (applause). aa fev- Joseph Evans seconded the motion ^ij^neht speech, aijd it was carried iun- o,68°^tion was then passed to close the t 6 Ma day °f the funeral, [and also that 6 tra?0r and Corporation be asked to request S m WnSrnen town close their places *ce ^uring the time the interment took 1 Westminster Abbey.





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