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DENBIGH. j-_".)\X.-


DENBIGH. j- _)\X Other Denbigh News on page 7. Prayer ,Meetings, During the week, prayer meetings have been held every night at the Nonconformist chapels, as has been the custom for many years on the first week of the new year. At nearly all the meetings the attendances have been good. Temperance .ilfeetings.-N ext week a series of temperance meetings will be held in the town, when several eminent speakers will take part. In addition to those named on the posters, the Grand Chief Templar of Wales will also speak on Friday night. Capel Mawr Literary Society.—At the weekly meeting of this society, held on Thursday evening, a very able paper on 'Mental Culture' was read by Mr. R. Griffith Jones, draper, High Street. An in- teresting discussion followed. The Rev. Evan Jones presided. Revival .Meetings-During this week, a series of revival meetings were held at the Henllan Street C. M. Chapel. Addresses were given e-ieh night by Messrs Rowlands (Holyhead), and Jones (Glynceiriog), stu- dents at Baht Theological College; who also, during the day, visite t members of the church and congregation. Accident.-On Monday, during the pre- valence of the storm, Mr. Joseph Roberts, Henllan Street (in the employ of Mr. J. Harrison Jones), was knocked down by a trap that was being driven past the Read- ing Room. Roberts was blown by the wind under the trap, and received rather severe injuries to his face. The Nantglyn Eisteddvod chair.' The bardic chair which the committee of the above eisteddvod offered for the best In memoriam poem to the late Thomas Gee,' and which was won by Mr. Owen Evans, of this town, was made by Mr. James Jones, cabinet maker, Broomhill Lane. The chair was of splendid workmanship, and gave the committee complete satisfaction. Dinner at the Crown Hotel.—The annual dinner of the members of the Association for the Prosecution of Felons was held at the Crown Hotel, on Thursday evening. There was a good company present, the dinner being in every way worthy of the high reputation gained by Mr. and Mrs. Hughes as caterers. Addresses were de- l! livered by several gentlemen, the proceed- ings being also enlivened by numerous songs —comic and sentimental. The Wesleyan JÝlifliorb Guinea Fund.In 20 connection with the above fund, which is also known as the Twentieth Century Fund, a meeting was held on Thursday evening at the Pendref schoolroom. Mr. J. H. Jones presided over a full audience. Addresses were delivered by the Rev. T. Hughes, Bootle; Rev. Evan Jonej (Denbigh), and Mr. Edward Jones, Bathafarn farm. As a result of the appeals made close upon one hundred guineas were promised in the room. Subscriptions to this fund can be paid in during the next two years. Mr. T. Lloyd Jones is the secretary, and Mr. Boaz Jones the treasurer. The meeting was a most enthusiastic one. Tlte Liars,-We are pleased to note that his Worship the Mayor (Mr. E A. Turnour) has accorded his kindly patronage to the Criterion Co., which will appear here on Tuesday evening next, the visit being limit- ed to one night. This popular play, writ- ten by a Welsh author, Mr. Henry Arthur Jones, enjoyed an uninterrupted run of seven months at the Criterion Theatre, London. The present company comes di- rect from that famous theatre, and has been rehearsed by Mr. Charles Wyndham and the author, and as they carry all the necessary scenery and effects, there is every reason to anticipate a satisfactory performance. We feel sure that considerable interest will be taken in the present visit. A plan has been opened, and seats may be booked at Mrs. Nott's. Entertainment.-On Tuesday evening, an entertainment was held at the Drill Hall, in aid of the Roman Catholic schools. The entertainment was composed of minstrel songs, sketches, a farce, &c., &c., by a troupe calling themselves The Dusky Warblers,' and hailing from Holywell. There was a fairly good house and the entertainment, especially some items of it, wasgood.. The following was the programme:—Part 1, opening chorus, Massa's Wedding Day,' Troupe; song, 'Aint yer gwine to marry me,' Mr. J. Gallagher song, Silver Moon- light,' Mr R. Boyes comic song, 'Oh that terrible time,'Mr. J. Jennings; American Buck Dance, Mr. B. Rafferty song, Beau- tiful Dreams,' Master W. Brown; comic scng, Monarity/ Master Joe Brown song, Wishing I was home to-night,' Mr. J. Dur- kin comic song, Hooligan's Mule,' Mr. J. Gallagher; song, 'What will your answer be,' Mr. Felix Hughes song, 'The Maid of the Mill,' Mr. W. Lumby; song, Weep, Darkies, weep;' end song, Good .Night,' Troupe. Part 2, comic walk round,' Mulligan Guards,' Mr. J Jennings and Troupe exhi- bition of club swinging, Mr. Felix Hughes; and was concluded with the popular farce, 'Poor Pillicoddy,' Messrs. J. Howard, John Gallagher, Joe Gallagher, W. Brown, and J. H. Jennings. The Storm.—A gale of terrific force blew over the town and surrounding district on Monday, accompanied occasionally by tor rential rain and sleet. Properties in the town were damaged, but not greatly. Many chimney pots were blown down,and windows smashed but with the exception of the unfortunate fatal accident reported in another column, there was no injury to life or,limb.


SLINGS AND ARROWS. r---'..-/"""."-'",-"-"/,,,-r,-,,"""..../'''-/-''''''/-',-.,......-.."/--_......-...._,,-../-."

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