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———— CATTLE MARKETS, AND FAIRS. BI]Rj&FNHEAD. -Agricultural Produce.—January 3. Elay, old, 22 10s to X3 per ton old clover, S3 to 5s; ditto, oat, 21 10s; and manure, 28 to 4s per LONDON. Agricultural Produce.- January 3rd.— Good supplies, and trade slow at the following prices Good to prime hay, from 65s Od to 82s 6d; inferior to hir hay, 45s to 60s good to prime clover, 70s to 100s; inferior to fair ditto, 50s to 68s; mixture and sainfoin, 50s to 85s; straw. 26a to 38s per load. LIVERPOOL.- Wholesale Vegetable. -January 4th.— Potatoes:—Giants, 2s Od to 2s 4d; mafn crops, 2s 6d to 3s Oi bruce, 2s 2d to 2s 8d per cwt. Turnips, 6d to lOd per dozen bunches; ditto swedes, Is 2d to Is 4d per cwt; carrots, 2s 3d to 3s 3d per cwt. Onions, English, 5s to 6a ditto, foreign, 4s 3d to 4s 9d. LIVBRPOOL.- St. John's Market. -January 4tb. Beef, 51 to 9d per lb; mutton, 6d to 9d veal, 7d to d; frasn pork, 6d to 8d per lb; fresh butter, Is 2d to Is 4d per pound ditto, salt, Is Od to Is 2d per lb eggs, per 120, lis 4d. WREXHAM, January 2nd.-There was a gcod supply of atock at the cattle market on Monday, and the clearance was a most satisfactory one at fair prices, Beef ranged from 6d. to 6yi. per lb., and mutton 7d. to 8d Bacon pigs realised from 7s. 6d. to 8s. 6d. per score lbs. Dairy cows sold well. Trade was pretty hdak. SA-LFORI). January 3rd. -Moderate attendance at maxt on Tuesday. Certain sellers are reported to have done better than last week, bat others have had opposite experience; still, generally, quotations may be said to pretty much aa last week both for cattle and sheep. Calves also were quoted as on the previous Tuesday. Prices Beef, from 4d to 6H; sheep, 5d to 8d: and calves, from 5d to 8d per lb. Pigs were 7a to 7s 6d per score lbs. BIRMINGHAM, January 5th.-Short supplies of castle and sheep, and trade slow; fair supply of pigs. Beef, from 4|d to 6^d per lb; and mutton, 5fd to 8M per lb. Bacon pigs, from 8s 3d to 811 6d per score lbs; porkets, 6d to 10s; and sows, 6s to 6s 3d per score lbs. LONDON, January 5th.—There was a moderate num- ber of beasts on offer, consisting chiefly of fat bulls and rough cattle. The demand was very limited, and trade was slow, with prices mostly nominal. Sheep in fair supply, but the demand was very quite. Wethers ruled at about late prices, but ewes were fully 2d per S'bs lower: 71st to 8st Down wethers, 53 6>1 to 5s 8d; 9at, 5s 4d to 5s 6d per 8 lbs. Calf trade quiet, DTJBLLN, January 5th.-Prime heifer and ox beef, from 52i to 568 fid secondary quality, 46s to 50s per cwt, Pfime wether mutton, from 5d to 6fd; and ewe Biuttoi, 5d to 5 £ 1 per Th Hoggets, 34s to 54s each. Veal: choice, 7d to 9d inferior, 5d to 7d per Th

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