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LIFE-BOAT SERVICES IN 1898. Notwithstanding that the past year, taken as a whole was a remarkably line one from a Life boat point of view, there was at times, during the few fitful gales wbieu were ex perienced, plenty of work for the Life-boato and their crews to do. The heaviest gales of the year occurred on the 24th to 28th of March, the 16th to 22nd October, and the 22nd to 24th November. In the first case 36 Life.boats of the Royal National Life Bout Institution were launched on service, resulting in the saving of 90 lives and the labding of 5 other persons from vessels in dangerous positions; in the second case. 28 Life-boats were launched, re- Butting in the saving of 30 lives and the safe landing of 9 other persons from vessels in peril and in the third case there were 25 launches, resulting in the saving of 69 lives. In the March gale several of the Life boats out on service were unable to return to their station s and were compelled to put in elsewhere until the weather had moderated. During the month of August there were no less than 37 Life-boats launched on service, by which means 34 lives were saved. This number of launches was altogether abnormal, having regard to the time of year. The long list of gallant services included the rescue of 676 lives, besides much valuable pro- perty, 22 vessels having been saved from total or partial loss. In addition, the Life-boats landed 137 persons, some of whom had taken refuge on light vessels and others coming ashore as a precautionary measure, their vessels being in danger in stormy weather. Great assis- tance was also given in very many cases to fishing boats returning from the fleets or fishing grounds, but unable to make a harbour without help from a Life boat, owing to the badness of the weather. During the year the Life-boats were launched 362 times on service, besides which the crews were assembled on 75 other occasions, when it was thought that their services might probably be required. Rewards were also granted by the Institution for the saving of 74 lives by shore-boats or other means during the year, bringing up the total number of lives for the saving of which the 8ociety granted rewards in 1898 to 750, and to 41,227 since 1824, The cost of maintaining the Institution's fleet of 294 Life-boats in thorough efficiency is increa-ingly heavy, and the amount received in annual subscriptions and accruing from assured income is insufficiehtfor the purpose. Further financial help is there- fore much needed by the Institution. Annual subscriptions and donations will be gladly re ceived by the Secretary, Charles Dibdin, ESih 14 John Street, Alelphi, London, by any of the Branch Honorary Secretaries, and by the Bankers in the United Kingdom.



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