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DENBIGHSHIRE & FLINTSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. APPOINTMENT OF LOCAL COMMITTEE AND COLLECTORS. THE first meeting of members of the Local Committee was held in the Plough Hotel, St. Asaph, on Thursday afternoon, under the presidency of Mr. R. Williams Wynn, Cefn. There was a large attendance. APPOINTMENT OF LOCAL COMMITTEE. The Chairman said they were assembled there as a local committee to carry out the arrangements in connection with the annual show to be held at St. Asaph. Their duties wouldfmainly consist in carrying out the preliminary work of the show, and to help it to a successful issue. A large number of gentlemen were then appointed. APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTORS. Mr. C. W. Bell suggested that the district should be divided into small parishes for the purpose of collecting subscriptions. Mr, J. Lloyd was one of the best professional beg- gars be knew of (laughter), and he would do splendidly for St. Asaph. Mr. Lloyd said he could not undertake the job. There were younger, abler, and nobler men than he about (laughter). Mr. Howes Roberts said there might be younger, but there were none abler to un- dertake the work. There would be many of them glad to assist him. Mr. J. O. Llayd: Then I propose Mr. Ro- berts (laughter). Mr. Briscoe seconded the motion, which was carried. Messrs. Howes Roberts, Robinson, Jones, and Manley Power were appointed collec- tors for St. Asaph. The Chairman proposed, and Mr Conwy Bell, seconded that two gentlemen be ap- pointed on every parish. The following were appointed:— Cefn, Joseph Davies, Rhewl, and Kerfoot, Marley. Llannefydd and Llansannan, Pritchard, Bodysgaw, and William Jones, Penporchell. Henllan. J. Hughes and Pritchard (agent Jor Galltfaean). At this point, Mr. J. D. Jones interposed, and said he desired to call the attention of the meeting to the fact that they had a very successful horse show at Abergele, which was held annually. The Abergele people this year would have to subscribe to two societies. It would therefore be a wise step if the committee could come to some arrangements with the Show Committee at Abergele, so that a satisfactory settlement might be arrived at, which would be better for everybody. The Abergele show was generally held on August Bank Holiday, and they had already appointed collectors to cover the district. Mr. Joseph Lloyd said that some years ago when the Denbigh and Flint show was in what he might call low water, the Abergele people came to the rescue. They held a show there which resulted in a very handsome surplus for the society. He had therefore suggested to Mr. Jones that he should try to induce the Abergele people to amalgamate the two shows for one year, and avoid any clashing of mutual interests. In the latter case he would suggest that the Committee should do their best to get the show at Abergele next year. It was certain- ly very close, but still they could do with the money. They had squeezed Wrexham, Ruthin, and Denbigh almost dry, so that they might now attend to this end of the county. Mr. Conwy Bell proposed that a. small com- mittee be appointed to meet the show committee at Abergele to discuss the situation, and come to an amicable:agreeirient. They were quite in sympathy with the Abergele people, and it would be a pity for two good shows to follow closely upon each other. The chairman seconded Mr. Bell suggestion, and the motion was carried. It was also decided not to appoint a collector for the Abergele district. The appointment of collectors was then pro. ceeded with. Bodelwyddan Bach, Owen jun., Vaynol Fawr. Waen, Lloyd and Henry Williams, Wern Ddu. Tremerchion, Leich (The College) Enos Jones, (Nantgwilym). Bodfari, John Roberts (Geinas) and Roberts (Bendre). Rhyddlan and Cwm, Owen Williams (Cwybr), R. C. Enyon, (Hylas), R. Morris, Hendre. Caerwys, Evans, Plas Ceryg, Williams, V. S. Caerwys, T. Williams, Caerwys. Newmarket, Denison, Plas Mawr, Parry Jones, Gop. Prestatyn. Meliden, and Dyserth, J. S. Lin- uell, Ellis, Llys, Williams, Pydew. Rhyl, T. Williams, (Alexandra Hotel), A. Sheffield, J. H. Ellis, Thomas Smith, sen., D. D. Gratton, and T. Ellis, Graig. Tretnant, Lloyd (Berthewig), and Thomas Roberts, Llanerch. A subscription list was then opened in the room, on the motion of Mr. C. Bell, seconded by Mr. Briscoe. A HANDSOME NUCLEUS. Mr. Joe. Lloyd said that for some time there had been a sum of money lying at the bank in his name, and towards that sum probably most of them in the room had subscribed. It was the surplus from a successful ploughing match of which Mr. Pratt was president, and Mr. Conwy Bell was vice president. The late Col. Hore, and Mr. Power, were treasurers some- how they were threatened with a lawsuit, and got frightened. They got him to take the money, and the lawsuit never came off. The money was still lying idle, and as it had been collected by farmers, he thought, it would be very appropriate to hand over the money, which amounted to jE45 to the Society towards the prizes. Mr. Briscoe proposed that they accept Mr. Lloyd's offer, if he would take the reponsi- bility. Mr. Roberts, Bodfari, seconded the motion. Mr. Jones; I helped to collect the money, and the idea is a good one. Mr. Williams, (Wern Dd.) said he was quite willing to fall in with the suggestion, but he thought they first of all should consult the Old Ploughing Match Committee who would have to decide. Mr. Jones, (Spring Gardens), I am one of them, and I don't object (laughter). Mr. Lloyd said it would cost 10s. in expenses to all the Committee together. Mr. Williams: We have no right to do this. Mr. Joseph Lloyd-. Its all right, the Society will fight the battle. Mr. Conwy Bell proposed that the meeting kindly request the Old Ploughing Society to allow them the money. It was only fair that the committee should meet and vote the money to the Society. lb was decided that Mr. Pratt and Mr. Bell •all a meeting of the committee together. I t Messrs R. W. W. Wynne, Conwy Bell, Joseph Lloyd, Briscoe, and R. E. Griffiths to be a committee tolinterview the com- mittee of the Abergele Agricultural Show; on Saturday evening at the Bee Hotel. The Chairman referring to Mr. Lloyds state- ment as to the show being held at Abergele next ytear, said it would be an actual impos- •ibility for the show to be held in the same of the county two years in succession. h« thought they would be able to assure Abergele people that when this end of the bounty was visited again, they would be very in the running (applause). He hoped ^■n their assistance that the St Asaph show be a grand success (applaroei meeting then terminated,





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