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DENBIGH. .r-+' Preaching mecting.The annual preaching services, in connection with the Wesleyans were held at Pendref chapel, on Sunday and Monday last. The officiating minister were the Rev. Hugh Hughes, Carnarvon, and W. O. Evans, Bethesda. An English service was held on Sunday afternoon, the Rev. W. Evans, preaching. Numerous congregations attended each service, the sermons delivered being most impressive. The Cricket Seaso?t.-We are informed that in order to meet the wishes of several players, the Vale of Clwyd Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club have this season changed their club day for lawn tennis from Thursday (the early closing day in Denbigh), to Tuesday in order that the ground may be available for cricket on the former day. The list of fixtures will show that several Thursday matches have already been arranged. A professional bowler has been engaged for the ensuing season. Death of Jfr. William Jones.—"We regret to have to anounce the death of Mr. William Jones, Clifton Terrace, and until recently of Frondeg, which happened on the 3rd inst, at the age of 78. Mr. Jones was a native of Garnedd, near Llangemiew, and spent the early part of his life at Hendre Llwyn-y- maen, one of the principal farmsinthe Parish of Llanfairtalhaiarn. He moved from there to Plas Isaf, Caerwys, were he resided for several years. Afterwards, he built Fron Deg, near this town, where he lived until within a few months ago. He was a faith- ful deacon with the Calvinistic Methodists at Fron, and previously at Caerwys. He never cared about being in the front, but he quietly did all he could for every good cause. He was a zealous Liberal, who on all occasions was prepared to show his col- ours. The funeral took place last Thursday at Eglwys Wen, ujder the Burials Act. He leaves one sister to mourn his loss, as well as a very large number of friends. 4 Pound night' and Concert.-On Thursday evening, the second pound night' was held at the Liberal Club, when a numerous com- pany assembled, and a plentiful supply of good things' were provided £ and enjoyed. In addition to the eating ceremony' the following programme was gone through:- Quartett, 'On the banks of Allan Water,' Messrs. T. C. Jones, Walter Roberts, E. Dryhurst Roberts and Robert G. Jones. Song, Mr. E. M. Jones (encored). Song, Mr. Eve Jones. Address by Mr. Gwyn Jones on the Cretan question. A resolution was also passed unanimously, condemning the powers for their action against Greece. Duett, Messrs. T. C.Jones and R. G. Jones (encored) Song by Mr. J. Meirion Jones (encored). Song by Mr., T. C. Jones (encored). Kicking away the Pami)te.-We understand that a number of young men and others in the town, have arranged a Comic Football Match i for next (Good) Friday morning, the gate money to be devoted to the Indian Famine Fund. We feel sure that lovers of football, and those who do not usually pat- ronise the game, will agree that the object to which the money will be devoted, is a most worthy one. The relief of our fellow subjects in India from the dreadful pangs of hungertis a duty imposed on every one of us, and we hope that the efforts made in this country and elsewhere, will materially reduce the ravages of the pestilence, and re- lieve the pangs of hunger. The comic match has been got up by Mr. H. E. Jones, Park Street. Mr. Caston's tniyention.-We feel certain that all classes in Denbigh will be glad to hear of the success of Major Casson, late manager of the North and South Wales i Bank of this town. Mr. Casson has designed an organ for the Church of St. Augustine, I Kilburn. The Middlessex Courier of the 2nd intit., gives the following account of the in- strument :—' Mr. Redhead (the organist) is down in the chancel among his choir, and cannot run up to the organ and down again at every change. The accompaniment is played on a small organ called the 'Posi- tive,' placed in the chancel aisle. This in- strument is the invention of our Brondes- bury neighbour, Mr. Thomas Casson, and is made by Mr. Andrew, at No. 15, High Road, so that in both invention and manufacture the instrument is local. The invention is a notable one, and is likely to supersede the harmonium and American organ for services in churches, chapels, or halls. Taking up no more space than an harmonium, it has, by a peculiar arrangement of stops, the power and effectiveness of an organ with two manuals and pedal. It has a keyboard of three octaves, but by drawing the Double Bass stop, a pedal range of pipes (16 ft. tone) is brought into play. Another stop, the Melodic Diapason, acting on the treble end of the keyboard, has the effect of sounding only the highest note struck when played alone, while when used in combination with other treble stops, it doubles the melody, thus fitted to lead with sureness any waver- ing congregation. Another special feature of the instruments is the Transposing Stop, which enables the player to transpose to a lower key, to suit the convenience of timid worshippers or men who cannot reach the top notes of many a tune. Thus a tune set in the key of E can, by the drawing of a stop, be at once playid, in the key of C, or in any of the intervening keys. Those three


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