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WELSH INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS AND THE QUEEN'S REIGN. At a meeting of the Llandudno County Schools Governing Body on Friday evening, Mr. Allanson Picton (chairman) presiding, some discussion took place with reference to erecting new buildings in celebration of the Queen's reign. Mr. Owen Owen, M.A., of the Welsh Cen- tral Board, who had been inspecting the schools during the day, said there were too many intermediate schools, like that at Llandudno, in temporary premises, and it was very desirable to see new buildings erected throughout the land. The present year was to be an historic one in the country, and he could not see any better way of cele- brating the sixtieth year of the Queen's reign than by commencing to build schools where temporary premises were at present utilised. This remark applied especially to Wales. Of course he was not aware of what was really desired by the people of Llan- dudno, but it was generally felt that the sooner permanent buildings were erected in every district the sooner they would be en- tering upon a straight course which would no doubt crown the schools with success (hear, hear). Mr. J. Owen said there was a great deal of misapprehension as to the quality of the work done in the intermediate schools, many Llandudno people regarding them as no better than higher grade elementary schools. A word from Mr. Owen would do much to correct that erroneous idea. Mr. O. Owen replied that his examination of the Denbighshire schools last year led him to form a very high opinion as to the standard attained. It was very unfair to estimate the future of a system which was at present in its infancy. He predicted that no better work would be done outside the Universities. The Chairman, alluding to the local sug- gestions for celebrating the Queen's reign, said that the Prince of Wales had expressed an opinion most emphatically in favour of works of public utility. He (the chairman) entirely approved of the erection of inter- mediate schools in that town, but was afraid the weakness of nature would tend more in the direction of a recreation ground. Mr. J. Owen: I think the district nurse fund will be more dangerous. The Chairman I thought the county was taking that up. The Rector: But they think of having a local nurse here. The Chairman: We have one already at Penmaenmawr. Mr. Darbishire: And so have we at Llan- fairfechan. Every respectable place has one (laughter). It transpired that about R860 more were required to build, and the Rector observed that this would not be subscribed in connec- tion with the celebration unless Conway and Penmaenmawr joined in. Mr. J. Owen said that was what should be done- Mr. Darbishire: The Queen has been allowed to amass a considerable fortune during her sixty years' reign. I think it should be suggested that Her Majesty dis- tribute some of that fortune. The Prince of Wales might induce her to distribute some in Wales. This would be a precedent that would give great satisfaction to the Qteen's subjects. The Chairman (asked if the Carnarvon- shire schemes was to be modified, so that more money could be given to building funds. Mr. O. Owen replied that Carnarvonshire, being the first county to start the schools, the contributions from local taxation were not so large as in counties where a start was made at a later period. Mr. Darbishire said that at Bethesda Lord Penrhyngave a site; Mr. Assheton Smith, at Llanberis; and he believed Lord Denbigh at Flint. The Chairman: These precedents should be mentioned to Lord Mostyn. The Rector moved That the Local Go- verning Body earnestly hoped that the pro- ject of erecting permanent buildings for the Llandudno County Schools as a fitting me- morial of a reign which has been made specially glorious by the spread of educa- tion, would find, favour with the Local Jubi- lee Celebration Committee.' Mr. Darbisbire seconded, and it was car- ried. | "T^l* T On the motien of Mr. Elias Jones it was further resolved that the clerk (Mr. J. J. Marks) write to Lord Mostyn conveying the earnest desire of the Committee that his Lordship will assist them by either giving a site or selling one at the lowest price pos- sible.

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