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'¡'" FASHIONABLE | SUMMER NOVELTIES. 20 & 34, HIGH STREET & TEMPLE BAR, DENBIGH. T. J. WILLIAMS, Just returned from London, has the honour of inviting his Customers' attention to the Latest prevailing Styles in LADIES' CAPES, MANTLES, JACKETS, BOLEROS, VISITES, TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES, FRENCH & ENGLISH MILLINERY, Dress Fabrics, Silks, Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, &c. For the SPRING and SUMMER SEASONS. DRESSMAKING Under HIGH CLASS SUPERVISION. TAILORING: New Assortment of Woollens, consisting of Splendid Selection? of Suitings, Trouserings, Covert Coatings, Coatings, &c. In the Tailoring Department, perfect satisfaction as to Fit and Style ensured. Boys', Youths', and Men's Ready-made Clothing, Of the Newest Materials and Latest Designs. AN EARLY VISIT OF INSPECTION SOLICITED. -u- T. J. WILLIAMS, DENBIGH. HUGH WILLIAMS, TAILOR AND DRAPER, CHAPEL PLACE, DENBIGH. Begs to inform the public generally that he has on view an excellent ASSORTMENT OF NEW GOODS of the latest design, and of the best quality that money can procure. LIVERIES of every description execut on the shortest notice. G3 c- -A Riding Breeches, a Speciality. W.W. being a practical Tailor and Cutter (holder of a Diploma) and having a staff of experienced work- men fit and style is guaranteed, consistent with MODERATE CHARGES. A TRIAL ORDER RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. I f rnp ET Q Balm ° Gilead fu VJL LL\J IIVJI LI O GEORGE'S PILLS i mi." "They are more than Gold to me-they saved my life." 'One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results." r PILE & GRAVEL Many of my customers have been cured who have suffered for twenty years." The three forms of this Remedy:— No. 1.—George's Pile and Gravel Pills I I 1 0 Ho, 2.- George's Gravel Pills r | | | No. 3.—George's Pills for the Piles. In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each; by post, Is. 3d. and 3s. 2 Proprietor :-J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P,S., Hirwain, Glam. CAIBEIAN CELEBRATED IINEEAL WATERS, RUTHIN. YJPBISBK fi MANUFACTURED BY THE RUTHIN SODA WATER CO., LD. UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL. By Dr. C. B. FRANCIS, late Principal of the Medical College in Calcutta-an entire stranger to the Company See The Indian Magazine, September, 1888, 'On the best mode of preserving health in India,' page 487: Among the BEST SODA WATER SOLD is that supplied by the Ruthin Soda Water Company—the Wate heiag obtained from an Artesian Spring in the Vale of Clwyd, North Wales. Ask for the "CAMBRIAN WATERS." ODA WATER. LITHIA WATER. LEMONADE. GINGER BEER. ELTZER WATER. AERATED WATER. GINGER ALE. BREWED do eTASS WATER. QUININE TONIC. ZOLAKONE. LIME JUICE, &c. Cambrian Hop Bitters, from best Kentish Hops, By New Process. Goods forwarded free to all Railway Stations in Great Britain. Price List, Testimonials, and Report of Analysis, post free on applicatioa Address—Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales. A WELSH AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY: The National Dictionary of the Welsh Language, With English and Welsh equivalents. By W. OWKN PUGHE, D.C.L., F.A.S. Third edition, enlarged, by R. J. PBY8E With an Engraving of Dr. PUGHE. 2 vols., in boards, price £ 1 10s, 0D.; half calf, £ 115«. 0D. Bud full wjf, Cl 17s. 6d. MELODIES FOR THE SANCTUARY & FAMILY. A collection of 825 Ancien and Modern Psalm and Hymn Tunes, &c., &c., with English and Welsh words. In which there are as many 410 WELSH TUNES. The second and enlarged edition:—in the OLD NOTA- ON, price 4s. 6d. in boards. The SOL-FA Edition, price 3s. 6d. in boards. AN ENGLISH AND WELSH DICTIONARY Wherein not only the Words, but also the Idioms and Phraseology of the English Language are careful translated into Welsh, by proper and equivalent Words and Phrases. To which is added, a Dissertationon the Welsh Language, with remarks on its Poetry, &c. By the Rev. JOHN WALTERS. In 2 vols., 1 108.0d, boards. -.0 ANCIENT AND MODERN DENBIGH. Descriptive Histories of the Castle, Itor gh, and Liberties with sketches of the lives and exploits of the Feudal Lords and Military Governors of the fortress to*its final siege, &c. By JOHN WILLIAMS. Price 5S. in BOFTRDB. DENBIGH, AND DENBIGH CASTLEPrice 6D. AN ENGLISH AND WELSH Adapted to the present state of Science and Literature; in which the English Words arekileduced from their ieinals, and explained by their ynonyms in the Welsh Language. By the Rev. D. SILVAN EVANS. In 2 vols., in boards, price £ 2; half calf, £ 2 5s. Qd.; and full calf, £ 2 7s. 6d. THE ENGLISH-WELSH HANDBOOK, AND VOCABULARY. By Rev. T. LL. PHILLIPS, B.A. Price 18. 6d.in boards. BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. Tfcetr Constitution, Duties, &c. Compiled for the use of Guardians, in Wales and Monmouths hire, by J U^BMOHAM, General Inspector Local Government Board. Price 3d. May be had in English or Welsh. f 1 ":q.; T. GE1 AND SON, rUBLls.nE)D:E)r:1:n ¡




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