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]: '=' MERIONETH CONGREGATIONAL ASSEMBLY. IMPORTANT RESOLUTIONS. ON Wednesday and Thursday the Quarterly Association of the Merionethshire Con- gregational Union was held at Dinas Maw- ddwy. The business conferences were presided over by-the Rev. T. T. Phillips (Bala). On the motion of the Rev J. Walters (Brithdir), a letter was voted commending the Rev. O. V. Jones (Dolgelley) to the Den- bighshire Union on his leaving to become the pastor of Bettws church, Abergele. Mr. J. Parry (Bala), was appointed to re- present the Union on the Board of the Di- rectors of the London Missionary Society. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. L. J. Davies (Llanuwchllyn), a reso- lution was unanimously passed expressing a deep sense of the loss which the denomi- nation has sustained through the death of Principal Herber Evans, and sympathising with the members of the family in theii sorrow and bereavement.' The Secretary (the Rev. J. Pritchard, Cynwyd), read a letter from the Committee of the Canieclydd Cynnvlleidfaol,' stating that steps were being taken to bring out a Sunday school hymn and tune book. On the motion of the Rev. R. T. Phillips (Festiniog), seconded by Mr. W. T. Rowlands (Tan-y-coed), the report of the Hymnal Com- mittee was adopted. A letter was read transferring the Rev. J. M. Williams from the Glamorganshire Union, and he was cordially received a member upon his settlement as pastor of the church at Towyn. The secretary presented the report of the centenary collections made ia connection with the Union towards the London Missionary So. ciety. The total of the collections amounted t to 9565. The Festiniog churches had collected L300, and the churches at Bala and Dolgelley over £ 209. On the motion of the Rev. J. Walters (Brith- dir), seconded by the Rev. R. E. Davies (Dinas Mawddwy), the following resolution was unani- mously passed:—'That this conference desires to express its profound sympathy with the Cretans in their attempt to free themselves from the tyrannical rule of the Turk, and trusts that they may secure perfect liberty. It protests I' most emphatically against the use of the British fleet and forces to coerce these people, and greatly admires the noble and gallant King of Greece in his efforts to obtain liberty for the I Cretans; and order that copies of this resolu- tion be forwarded to Lord Salisbury, Sir W. Harcourt, and Mr. Ellis, M.P.' ¡ Mr. L. J. Davies (Llanuwchllyn), proposed, and the Rev. J. Walters seconded, the follow. ing resolution, which was unanimously car- ried:—'That this meeting most emphatically protests against the Education Bill recently passed through the House of Commons, inas- much as it further endows sectarian schools, without giving the ratepayers a voice in their control, and it considers that no measure brought forward to aid the Board Schools will meet with the approval of the Nonconformists, nor will it be fair, unless it extends to them the same financial benefit as that granted to the Denominational Schools, and it calls upon the Government to bring forward at an early date the promised bill by which it is hoped all Elementary Schools, whether Board or Volun- tary, shall be treated alike, and that copies of this resolution be sent to Mr. Balfour, Sir J. Gorst, and Mr. Ellis.' It was decided to hold the next Association in connection with the annual preaching Cymmanfa at Towyn, on the 16th and 17th of June. Special sermons were preached at the public services by the Revs. G. Thomas, Artheg; J, Walters, Brithdir; O. V. Jones, Dolgelley; J. M, Williams, Towyn R. T. Phillips, Festiniog W. Perkins, Pennal; G. Roberts, LJanegryn; J. Pritchard, Cynwyd; H. W. Parry, AberUefeni; and T. T. Phillips, Bala.

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