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BALA. SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS. Mr. W. Rogers Jones, son of Mr. Edward Jones relieving officer, has gained the silver medal as the first in his class in the examination in Materia Medica and Therapeutics at the school of Medicine and Surgeons' Hall, Edin- burgh, under Dr. Craig. This is an undispu- table proof of the ability and cleverness of Mr. Rogers Jones, and reflects great credit upon him and upon Dr. Williams, Tawelfan, with whom he studied previously to his going to Edinburgh. BALA CYCLING CLUB. The first meeting of this club was held on Monday evening, to inaugurate the club for the present year. The following appointments were made. President, J. C. Evans, Esq., County School: vice-president, Dr. Williams, Tawelfor, and William Owen, Esq., Lien Hotel. Captain, Mr. G. E. Roberts, Meirion House; vice-captain, Mr. W. E. Roberts, High Street: bugler, Mr. W. J. Evans, treasurer, J. Hurl- burt, Esq., N. and P. Bank; hon. secretary, Mr. T. R. Dakin, Girton House. The fees for admission were fixed as follows:—hon members, 5s., ordinary members, Is. 6d. It was resolved to invite ladies to join the club this season and several were admitted that evening. Dr. Wil- liams generously offered a prize for good at. tendance at the Club runs. It is anticipated that the club roll will be greatly augmented this season, in view of the fact, that an unusual, number of ladies and gentlemen take an active interest in the pastime. ACCIDENTS. On Saturday morning, as Thomas Roberts, Castle Street, was returning from Llanuwch- llyn with the mail car, the horse tripped near Cerrigllwydion, and the driver was thrown out, sustaining severe injuries. He was brought home, and we are glad to learn that under the care of Dr. Peters, he is making satisfactory progress towards recovery. In the afternoon of the same day, as a ser- vant man at Llwynrodyn was returning from Bala market in charge of a horse and cart, and was passing under a railway bridge near Bala, the horse took fright, it is conjectured by hear- ing the train passing overhead. The man, in trying to restrain the horse, somehow or other, fell under the wheels of the cart, sustaining a fracture of the collar bone and interval injuries. He was taken to Dr. Williams' surgery where his wounds were dressed, aud then conveyed to the house of Mr. Evan Williants, coach builder. We are glad to learn that he is progressing favourably. DINNER AND SMOKING CONCERT. On Thursday evening last at the Plas Coch Hotel Bala, the Bala Football Club, and a num. ber of gentlemen interested in the game, sat down to a dinner which had been provided at the above hotel by Mr. W. Owen proprietor. After doing justice to the sumptuous meal, the tables were cleared, and a smoking concertjwas held, under the presidency of Dr. Williams. The following programme was gone through :—Ad- dress by the chairman, in which he alluded in a masterly style to the various sports and pas. times, especially advocating Football and Cy cling. Song, by Mr. T. J. Roberta. Toast, The Queen and Royal Families, by the chair- man. Toast, 4 The Football Club,' proposed by J. Russell, Esq., and responded to by Messrs. W. E. Roberts (captain), and J. T. Jones. It had been arranged that farther re- marks should be given on the subject by Messrs T. R. Dakin and W. J. Evans, but pressure of time prevented their expressing themselves. Toast, 'The Cricket Club,' proposed by J. Hurl. burt, Esq., and responded to by R. White Jones, Esq. Toast, ,Hockey, proposed by A. L. Turner, EII. Song, Polly on a gee-gee- gee,' by Mr. W. E. Roberts, in his usual comic form. Violin Solo, by A. L, Turner, Esq. Song, by R. White Jones, Esq., 'The Lowther Argade.' Toast, Tlpe ladies,' proposed by D. G. Lewis, Esq., solicitor, and responded to by another gentleman. Song, by Mr: E. J. Theo- dore. Violin solo, by A. L. Turner, Esq. Song, by Mr, W. R. Jones. Toasts to Cycling' and other pastimes were intended to be proposed, but time, unfortunately, did not permit. A vote of thanks was unanimously accorded to the chairman, and the vice-chairman, Mr. Hurl- hurt, who took the chair in the absence of the doctor, and a most successful and enthusiatie meeting was concluded with the singing of the Welsh Anthem 4 Hen Wlad fy Nhadau.' THE CRETAN QUESTION. On Thursday last, a public meeting was held at the County Hail, Bala, Dr. Hughes, occupy- ing the chair. Resolutions were unanimously passed, deeply sympathising with the oppressed Cretans, and strongly protesting against any action heing taken by England to coerce them or their defenders—the Greeks. It was decided that a copy of the resolutions should be for- warded to Lord Salisbury, Sir William Har- court, and T. E. Ellis, Esq., M.P. The meet- ing was very largely attended. C.M. CHAPEL CHILDREN'S MEETING I (SEIAT BACH). On Tuesday last, at the terminaton of the winter meetings, Dr. Hughes, of Bala, kindly treated the children attending the above, to a splendid tea A large number of ladies of the denomination kindly waited at the tables. The tea was followed by a miscellaneous meeting, conducted by the Pastor in which the children took a prominent part. A cordial vote of 1, thanks was passed to the donor for his kindness. FOOTBALL MATCHES. Thursday, March 25th, Bala Thursday Foot- ball Club. Single v. married. Kick off 2 30. A pleasant game ended with the score, Single, 3. Married, nil. Bala Thursday v. Bala County School. The return match between the above teams was played on the above date on the Thursday's ground in splendid weather, the initial meeting having ended in a draw, 2 goals each. The following were the teams to to line up at 3 45. County School :-Goal, J. Roberts; right back, Davies; left back, Hughes; half backs, E. J Hughes, Davies, Bodden; right wing, Birtie Porriken Edwards, Rees Morris (capt); left wing, J. D. Jones, Burton. Bala Thursday. Left wing, D. Ll. Jones, W. Roberts (captain), J. P. Jones; right wing, Ivor Evans, R. E. Davies; half backs, J. R. Dakin, T. J. Roberts, E. J. Cooke; left back, D. Hughes: right back, H. M. Williams, goal, H. Humphrey Rees Morris being suc- cessful in the spin of the coin, the Thursday started against the wing. Play at the start was very even, each end being visited in turn. From a c >rn*r kick taken by W. E. Roberts, Ivor Evans scored for Thursday. Nothing further being scored, the teams crossed over with the score Thursday, 1. County School, nil. On resumption several well directed shots by the Thurdsay forwards, were well saved by J. Roberts, the School's goalkeeper however, from a centre, W. Roberts scored a second for Thursday, who afterwards slowed down from the effec.s of the previous game. Towards the finish, the School had one or two attempts, but the opposing defence prevailed, and the score was left Thursday, 2. County School, 0. For the winners, the goalkeeper played well. Of the backs, H. M. Williams, was the better of the two, but D. Hughes played a good game Of the halves, T. J. Roberts, as uaual played ex- cellently, whilst Dakin and Cooke tackled well Of the forwards, D. Ll. Jones, played an improved game, the other forwards playing their usual game. The losers played a good game on the whole.


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