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PETTY SESSIONS. TUKSDAV. Before Dr. Girdlestoae (in the chair), Messrs. Sa.mael Perks, J. T. Strachan, John Foulkes, and W, T. P. Storey. DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT OF TWO STRANGERS. John Jones, Haiendy, Mostyn, and Thomas Oavies, 11 Camden Street, Birkenhead, were brought op in custody, charged with being drunk and disorderly in Kinmel Street, on Monday. Both pleaded guilty. Sergeant Mo'Walters said he saw the two prisoners drunk and fighting in Kinmel Street, on Monday afternoon and he locked them up Jones was very disorderly, and tore up his clothes and he (witness) had to supply him with a' pair of trousers to appear in court that morning. A fine of os., and 5s, 6d. costs, was inflicted in each case, or in default seven days' imprison- ment. The fine was paid on behalf of Davies, and Jones was removed in custody. SCHOOL CASES. As INCORRIGIBLE LAD SENT TO AN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. Mr. Charles Grimsley, clerk to the St. Asaph 1 School Attendance Committee, applied for an order to send the son of Margaret Roberts, Yie- toria Road, a lad 11 years of age, to the Chester Industrial School. Mr. C. Grimsley said that an order had been made at that court against Mra. Roberts, on the 10th of August last, to send the boy to school. On the 22nd of the same month, the order was served on the mother but the boy had not attended school at all since. Mr. William Parry, school attendance officer, proved the service of order, and the non atten- dance of the lad at school. The mother said she could not get the lad to attend school. She had carried him there on several occaaionf, and as soon as she was gone, he ran out; and the mistress said she would not have him in school. An order was made to send the boy to the In- dustrial School until he attained the age of 16. Daring the hearing ot the case, it transpired that the mother had been fined three times in re- spect of this lad; and the inspector said she was sent to prison on the first occasion in default. The second time she paid; but the third penalty still remained unpaid. She said she could pay the amount, and she was allowed a week's time to get the money. Margaret Roberts, the defendant in the above case, was further summoned for neglecting to send mother son, John, aged 12, to school. Mr. William Parry, the attendance officer, said that during the three months ending February, the boy had only attended school eight times out of a possible 103. He was not in school on the 26th of February, the date to which the charge referred ad he (the witness) bad found that he was out leading a blind man about the country. Defendant admitted this but said the boy at- tended school three days a week, and went with the blind man on the other days. The mother was cautioned, and fined Is., and 2s. cost. John Ellis, Boston Place, was summoned for neglecting to send his son, Thomas, to school, and was represented by his wife. The attendance officer said that the lad was ten years of age, and only attended school four times 411t of a possible 84. The mother used to send the boy out about the town to beg and sell chips. The mother denied sending the lad out to beg. She sent him to eell chips, as she had five children to maintain and nothing coming in. A penalty of four shillings, including costs, was inflicted. Ivor Williams, Ernest street, was fined three shillings for neglecting to send his son, William Ivor Williams, to school. The attendances were only 39 out of a possible 110. TEMPORARY AUTHORITY Was granted to R. H. Ashworth, late of Ac- ortngton, to sell intoxicants at the Brittannia Inn, 9a the application of Mr. J. Pierce Lewis. YOUNG THIEVES LENIENTLY TREATED. William Henry Jones, Victoria Road, and Ed- ward Davies, Vale Road, came nf for sentence, on the charge of stealing a bullock's hide, the pro perty of Mr. William J ones, Pen.y-bryn, Rhudd- laD, under circumstances already reported in these ^SH^han (who presided at the court when the charge WM heard), said the magistrates were disposed to deal leniently with the accused, but trusted this would be a warning to them. They weald be let off now on the payment of the costs, 12b. 6d. each, and woald be bound over to be of good behaviour for three months. ANOTHER CASE OF SUNDAY DRUNKENNESS. James Berrie, cattle drover, was fined 2a. 6d. aDd costs, for being drunk in Wellington Road, 08 Sunday last, as proved by Sergt. Mc.Waltel'.





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