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THE DATE OF THE SHOW. The first business was to consider the advis- ability of altering the date of the show. At the last meeting of the committee, it was decided to hold the show at St. Asaph, on Thursday, the 5th of August; but, subsequently, Mr. Frank Lloyd wrote pointing out that his horse sale would be held on the same day at Wrex-i ham. The sale was a business fixture, and had been already extensively advertised. He could not, therefore, alter the fixture in favour of the show Mr. Lloyd's letter having been read, The Chairman said they need not consider for a moment whether their show would hurt Mr. Lloyd's sale, but whether Mr. Lloyd's sale would hurt the show, by preventing the busi- ness people of Wrexham from attending. Mr. Thomas Roberts suggested that the show should be held during the second week in August. The Chairman pointed out that grouse shoot- ing would have then commenced, and would, probably, keep large parties of the gentry away. The Chairman asked whether it was wise to change the date. The judges had been written to, ant1 had accepted, with one exception, and kie was only a reserve man. Mr. Briscoe thought it would not be wise to I, fix it after the 12th of August, because all the country houses would he filled with shooting I parties, and this would affect the gate con*] eider&kly. 1 Mr. Story was of opinion that the date origi- nally fixed should be adhered to. Mr Byford proposed that it be altered to Friday, the 30th of July. Mr. Pennant seconded. It was here pointed out that Mr. Frank Lloyd's St. Asaph sale would be held on the, 291ih but the members present did not feel that this would aifect the success of the show. Mr. Thomas Roberts said that, if Mr. Lloyd would allow the committee the use of his sale yard at St. Asaph for the exhibit of sheep, it would save a good slice of the jE32 paid for fixing up the show yard. It was ultimately decided to hold the show on the 30th, provided satisfactory arrangements can be entered into with Mr. Lloyd as to the use of his sale yard. The meeting was them conducted in private to consider the question of the rules and their bearing, in their altered form, on the work of the secretary. At the conclusion of the meeting, our representative was informed that the secretary (Mr. Frank Beliis) had sent in his resignation.


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