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THE DENBIGH PROVIDENT BENEFIT SOCIETY. ANNUAL MEETING.' THE annual meeting of the above society was held last Saturday evening at the Coun- cil Chamber, Town Hall. Mr. E. A. Tur- nour, one of the trustees, presided, and the attendance included Dr Hughes, Messrs. William Roberts (Beacon's Hill), secretary Abel Anwyl, treasurer, W. Roberts, Park Street; J. Parry Jones (Baner Office); R. G. Jones, W. Robert (Castle Keeper), J. Ro- binson, W Thornton, H D. Roberts, James Hughes, J. L1. Williams,and others. The minutes having been read and signed, the secretary read the following letters of apology:- Gwyn-fryn, Denbigh. 26th March, 1897. Dear Sir, I regret very much being unable to attend the Annual Meeting of the Provident Benefit Society tomorrow evening. I will thank you to explain my absence to the Chairman I am as confident now of the soundness of the basis on which the society was founded, as I was when it was established thirty years ago. Yours faithfully, T. Gold Edwards, Mr. William Roberts. Denbigh. March 26th, 1897. Dear Sir, I regret very much not t. be able to attend the Annual Meeting of the Denbigh Provident Society. I iniended to be present and to ask two or three questions on the accounts. I do not quite understand why the treasurer should keep so much money in his hands-perhaps there may be some good explanation of this, hub it appears to me on the face of it to be rather much. I should also lilce to have explained what the item paid to bank' 935 Os. 7d. includes. It comel in the payments. I hope it is quite understood that I find no fanlt at all with the way the accounts are kept or with the treasurer having 1i0 much in hand, but I think it is a matter for explanation, and if it is found on examination to be inexpedient that the treasurer should have a less,sum in hand then I give way on the point. I think it should be inquired into. Wishing the society every success in the future. I am Yours faithfully, J. P. Lewis. Mr. William Roberts. The Chairman said that he was expected to make a speech, but he was sorry that the duty did not fall on somebody else. He also regretted that there were not more present. He believed in that society, but he did not think that he could say anything better than that trusted friend of the society, Mr. Gold Edwards, had said in the letter that had just been read-that he was as confident in the principles upon which the society was based now, as he was 38 years ago, when it was founded (cheers). The Balanee Sheet was then taken as read, it having been distributed to all the members: The receipts were as follows-- Balance in treasurers hands at the begin- ning of the year, £ 56 15s. Monthly subsrip- tions, £ 152 17s. One year's interest £ 14. Rules, &c. 2s. 3d. Honorary members sub- scriptions E15 17s. 6d. The payments in- cluded Xio to the members own Sick Fund; £13 12s. to the Club Sick Fund; S57 14s. 6d, withdrawals £37 15s. 7d, doctors bill; £12, secretary's salary: L6, treasurers salary R2 8s. Id. miscellaneous; X35 paid into bank, and X65 Is. 7d. remaining in the trea- surer's hands. The Assets of the Society were put down at X898 4s. 8d., with no liabili- ties. The accounts had been audited by Messrs. Ellis Williams and W. James. Mr. Abel A,,iwyl, referring to Mr. Lewis's letter said:—As to the reference made in the letter in connection with me, I should explain that the sum of S37 5s. was received from Trefnant and Henllan at the end of the year, which accounts for the balance being X65 Is. 7d., and that since then on the 8th February this year, I have paid the sum of S30 to the Post Office Savings Bank. As the club is continally increasing, and the demands becoming heavier—in sick pay- ments and withdrawals—I think that you will admit that the sum in my hand, after deducting the £ 37 5s. referred to-viz-X27 16s. 7d. was not more than you reasonable expect in the treasurer's hands to meet the claims made on him continually by the members of the Society. I have occasion- ally to pay as much as £10 and X18 at once, in withdrawals. Mr. W. Roberts (Park Street), moved a, vote of thanks to the Honorary members, and the Honorary Auditors, and in doing so, referred in eulogistic terms to the late Dr. Turnour, and the interest he took in that society.. Mr. J. Parry Jones seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. The Chairman said that he felt that they were under a deep debt of gratitude to the auditors. He had seen the figures, and every item had been ticked, showing how careful they did their work (hear, hear). On the motion of Mr. W. Roberts (Castle), seconded by Mr. H. D. Roberts, Messrs. Williams and James were re-elected audi- tors. The following letter was received from the Actuary X rYlendly Societies dated from the Central Office, 9th March, 1897. ■"■■■» ■« — .íIiL- Sir, Denbigh Provident Sentfit Society. As it ap- pears from the roles that a ralnation return would be more or less inapplicable to bhis So- ciety's operations, snob retara as for the five years ending 31st December, 1896 will not be insisted upon. Your obedient servant, W. Sutton, Actuary. Mr. W. Robert*. Dr. Hughes alloded te the fact that the honorary snbscriptiens were just equal to the sick pay. A vote of thanks to ihe Chairman, pro- posed by Mr. J. LI. Williams, and seconded by Dr. Hughes, terminated the the meet- ing.


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