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CARNARVONSHIRE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION. ANGLICAN AND PAPAL ATTACKS UPON WALES. On Wednesday and Thursday, the quar terly association of the Carnarvon Baptists was held-at Talysarn, near Carnarvon. The Hov. D. Davies (Llandudno) presided over the Conference. The first, annual report of the forward movement of the Baptist Home Missionary Society for Wale,5, was presented by the secretary (the Rev. S. P. Edwards, Pwllheli). The report stated that 'the demands for earnest efforts on behalf of the truth were never more pressing than in these days We cannot be blind to the fact tha,t priestcraft is asserting itself, and that Popish errors are spreading m our land. An open and undisguised effort is being made to win Wales to the Popish fold. We cannot afford to ignore these things. The influence of the Anglican Church is great, especially in rural districts, whei strong efforts are made to ftWft- n N'onpnnfnrmit.n nntr of the land [. "I"I.J,. "J V' v "1. Pharaoh's plan to destroy the Israelites was to kill the children. The device adopted by the to destroy Nonconformity is to poison the minds of the children and turn the elementary. schools into proselytising machines. What is the object of the Go- 1 vernment Education Bill of this year? It is nothing less than 'a fiery dart of the wicked,' aimed at the very life of Noncon- formity. Let us not be blind to what is going on •>round us. We should arise to our duties, reorganise our ranks, and strengthen our position, so tha we shall not be asha- med when we speak with the enemies in the gate.' know that- Nonconformity in our villages and country towns is looked upon by Anglicans as a superfluity—something that is not wanted; but we know equally well what would, happen to oLlr. country if it were left to the State Church;_it would sink, as formerly, into a state of ignorance an superstition. It is Nonconformity that has saved our country. Let us, then, endeavour to hold forth the light of truth in every town and hamlet throughout the laJJ.' The Com- mIttee nave viewed the condition of things in the different VvTelsh counties, and the fol J lowing figures a,re included in the report for the consideration of the churches :Angle- sear Baptist churches, 36; members, 2,117 1 (one in every 24 of the population). Carnar- vonshire churches, 37 members, 2,539 (one in every 46 of the population). Merioneth shire churches, 21 members, 1,213 (one in every 40 of the ponulation). De.i churches, 50; members. 3,E)85 (one in every 1 32 of the pop-ulatiod). Flintshire churches, 23; members, 747 (one In every 103 of the population). rr.eryshire cisurches, 22 met! b ;iri, ,J,175 (ove in every 39 of the 11(pulah, i.Tshi/o;; charchtg. 25; t _jr>trbcis, f:' i" 10 oib ia.pQim- I (;Y-Hf lation), CardieanshistJ: chuTches, 92; mem bers, 2,190 (one in 28 of the /■>>■h tion). ohnrcl 77 J memberft, 14,250 (onf 1 every Riba <• » population). members, 10,924 .-s; population). GM 257: members, 41,37; ■» Niifv;. i6 t the popul, tion). Bit o t. 10: 36; members, 3,402 1 every 23 of the popu- lation). MonmouG'S1 !.» chur.-] p. 107: members 14,858 (one every s'xl" » !)t the population)- On the motion of Dr. Owen Davies (Car- narvon), a resolution w3.s unanicSunaly pas- sad .protesting a>jh the Education Bill, and pomtmg out the injustice it Mtould m- flict upon Oil the motion of the Rev E. Evans (Ban- gor), a resolution sis corned g< eo! 1v re- gretting the disayreH which ad'en between employer "nd employed i '*o np" tion with the Penrh >slate qu.vtr., expres- sing s iiip thy with the men, ai a *o mien ding to the attention or ''ha churche- the Association the steps taken to the men, trusting they will show their pr?cfical 1 sympathy with them by making r 'ions towards the relief fund.' The attention of the A soci t was I called to the announcement that Welsh Baptist Chapel' was advertised t be sold by auction at Llandudno. It was od that the said chapel had never been "ected with any of the regular Baptist churches at Llandudno, nor with any a lunation connected with the Baptist deno -■.motion', and it was decided to give publicto this fact. Special sermons were deKvpre a.t the public services by the Revs. S. Pieree (Pen- rhyndeudraeth), Dr. Owe* Davies, asd other ministers of the Association