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THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN Pianoforte & Music Company, ROCHOALE HOUSE, HIGH STREET, RHYL (Opposite the Gelum Poat Office). Pianos, American Organs, Har- monims, By BR1NSMEAD, BISHOP, and other leading Makers. Liberal Disco-ant for Gush,, «r easy terms of mew- INSTRUMENTS LET ONHIRE. Violins, Mandolines, Banjos, Melodeons, Auto Harps, Musical Boxes, &c., In gemi variety. FUNINGS & REPAIES loy Experienced Man. (Late with Broadwood & Son). GEEENHALGH A GEARY, Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, RHYL. Valuations for Probate, Mortgages I arranged FREE ADVERTISING. PROPERTIES FOR SAL# Oft TO BK LET.- I. Property-owners and oi&Mrs desirous of dispos- ing of Property, Businesses, A* by private treaty are invited to send full particular* t» the undermen- tioned for insertion (free of charge) in the NORTH WALES FREE PROPERTY RBGISTAR," pub- lished moathly, having an exfce*aive circulation, and heing the only free advertising medium pf its kind in the district. Intending purchasers and tenants should I send for a copy of the Register, which will be forwar- ded, post free, on application to the Proprietors and I Publishers Messrs. Greenhalgh iad Geary, Auction- eers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, RhyL -A_ No. 8, East Parade, Rhyl. MR. FRANCIS GEARY ho* been fcwwired with instructions from Mrs. Osltorne-Kiroy (who is leaving Rhyl) to Sell by Auction on the above premi- ses, on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 13th & 14th, 1897, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & Effects, comprising the Contents of "5 HnWtaining Rooms, 9 Bedrooms, Kitchens, &e. Sale to commence each day at 1 o'clock prompt. < m view Monday, Monday, April 12th, from 12 to 4, and Mornings of Sale. Admission by Catalogue only, to be obtained from the Auefeiometr. THE HOUSE TO LET.—Apply to the Auctioneer, Market Street, RhyL Auction Sales by Mr.T.C.Amos. -r_ 31, Water Street, Rhyl. Early in APRIL. 7, Brighton Terrace, Rhyl. Second Week ia April. Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricul- tural Society. APPLICATIONS for tke «Soe of SECRETARY may be sent to tke aadersigned, on or before April21st next. Salary,,964 per annum, and £10 for travelling expenses, except wkc* the Show is held in the town in which the Secretary resides. Canvas- sing will be considered a disquoliif(mti(a. R. W. WILLIAMS WYNN, Clao-yn-V,da, St. Asaph. TO BE LET or SOLD. No. 12,16,18 & 20, BEEOHWOOD ROAD, RHYL. "VTEWLY completed, witk every convenience; 3 -131 Entertaining Rooms, 6 Sedrooats, good Kitchens I'antry, Gardens, &c.; Gas aild Biectrio Bells in each Room. Hot Water in Scuilwjr pi Balk Room. Apply to W. T. SIUOOOK, Architect and Surveyor, 7, River Street, RhyL TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. FREEHOLD COTTAGES, well Wanted, in good repair, and with good Garieas attached, situate at Bodfari. Apply to Mr. ANBWSIW ETAMS, Solicitor, Den- bigh. SILVER CUP for a SONG. Under the distinguioltea Patronage of His Worship the Mayor (Y. MELLARD, Esq.). A Novel Musical Competition WILL its BBLD AT THE DRILL HALL, DENBIGH, On FRIDAY Evening, April 23rd, 1897 WMVf 4 GRAND SILVER CUP Will be ftwwie# f Por the best rendering of any Song (Comic Songs excepted). Tho Winner will be tfc& one who will receive the fittest number of Vote* £ nm Front Seats Ticket '•Mere, to whom Tofciag Ft^era will be give a. A Diamond Jubilee Medal Will be presented ky the iNEAyojtEBS (Mrs. MELLARD). to every Omapetiter. Other Attractions will be provided. "roe,eeds in Aid of the Wea (W.) Chapel Building oj%ttie8 to be made o* or before April 14th, to the ^sretary, JOSEPH ROSSBCS, Colomendy Villas, olao avpftf all further particulars. TijT^nission: —Front Beats. 2t; Second do., Is.; rt*0"'61 ? *■ open at 7 p. ■»., in commence at 7 30. 4.8TRONG BOILER ON SALE, Ibf g >od condition, with Fittings, near POj ete It messurea u feet 6 in by 3 Jeet. Apply. No. <1545!. at this office. 9LATE QUARRY in Carnarvon SALB- Slates eaaelleafc, And other col* iavourabla-Appiy to No. 9709, »t this o«fc«u THE BETHESDA MALE VOICE CHOIR Will give a GRAND CONCERT AT THE DRILL HALL, DENBIGH, On MONDAY Evening, April 5th, 1897, Assisted by Miss MAGGIE J. PARRY (Megan Lleckid), Soprano. Mr. R. E. JONES, Baritone. Mr. R. JERRY IS, Baritone. And Others. Accompanist-AP ASAPH, Rhiw. Doors open at 7 30 p.m., to commence at 8. Admission :—Front Scats, 2s.; Second ditto. Is.; Third do., 6d. The proceeds will be devoted to the Bethesda Reli ef Fund. "Dr. Barnardo's HOMES" FOR DESTITUTE CHIL DREN I (Now maintaining nearly 5,000 Home- less Boys and Girls). MR. JAMES B. WOOKEY, Deputation Secretary to these Homes, will deliver a LECTURE XN TilS ASSEMBLY ROOMS, RUTHIN, On FRIDAY, April 9th, 1897, Subject: 'Thirty Years' Work amongst the Children of the Slums.' The Lecture will be Illustrated by Beautiful Lime-Light Views. A Group of Musical Boys from the London Homes, will give selections on the Bagpipes, Occarinas, Tubeaphone, Handbells, Xylophone, &c. The Chair will be taken at 8 p.m., by HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR. Admission:—Front Seats, Is.; Second Seats, Gd. A SPECIAL COLLECTION in aid of the Funds of the Homes during the proceedings. MAY-DAY PROCESSION. MOTOR CAR PARADE, Exhibition of Dairy Work, Crowning of the May Queen (By Thomas Williams, Esq., High Sheriff of the County), in the CASTLE GROUNDS, And a Fire Brigade Demonstration, Will be held in DENBIGH, On SATURDAY, 1st day of MAY, 1897 Over £ 100 will be expended in Prizes and otherwise in connection with the Festivities. PRIZES will be given for the NEATEST & BEST EXHIBITS in Classes for Farmers' Teams, Tradesmen's Exhibits, Heavy Teams, Four-in-Hands» Tandems, Carriage and Pair, One-Horse Turnouts, Children's Turn- outs, Ladies' & Gentlemen's Cycling Turnouts, Milk Carts, Donkeys, &c. Entries Close on Saturday, 17th April, 1897. The Band of the I D.' Co. lot V.B.R.W.F. Will be in attendance. Cheap Trains will be run from all parts. For Schedules, Entry Forms, or any further parti. culars, apply to Mr. J. PABBY JONES, Vale Street, Denbigh, Hon. Sec. Alliance Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL—FIVE MILLIONS. FUNDS—FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Lord ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary. Chief Office-BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON." LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restrictions. Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plana. A low and limited expenditure. Large, Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously, Moderate Rates. Surreya of Estates and Works free Prompt Settlement of Lioaaea. BRANCHES At-amcug other places LIVERPOOL-30, Exchang Street East o. MORGAN OWEN, Secretary. I WREXHAM 28, High Street: 1 JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary < Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the I Company's Branches or Ascents GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 12.11.16 & 18. PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-Purchase System. NOTE.-OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER. AND HAS BEEN HIGHLY COMMENDED BY THE WHOLE OF THF LOCAL PRESS THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY JL the oldest established, and by far the most exten- sive Furnishers on the Hire-Purchase system in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion, consider- ably cheaper than the majority of those Firms who sell for Cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona-fide manufacturers of the principle goods we sell. NO SECURITY REQUIRED, NO EXTRA EXPEN SES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE 8YSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which our busi ness is carried on. al.d our reasonable terms and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales, as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of customers. Payments Week- ly Monthly, or Quarterly:— Amount of Purchase, £10. Payment, per week. 3s. 6d „ £20. 5s. Od 450. 10s. Od £ 100. „ 17s. 6d R". 30s. Od An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy in- tending purshasers that we give better value and offer easier payments than any otner House Furnish- ers on the Hire-purchase system in the Provinces. All Goods are delivered free in our own or private vans, anL no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. The irade supplied. Snipping Orders executed witt .espatck. CA.UTION,As some b\rtr>b adopt various means- ,u h as copying our Pro: pectus, &c.-witti the evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are connected with KS—PLEASE NOTE OUR ADDRESS. OUR NEW PROSPECTUS. LARGE ILLUSTRA- TED CATALOGUE, PRESS OPINIONS. AND PRICE LIST, SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION. Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-purchase system. Business Lours-9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Railway Fares allowed to Country Customers. QLOBE pUKNISHING QOMPANY 12. 14, 16, and 18, PEMBROKE PLACE. LiVEROOL. 9646 MESSRS. BERRIE & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, 43, HIGH STREET (Near the Railway Bridge and Alexandra Hotel), RHYL, Conduct Sales by Auction of Live & Dead Farming Stock, Property, and House- hold Furniture. A Complete Register kipt of Houses and Lard to be Sold and Let. Valuations prepared for Probate, &c. Fire, Life, and PI-Ate Glass Insurances affected. When desired Advances can be made on Effects for absolute sale. THE NORTH WALES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS—MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED Estimates and Specifications may be ad on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, Rhyl. VALE OF CLWYD. ROYAL OAK INN, RUTH IN Proprietor-THOMAS WILLIAMS (Late of Harp, Corwen). Comfortable Accommodation for Travellers and visitors. DINNERS from li o'clock till 2. TEAS at any hour on Fair Days, &c. Lessee of Posting Stations at Corwen and Neigh- bourhood. All Advertisements and Posters promptly displayed* if forwarded to the Harp Hotel, Corwen. GOOD AND EXTENSIVE STABLNG. Tkrms—MODERATE. E. liL PARIRY, High Street, PRESTATYN, Respectfully desirea to call the attention of the Public to his well selected Stock of General Furnishing, Building, and Agricultural Ironmonery, Kitchen Ranges, Parlour Grates, and Mantel Pieces, Bedsteads .nd Bedding. Cutlery and Culinary Ware, Agricultural Implements and Gardeto Requisites, Guns and Sporting Accessories in great variety. Eley's Sporting Ammunition Cartridge*, Hied, &c. I Ba,hs.&o., for Sale or Hire. NoR -Agents for leading Cycle Mamrfactiim*, I SUPPLEMENTS TO THE NORTH WALES TIMES.' It is our intention to issue, from time to time, as opportunities arise, a Series of Supplements l: Journal, GIVING Illustrations of Places, Articles of Interest, Public Personages, AND Current Events. These Supplements will be printed on good paper, and insetted in the Journal. THE STEEL AERMOTOR, OR WIND TURBIN Is the Cheapest, Strongest, and most effective motive power in the world, taking the three first awards in three separate classes at the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. Has recently been in- troduced to this country by Mr. W. H. DEMPSTER, Laugharne, South Wales, s: who is the Company's Sole Re- presentative in Wales. This plant of modern Machin- ery may be had at a very small cost for Chaffing and Grinding Corn, Pulping Turnips, Driving Electric Dynamo In connection with a Storage Battery, Pumping Water to any distance, With the latest improved Pumps. If I! I I I = Particulars of the Agent, on application. HIGH CLASS TAILORING At POPULAR PRICES. Norfolk, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Golf Suits, In Harris Tweeds, Homespuns, Lovatt, Irish and Inverness Tweeds. Covert Coats, Knicker Breeches, Riding Breeches. Ladies' Tailoring a Specialite. Golf Capes and Fancy Vests In Newest Shades. Latest Styles. AT OSBORNE'S, TAILOR, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. North Sea Fish Emporium, 22, Market Hall, Rhyl, I AND High Street, Prestatyn. Choice Selection of Fresh & Cured Fish Daily. ENGLISH & FOREIGN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Best Brands of Tinned Goods & Sauces. Cream and Cream Cheese from the noted Burton Dairy. POULTBY & GAME (in Season). I T. BOYLE, Proprietor. I Agent for J. L. Green's Celebrated London Cured ¡' Haddocks. Hotels and Private Families supplied on reasonable terms. Country and Post Orders delivered daily. St. Asaph visited Tuesdays and Fridays. SPECIAL NOTICE! Voice Production & Singing. Mr.T. AMOS JONES, R A.M. BARITONE, Bronze and Siver Medallist, Is open to give Lessons in the above Subjects. Pupils visited at their own homes, if preferred at Rhyl, Denbigh, Coiwyn Bay, &c. Open for Engagements in Oratorio, Ballad, Miscellaneous Concerts. &c. For arrangements, and Press Opinions, apply to GORDON HOUSE, RHYL, or to Mr. W. H. EVANS, Chirk Shop, Denbigh. [A CARD.] W. J. SIMCOCK, Architect, Surveyor, and Valuer, HAVELOCK HOUSE, 7, RIVER STREET, RHYL Plans, Specifications, and Bill.4 of Quantities, prc pared for all ctfcpos of work. ( Buildings euptiii»U;a<l £ as and Valuations made. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ] With this week's number of the "NORTH WALES TIMES" 4 supplement is issued; viz., a POCKET RAILWAY GUIDE Containing all the Principal Time Tables, A List of Fares to and from Denbigh, Diary for Three Months, And a host of other useful information. We hope every Purchaser of "The North Wales Times will see that he gets a copy of this useful Guide. THE GROSVENOR9 FAMILY and COMMERCIAL -T"l Temperance Hotel, (LATE STAR) BODFOR STREET, BHYL. (Close to the Station). Under entirely New Managemeut. HOME COMFORTS, highly recommended. Sunday TABLE D'HOT 28. Boarding Terms from 5s. 6d. per day. Beds from Is. 6d., including attendance. Commercial, Private, Sitting, Dining, Coffee and Smoke Room. Baths (h. and c.). A GOOD SHILLING DINNER, In General Room, ground floor. Chops and Steaks from the Grille. P.S.—Schools, Choirs, and other Parties specially catered for. Orders for Post promptly attended to. CHARLES SNOWDEN, Proprietor. EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. March 30th, 1897. 4 Gwenllian Thomas,' passed Gibraltar, March 29. '1010 Morgauwg,' arrived Cardiff 29. Anne THOMUA,' arrived Carloforte 23. Wynnst-ay,' arrived Cette 26. Walter Thomas,' left Philadelphia — 26. BALA/ARRIVED Milazzo — 26. I 'W. J. RADCLIFFE,' left Antwerp — 28. Clarrisa RADCLIFFE,' arrived Cardiff Jan. 28. 'Sarah Radcline/ left Genoa March 27. Mary Thomas,' left Newport 25. Jane Radcliffe,' arrived Genoa 25. 'Douglas Hill,' arrived Odessa 24. Llanberis,' arrived Cardiff 26. 'Manchester,' arrived Limerick 23. Peterston,' passed Pera 19. ANTHONY RADCLIFFE,' PASSED PERA — 13. ETHEL RADCLIFFE,' ARRIVED CARDIFF — 13. Dunraven, passed Pera — 29. MANURESFOR 1897. Superphosphates, Bone Manure, Basic Slag, Extremely Low Prices. Only Manures of Guaranteed Analyses sold. FARM SEEDS. An excellent Stock of Seeds, selected most carefully. Samples to be seen at Denbigh & Llanrwst Markets. See them. and ascertain their prices, before buying elsewhere, and it will be to your advantage. For further particulars, apply to EVAN ROBERTS, Plas Isaf, Llansannan. RICE JONES, Watch and Clock Maker, &c., L BRIDGE STREET, DENBIGH. WATCHES of all kinds in Gold, Silver, and Pure white Metal Cases, A. t the very lowest prices, EVERY WATCH WARRANTED. Should a Watch not give satisfaction after a fair tria the same will be willingly exchanged. CIIOCKS-l, 8, and 14 days-at lowest Prices. Warranted. 22 Carat WEDDING RINGS, by weight Nice and useful Presents given with each Ring. WATCHES and CLOCKS Cleaned and thoroughly Repaired, At the lowest prices possible. Troublesome Watches, dv., put to rights. Graig Ddewart Quarry, NEAR RUTHIN. The Proprietor of the above Quarry begs to inform the Public that there is now to be had a constant supply of Lime, Building & Coping Stones, Window Sills, Gate Posts, Chippings, &c. for Terms, apply to the Foreman of the Quarry. CYCLES. CONNAH, RHYL. CHARLES CONNAH & CO. are Agents for all the best English and American Machines. AIs8, Manufacturers of the Popular Royal Welsh and Blue Bell CYCLES, The ideal mounts for Ladies and Gentlemen, tho- roughly high grade Cycles at moderate prioes. A largo Assortment of Accessories always in stock. Repairs carefully and promptly execu- ted by thoroughly practical men. RIDING, taught at our own School by experienced instructors. Bicycles and Tricycles on hire. Bassinettes, Bath Chairs, Mail Carts for Sale OF Sire Branches throughout Wales. Head Office and Show Rooms— QUEEN'S BUILDINGS. RHYL. Telegrams-CONNAH, RhyL Telephone, No. 18. Pure Blood is Health and Strength. Impure Blood is Disease and Death. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS Overcome the worst forms of diseases and the foulest state of the Blood, Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys; the go to the core of every disease, where no other medi. cine has power to reach. The Great Blood Purifier cures the following com- plaints- Giddiness in the head, dimness of gighi, weak eyes. indigestion, or wind in the stomach or bowels, loss of memory, palpitation of the heart, liver and bilious oostructions, asthma, rheumatic, lumbago, piles, gravel, pains in the back. scurvy, bad legs, wounds, or white swellings, scrofuia, eczema, gatherings, tu- mours, pimples, and blotches on the face and body swelled feet and legs, erysipelas, jaundice, dropsy, and fevers of all kinds. These pills clear the blood from all impnre matter, from whatever cau^e arising. In boxes at Is. ljd. ar-d 2s. 9d each. Sold by all Chemists, or from the Burdock Pil) Manufactory, fl. Oxford street, Swansea, for 15 or 31 stamps. At the Spring and during the hot weather, th Blood should be thoroughly Cleansed and Purified, to nsure a good state of health, which may be effected t small cost by using these never-failing Pills. ARTISTIC AND SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY. X RAYS. MR. JOHN WILLIAMS bogs to inform the public of the Vale of Clwyd and North Wales gener- ally that he has obtained the LATEST and most im- proved Electrical apparatus, and is prepared to Cryptcscope or Radiograph any part of the huaaan body through the clothing. Terms on Application. ESTABLISHED 1885. JOHN WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Each sitter personally attended to by J. W. Please note the.Address:-PORTLAN D STUDIO, 8, High Street, Bayi.. THE Pheasants Rearing Season. For Dog Biscuits AND Game Food, GO TO R. OWEN, Who is SOLE AGENT for PREMIER DOG BISCUITS and PREMISE GAME MEAL. Also, SPECIAL WHOLESALE AGENT fcr SPRATT'S Dog Biscuits AND Game Meal, ALSO, For GILBERTSON & PAGE well- known GAME FOOD. Special Price for large quantities. Noim ADDKESS- R. OWEN, 45, High Street and Star Shop, DENBIGH. MR, I<\ SARSON. 10 YEABS WITH MR. SARSON, L.D.S. (LLANDUDNO), CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Artificial Teeth on Improved Principle. PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS WITHOUT UBI. OF GAS. FILLINGS, SCALING, &c. Consultations Vree. Testimonials may be seen at above address. Cooatrj Patients attended by apiatIn-