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in some way, m represented (hear, hear). There were a great many Voluntary Schools and were a great many Voluntary Schools and Board Schools in need of money; and he hoped, ¡ therefore, that the Bill would be carried ¡ through. The original proposition was carried by a majority of 23 votes to 18. CHIEF INSPECTOR OF SCHOOLS, With regard to the appointment of Chief In- spector, Councillor R. 1,1. Jones moved that hey lodge their protest against the appoint- ment of Mr. Legard as Chief Inspector. He was sorry that Mr, Morgan Owen had not been appointed (hear, hear). He would, however, Add the words:—'A gentleman not conversant with the Welsh language.' They would not debar the chance of anyone provided he was conversant with the language he had to deal with. The motion was unanimously agreed to. OPEN FOR WATER. Alderman P. P. Pennant asked if the Queen's Ferry Bridge had yet been opened? Councillor C. Davison Yes, for the river; but nob for the road (laughter). URBAN COUNCIL FOR BUCKLEY. The Clerk stated that he had received a com- munication from the Local Government Board, agreeing to the proposal to form an Urban Council in Buckley; but refusing to make any alteration in the said district for poor law purposes. On the motion of Councillor G. A. Parrv, seconded by Councillor Wheldon, it was agreed to confirm the order on the lines indicated. A NEW, CEMETERY. The application from the inhabitants of Cil- een came under consideration, and Alderman Pennant stated that a Committee had visited the place. The site was a suitable one for the purpose, and he proposed that application be made for sanction to borrow the amount r3- fuired. Councillor T. Parry seconded, and it was agreed to. THE RAILWAY BILLS. Resolved 'That Mr. Keene be directed to write to Mr, J. Herbert Lewis, M.P., and ask him to see Sir Theodore Martin, and confer with him on the question of locus standi on the 15fch Allegation: and that this Committee would be guided by whatever decision Mr. Lewis arrived at. And it was suggested that Mr. Herbert Roberts should be asked to accompany him.' Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Raihcav Bill. With regard to this Bill, Mr. Keene reported that Mr. Lewis was not in London at the time he and Mr. Thomas went there, and that they had, therefore, proceeded to Messrs. Sherwood & Co,, and that those gentlemen were so deci- dedly against the locus standi of this Council to petition in respect of the Station at Shotton, that he had not instructed them to prepare a Petition. _The Clerk was diiected to summon this Com* anittee again as soon as he had heard from Mr. Lewis the result of his interview with Messrs. anittee again as soon as he had heard from Mr. Lewis the result of bis interview with Messrs. Martin & Co, At a subsequent meeting, the Clerk read a letter received from Mr. Herbert Lewis, M.P., to the effect that he had seen Sir Theodore Martin, who had satisfied him that this Council ought not to incur the expense of going before the Rdferefs on the question of locus standi on the 13th Allegation of the Petition and it was resolved:— That such .decision be accepted as satisfac- tory; and also that Messrs. Martin & Leslie be DOW asked to arranges, meeting with the repre- sentatives of the Railway Company, with a view en an arrangement on the remaining alle- gations of the Petition.' 'That arrangements be made for watching and counting the traffic going over the level crossing at Holywell Station, fa order that the Conned may be prepared to go into Committee, if the Railway Company do not concede the bridge.' URBAN COUNCIL ELECTION. Excitement has cropped up the last few day8 io the nomination of candidates for the forth- coming election. There are five vacancies caused by the retirement of Messrs. LI. Eaton, G. H. Simen, J. B. Marston, and Frank 01 liver; also the seat held by the late Mr. Samuel Lewis, which was not f iled after his death. The names •f the persons nominated had not been made known up to the time of going to press but it is understood that the electors will have ample and varied choice, over three times the live, it is said, having been duly nominated. The number consists of a representation of all par- ties and opinions. The only difficulty will be to make a selection. COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. A meeting of this Court was held at the County en Sturdily last, when there wl,re present: Alderman P: P. Pennant (chair- man), the Revs. Richard Jones (Golftyn), and John Owen (Mold); Messrs. S. Perks, Daniel Pierce, J. L. Muspratt, -J. T. Humphreys, H. Lloyd Jones, T. Foulkes, George Nuttall, Peter .Roberts, H. A. Tilhy, and T. H. Ollive (derk), SALARY. An application for increase is his salary was made by the clerk. Mr, Pennant, on behalf of the Finance Com- mittee, moved that in consideration of the services rendered by Mr. Ollive, that his salary be made retrospective for three years to the amount of ZE49, and that the stipend for the future be that amount. Agreed to. ORAL TESTS. The notes from the Charity Commissioners for the use of examiners of County Schools for the purpose of the Treasury Grant were sub- mitted, together with the following resolution, adopted by the Central Welsh Board :That the Charity Commissioners note of April, 1896, be the minimum to be required for the annual examination of the County Schools, with the following addition, namely, That dictation, or some oral test, shall be a nece sary part of the examination in modern languages,' The Chairman moved, 'Oral knowledge is desirable, but not to be too rigidly required in places where colloquial modern language is of z, comparatively little value.' This was agreed to. A resolution of the Executive Committee relating to pensions was read. Several of the Members were in sympathy with the prosposals, but nothing was done in the matter. A letter was read from the Charity Commis- sioners agreeing to the proposals of the County Council for increased grants towards several school districts for the provision of school 1>uUdmgs. A letter was read from the Charity Commis- sioners approving (If the opening of a school at Mold, and agreeing to the temporary premises. It was ordered that £ 400 handed over from the Httwarden Grammar School be reinvested in the name of the official trustees of Charitable Funds.. The Clerk reported having received a com- munication from the clerk or the Rhyl Govern- j ari with plan and d-aft contract for sale of land for school site abutting on Grange Rood. Mr. R. Roberts Jones, Hhyl, was appointed to peruse the draft), and to prepare the neces- aarv certificate for the Charity Commissioners. An application was made by the Rhyl Govern- ors for i1 speeial grant towards the payment of an assistant master in consideration of his services as art teacher. The sam )f X20, was granted, and a like amount to Holywell and Hawarden. 1 The clerk reported the completion of the sale to Mr. Gladstone of the old Grammar School premis- es at Hawarden, and that the purchase money had been paid into the Bank of England to the credit of the official also that rent up to. 4he 30th of June, and £ 10 towards the costs.