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PROPOSED MAY-DAY FESTIVITIES. On Monday night, a public meeting was held in the Council Chamber, to consider the advi- sability of holding May-Day Festivities in the town this year. The Mayor, who had con- vened the meeting, presided, and there were also present: Messrs J. P. Jones (Town Clerk), J. Bellamy, J. Ll. Williams, S. T. Miller, T. Ro- berts, W. Roberts, W. G. Helsby, H, E Jones, James Hughes, W. J. Nott, J. S. Roberts, B. Bryan, W. H. Evans, J. T. Hughes, W. James, Dr. Lloyd, R. D. Hughes, T. A. Wynne Ed- wards, "W. Clwyd Pierce, Edward "Thomas, T. Ashford, R. Hughes (Crown Hotel), C. Cot tam, T. F. Evans, T. Pierce Hughes, Gwilym Parry, T. Batten, Hugh Williams, R. G. Bushnell, R. G. Davies, W. Buller, W. H. Hughes, J. Bowse, Christmas Lewis, Peter Williams, Richard Williams, J. Evans, D. Jones, A. O. Evans, R. W. Lloyd, James Green, W. Barker, Col. Lloyd Williams, and others.. The Town Clerk having read the notice con- vening the meeting, The Mayor, in opening the proceedings, said that the meeting had been called to decide whether the May Day Festivities should be held or not. A great many people had been speaking to him about it, some against and some in favour. As far as he was personally concerned, he would give them his opinion. If he thought for one instant that the holding of the May-Day Festivities would clash with the Diamond Jubilee, he would be the last man in the world to support the holding of them (hear, hear). But he did not think they would inter- fere with the commemoration celebration (ap- plause). A meeting had been held the previous week to consider the question of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, and they all knew what was done, and that it was decided to collect funds for the Infirmary and the Intermediate School, a percentage ef which would also be used to- wards celebrating the day by feeding the old people and the children, &c. (cheers). But this was quite a different function. On Jubilee Day, he did not think they would have many people in town from outside, as there would be gather- ings in every town and village throughout the district around. But he ventured to say that it would be quite different on May-Day (hear, hear). If he had been rightly informed, May- Day would not be observed at Rhyl or Llan- dudno, and he would take it, that their friends from Rhyl and Llandudno would come and sup. port Denbigh on this occasion (applause). May-Day this year fell on a Saturday, which he considered as a most suitable day for hold ing the festivities, because the country people could more conveniently attend on a Saturday than almost any other day. If the meeting de- cided in favour of holding festivities, it would be his earnest endeavour, to the best of his abilities, to make them a great success (loud applause). He was no prophet, nor the son of a prophet, nevertheless, he would venture to prophesy that, if they had a fine day, their festivities would excel those held twelve months ago (hear, hear, and applause), although the festivities last year were such as they could well be proud of (hear, hear). There were so few things of this nature in Denbigh, in which it was an easy matter for them to pull together, without allowing religious or political bias to enter into the matter at all. May-Day Festi- vities could not be affected by either religion or politics, and if they decided that night to have these festivities they would, undoubtedly, prove a great success (hear, hear). However, whatever their decision would be, he would bow to it. Personally, he failed to see why they could not go on with these festivities (cheers). That was his opinion, but he would now ask anyone present to move a resolution pro or con, in order to have the views of the meeting on the matter. Mr. Edward Thomas, Bryntirion, paid that something took place last year with regard to the support of Ruthin, and if he remembered rightly, a suggestion had been made that the procession should be held in both towns alter- nately. He wished to know whether this had been agreed upon? The Mayor said that if Denbigh intended to hold the festivities, then Ruthin would abstain from moving in the matter. On the other hand, if Denbigh decided not to have the pro- cession this year, then Ruthin most probably would go in for it. He did not make this state- ment on any reliable authority, but the meet- ing, he thought, might take it as correct. He had a conversation with Mr. T. J. Ronw, some time ago, and that gentleman told him that the Ruthin Cycle Club would, in all probability, take part in the proceedings (cheers). Mr. William James Providing the roads are in better condition (laughter). In reply to Mr. Wynne Edwards, The Mayor said that the balance left last year amounted to £11 4s, 6d. which was in the Treasurer's hand. A sum of £ 92 8s. was col- lected in subscriptions. Mr. Wynne Edwards: What was the total expenditure? The Mayor £ 122 14s. lid. In reply to a question by Mr. A. O. Evans, The Mayor said Rhyl and Llandudno had de- cided not to hold the festivities this year. He had received an authoritative information from Rhyl on the subject. Mr. Bryan said he did not know whether the subscribers had been tested upon the question of having festivities this year or not. A large number of gentlemen would be called upon to subscribe to the Jubilee Fund, and he did not know whether they could reasonably expect them to subscribe to the May-Day Festivities as well. He found that L92 odd had been sub- scribed last year for this purpose, and, no doubt, they would expect a similar sum this year to make the show a success. The Mayor: We had f,15 from the Castle Committee last year, Mr. Bryan, and £ 9 from the programmes. Mr. Bryan said what he wished to know was whether the subscribers to the May-Day Fund last year would support this year also? The Mayor I cannot answer that question. Mr. A. O. Evans: I presume you had no let- ters on the question, Sir? The Mayor: No Mr. Helsby wanted to know what the print- ing and advertising expenses amounted to last year? Mr. T. Pierce Hughes Oh you must cur- tail these expenses. The Mayor said. that the expenses above re- ferred to, amounted to 9-33. They received from the sale of programmes jE3 5s. 2d., and for advertising in the programme, 99. Mr. Henry Jones, Park Street After the success of the festivities last year, I do not think we ought to let them drop now (applause). If we drop this year, the probability-, is that we shall never be able to have another proces- sion (hear, hear). That is my opinion. Mr. David Jones, Gwynfa, hoped there would be unanimity in dealing with this question (hear, hear). Iftthey were going in for May- Day Festivities,She sincerely trusted that all would put their shoulder to the wheel with the same spirit and energy as last year (ap- plause). He did not think there should be a,ny I doubt as to whether this should be a. yearly concern or not. They should not, in his opin- ion, by any means depart from it on the pre- sent occasion (hear, hear). Last year was the inaugurative meeting, and a very great suc- cess it was (applause), and if it would be held this year, he hoped that the second meeting would prove even a greater success than the first. Being at Ruthin that day, he had sounded his friends there on the question, and he was given to understand it was not their in tention to hold any festivities on May-Day, but would do everything they could to further the movement in Denbigh (cheers). He Jlad, therefore, great pleasure inasmuch as the May- Day Festivities had already been advertised as an annual event, and as the Mayor very pro- perly said, they had not too many festivities )f this kind in Denbigh, he had pleasure in moving that the festivities be held this year, ind that the arrangements be relegated to a committee to be hereafter appointed (hear, iiear). For 20 years, Denbigh had been in a state of lethargy. Rhyl, Llandudno, and other similar towns, had been taking the cream in ill such festivities and gala days, whilst Den- oigh should have reaped an equal benefit from such things Mr. J. Simon Roberts, Plough Inn, seconded ;he motion. Mr. Wynne Edwards, having made an amus- .ng reference to Goldsmith's fool, said he did lot at first feel strongly in favour of having a May Day Procession this year, because he was tfraid it would clash with another event which ;hey all, no doubt, desired to make a great success—the celebration of Her Majesty's Dia- nond Jubilee. But that meeting had changed lis mind, and he was now of opinion that there vos room for both celebrations (heir, hear). But before deciding anything, lie thought they should arefuny consider what took place last year. number of gentlemen in the town subscribed L good sum of money towards the May-Day 3rocession, but the people who reaped the greatest benefit therefrom were the Castle Committee. That committee received £ 15 vliich they would never have got, if other peo- )le had not gone to their pockets co get up a May-Day Procession (hear, hear, and laughter). :Ie was quite prepared to go to his pocket this rear, and subscribe to the May-Day Fund, but le had a decided objection to go to his pocket n order to help the Castle Committee "to get mother £15 (applause and laughter). He bought that they should at least get four-fifths )f the proceeds of the Castle on that day, or ailing that, to ask the committee 'to let the Castle say for a stated sum of f5 (hear, hear). The Mayor I think the Castle Committee tgreed to do that last year, Mr. Edwards, but ve decided to divide the proceeds equally loud laughter). Mr. J. Ll. Williams: The Castle Committee vere, therefore, the wisest of the two. Mr. Wynne Edwards contended that they 1 ihould make the best possible terms with those t .hat benefited from the May-Day Festivities, sspecially with the Castle Committee. How- sver, if they decided to hold the festivities, 11 Jveryone should put his shoulder to the wheel J n order to secure its success (hear, hear). rhere was one thing which should induce them ;o support; it—their Mayor was greatly in :avour of it (applause, and hear, hear). He lad neither spared time nor money in the mat- ter, and the meeting should back him up (loud heers). When he (Mr. Edwards) came to the meeting, he was not favourably disposed to- ivards the scheme, for the reasons stated, but now he stood before them in the garb of Gold- smith's fool, who had changed his mind (laugh- ter and cheers). Mr. Bryan wished to make an explanation on behalf of the Castle Committee. The Apycr, very properly, corrected Mr. Wynne Edwards n his assumption, and he might say, that the Castle Committee last year merely agreed to ithe terms suggested to them. It was true they raceived the sum of E15 as a result of the May- Day Festivities; but it should be borne in mind, that the committee were correspond- ingly fl5 to the bad on Whit-Tuesday, as the result of having the May-Day Festivities inter- fering with the Whit-Tuesday Sports. There wa,s another point to be borne in mind—the Castle Committee represented the town Mr. J. Ll. Williams: Question. (This was followed by cries of 'question' from all parts of the room, and evidently Mr. Bryan had made a statement with which the majority could not agree). Mr. R. D. Hughes The Castle Committee is self-elected (cheers and laughter). Mr. Bryan: Well, I was going to say that the Castle Committee represents the town (I 'To, no'). The interests of the Castle are identical with the interests of the town Mr. Wynne Edwards No, no. Mr. Bryan They ought to be then (hear, hear, and You are right now'). I think it should be the object of the Castle Committee to study the interest? of the town. But the point I wish to emphasise is, that the Castle Com- mittee were losers to the amount of £ 15 on Whit-Tuesday, as a result of the May-Day Festivities, so it is no benefit, as far as the Castle Committee is concerned to hold a May- Day Procession at all. Col. LI. Williams said, in referring to the Castle Committee, they had tailed to bear m mind that there were certain expenses to meet by the Castle Committee in making good a certain amount of damage caused to the Castle by the public collecting there. The Mayor I think that all expenses of that kind were paid out of the total receipts before dividing them. Mr. Bryan: No, that is not correct, Mr. Mayor. A Voice Yes it is. The Mayor What I said is quite true. The amounts were divided in half after deducting the expenses. Mr. Bryan I referred to the expenses of the day, Sir. Mr. Henry Jones I should like to know the amount of damage done to the Castle that day, Sir ? Mr. David Jones: This is quite foreign to the issue, in my opinion. Mr. Henry Jones Quite so: it has nothing to do with our business here to-night. Mr. David Jones said he was not quite sure whether they would require the Castle at all this year (hear, hear, and applause). The ques- tion was whether they were going to have a May-Day Procession. That was the first point for them to decide, and secondly, whether they were going to put their shoulders to the wheel to make it a success (cheers). Mr. Bryan I hope it will not go out of this room that the Castle Committee are in any way antagonistic to the May-Day Procession (Voices of No, no '). The resolution was then put to the meeting, and carried unanimously and with enthusiasm. Mr. R. D. Hughes proposed that the Mayor be re-elected president, Mi. Alderman Williams as vice-president, Mr. William James as trea- surer, Mr. J. Parry Jones as hon. sec., and Mr. Edward Parry (Town Clerk's Deputy) as paid secretary (cheers). He (Mr. Hughes) was glad to see the show last year turning out such a great success, and hoped that it would be re- peated on the present occasion (applause). Mr. Cottom seconded the motion, which was carried. The Mayor thanked the meeting for electing him president for the second year. He would use all his exertions in order to make the se- cond May-Day Procession as great a success as that of twelve months ago (cheers), and hoped that their Rhyl and Llandudno friends would support them, as well as friends in the im- mediate neighbourhood of Denbigh (hear, hear). The Town Clerk said he was very pleased to find that it was the unanimous wish of the in- habitants of Denbigh to have a May-Day Pro- cession, and it would give him great pleasure to act as hon. sec., and to support a president who had taken such an interest in the matter as a Mayor (loud cheers). The General Committee was then elected, and on the suggestion of the Mayor, the same gentlemen that served last year were asked to continue their services, with power to add to their number. Several names were added to the committee in the room. It was then decided to open a subscription list at both banks. Mr. A. O. Evans said there was a good com- pany present that night, and suggested that subscriptions should be taken in the room. The suggestion was agreed to, and a sum of £15 19s. was realised, asagainst £ 20 the previous year.