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Family Notices



1'1 PARISH COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Monday evening, at the National Schools, St. Asaph. The members present were Mr. T. Howes Roberts (chairman), Dr: Easterby, Dr. Lloyd, Messrs J. C. S. Luxmore, H. A. Cleaver, It. Jones, J. P. Jones, J. C. Jones, and the Clerk (Mr. T. F. Roberts). PENYBONT ROAD. The Clerk read a letter from the St. Asaph District Council respecting tLestate of the road on the south side of Penybont, which they stated was not under their control. They had never carted any stones along it. The Clerk said he had received no reply with regard to the kitch catch. The Chairman said the subject came up for discussion at the Council, and although lie drew as graphic a picture as he could of animals rushing along the path to the danger of pedes- trians it had no effect. The Chairman: They removed the old stiles, which were very awkward. Mr. R. Jones said that when recommenda- tions were sent to the District Council they should not be characterised as ridiculous. He proposed that they write to the County Council on the subject. It was no good writing resolu- tions for them to be ignored. Mr. J. P. Jones seconded the proposition. Dr. Easterby said there was a section under the Act of 1878 which stated that where an authority neglected to repair a road, the county authority could do it, and charge them for it The county authority was now the County Council. Mr. R. Jones said they had a right to appeal ¡ Under their own act as well. e> THE DIAMOND JUBILEE AND THE DENBIGH INFIRMARY. The Clerk said he had received several com- rJf^Catio?s *rom the Denbigh Infirmary with deference to the above. The Chairman: 1 also received one from Col. Mesham, which I merely acknowledged. The Clerk read the circular, which was to the effect that the Committee were in debt to the amount of F,500, and as the annual expen- diture exceeded the income by £ 300, donations were required to meet the deficiency, and secondly to increase the subscription list. Mr. Cleaver said it was suggested that a small committee should be formed in each parish to make house to house visitations to collect. Dr. Easterby said he had received several circulars They wasted enough money in postage stamp". The Chairman: Shall we take any action ? Mr. R. Jones said the object was a Jworthy one. The Chairman said the Guardians gave five guineas, and at the next meeting Mr. Wynne, of Rhyl, was going to propose that the sub- scription be increased to ten guineas. Dr Easterby: Then we had better leave it to the next meeting of the Council. I think the Guardians have to do with it more than any- body else. Mr. Cleaver: I think the Infirmary is very well supported by our local people. No action was taken in the matter. TO LET ON HIRE, 'A HEARSE.' Mr. J. C. Jones said that as the hearse was public property, they ought to advertise for tenders from car proprietors for twelve months hire. Mr. Cleaver: Any person taking it outside the parish has to pay for it. The Chairman said it was a good suggestion, as it would be a source of revenue for the Council. Bub Mr. Jones would 'have to give notice fnr the meeting. WATCHING AND LIGHTING COMMITTEE. The Clerk, in reading the minutes of the above committee, mentioned that he had re ceived a cheque from Mr. Evan Jones for the amount of damage committed to the lamp post by his runaway horse. A 'LIGHTING' COMPLAINT. The Clerk read the following letter signed by Alice Evans :— I have been told that a meeting of the Light- ing and Watching Committee is to be held to- day. I beg to draw attention to the fact that the old pump has been done away with, and a gas has been fixed opposite my place in this street to act instead of a lamp post. What can be the reason I am at a loss to know. At the same time new lamp posts are fixed in different parts of the city, aod there are brackets and posts everywhere except here. The lamp in this street' was very much needed, and is of great convenience at night, but the fact that old rubbish attached together to act as a lamp post is no good. Whosoever supported this unseemly thing being put here would, I have no doubt, strongly oppose it if it was to be fixed near their own doors. What rates are due from me are paid as honourably as any other ratepayer and therefore I am entitled to have a bracket and lamp posts as others have. The Chairman: I believe it would cost us f2 10s. for a new lamp post. Mr. J. C. Jones said there was a difference in the height and appearence of the lamp com- plained of compared with others. It was lower by fifteen inches. Mr. Cleaver: It is all the better for being lower, because if it was higher it would not get the reflection it does from the wall. Very likely that was the reason of its being placed lower down. Mr. J. C. Jones: It was said at the parish meeting that a bracket would be placed there. Mr. J. P. Jones: Wou-Id a little paint im- prove it ? Mr. J. C. Jones: There is paint on it now, as well as a few inches of rust. Mr. Clever thought it was a matter of £ s. D. If this thing had not been put there, they would have had no light at all. It was decided to defer the matter to the next meeting. Mr. Robert Jones produced a statement of accounts of the lighting inspector. The receipts for the year came toC56 Is. 10d., and the pay- ments zC51 18s. Id., leaving a balance in hand of £ 4 3s. 9d. A DESERVING, VOTE OF THANKS. Mr. Clever proposed that the thanks of the Council be given to Mr. Robert Jones for the great service he had rendered the Council and the citizens of St. Asaph in connection with the recent footpath improvements. If it had not being for his untiring exertions in the matter, the footpaths would certainly not be in their present satisfactory condition. He per- sonally knew the vast amount of trouble Mr. Jones went to in correspondence and collecting subscriptions from different people. He should also like to couple the name of Mr. Mansbridge, who acted as treasurer. Dr. Easterby seconded the vote, which was carried unanimously.


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