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HYL, THE QUEEN'S JUBILEE. The General Committee appointed at the recent town's meeting to prepare a scheme for celebrating at Rhyl in some permanent manner the jubilee of the Queen met on Saturday, under the presidency of Mr. Abel Jones (chairman of the Urban District Council). There was a large attendance. Mr. Abel Jones was elected chairman, Mr. Arthur Rowlands (Town Clerk) hon. secre- tary, and the managers of the two local banks joint hon. treasurers. It was decided to organise public rejoicings on a scale similar to the jubilee celebrations in 1887. Discussion afterwards took place as to what the main portion of the fund should be de- voted to. Among the suggestions made at the public meeting for the consideration of the Committee were the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Free Library, Cottage Hospital, and the Intermediate School Buildings. Mr. R. Hugh Jones (Colet House), pro- posed that any surplus be devoted to the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, Rhyl, which institution, he said, had in the past received on an average 800 patients annually from all parts of the country, and at present needed the sum of R5,000 in order to com- plete the contemplated new buildings. Mr. H. A. Steer seconded the proposal. The Rev. Dan Edwards (vicar), while sym- pathising with this proposal, moved that the funds be devoted to the Rhyl Intermediate Schools, on behalf of which a special effort was being made to raise the amount neces- sary to enable the new buildings to be er- rected. Mr. R. Llewelyn Jones, in supporting the latter proposition, said that the sum actually raised locally on behalf of the building fund was £600. In order to receive grant of £ 2,000 from the county governing body, £100 from Henry Tait, jun., and 2200 from Mr. Williams, Llewesog Hall, they were required to raise another £300, and he earnestly hoped that these grants and subscriptions would be secured as a result of the applica- tion of the jubilee funds to the schools. Mr. W. Wynne proposed as a suitable means of commemoration the conversion of the site of the old Alexandra Hospital into asphalted lawm-tennis courts and recreation ground. This would not cost more than = £ 300, and as something would have to be done to make this site presentable after the removal of the building, it would relieve the burden on the ratepayers in some measure if the cost was defrayed out of the jubilee fund. Mr. D. Trehearn, in seconding the propo- sal, said that Mr. Wynne had promised C50 towards this object. Mr. Wynne said that promise would hold good whoever did the work (hear, hear). Mr. H. A. Tilby suggested that the fund should be divided between the Alexandra Hospital and the Intermediate School. On a division being taken, it was decided by a large majority to devote the funds to the Intermediate School. 1




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RUTHIN. ,_....--......._,........-_--_---.-...-""..-...........