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CARNARVON AND THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES. At the Carnarvon County Magistrates Court on Saturday, Captain Wynne Griffith presiding, application was made for a license" to perform stage plays at the Pavilion, Carnarvon. The court was crowded, among those present being several local ministers and other members of the Carnarvon Nonconformist Council, who had instructed Mr. J. T. Roberts to oppose the application. Mr. J. A. Hughes, in making the application on behalf of Mr Dan Rhys, manager of the Pavilion Company, said that the building had been erected some years ago at a considerable expense, and he did not want to conceal the fact that for some time the company had un- wittingly committed a breach of the law by not applying for such a license, it being true that stage plays had been produced at the pavilion on several occasions. However, the company wanted to comply with the law, and accordingly the present application was made, following Dpon a letter addressed to the manager of the company by the deputy chief constable, draw- ing attention to the fact that the pavilion was not licensed for the performance of stage plays. A license of t,he kini applied for carried with it the right to a drink license; but he wished to make It clear that there was no desire on the part of the Company to apply for a drink license, and they were perfectly willing for the magistrates to annex a condition to the license that they should not sell drink, and this, he thought, would do away with the orposition raised to the application. Mr. Dan Rhys gave evidence in support of the application. The building had eighteen exits, and he had seen between 9,000 and 10,000 people clear out of the place in the space of ilve minutes. Mr. E. Evans, county surveyor, gave evi- dence showing that the means of ecit, were ample for all purposes. Mr. J. T. Roberts contented that the applica- tion was premature, and that in the first place rules ought to be submitted by. the company as to the government of the pavilion. If the per- formances that had taken place there during the last three months were any criterion of what they might expect, he thought the gran- ting of a license would injure the morals of the town. Recently, an all-night, dance had been held in the place, on which occasion there was a good dea] of drunkenness and free fight- ing. He submitted that a case had not been made out.for the granting of the license, his contention, being that the Company should make application to the Bench, when neces- sary, for permission to perform stage plays, such performances in the past having been few and far between. The Rev E. Jones, pastor of the Moriali Calvinistic Methodist Church, Carnarvon, and a member of the- Nonconformist Council, said that the opposition raised did not preclude the performance of dramas and plays that would be likely to elevate the moral tone of the town, but he believed that the granting of the present application would result in opening the door lor many worthless plays that would be Kkely| to do a great deal of harm. i The Bench, after a prolonged consultation, granted the license, the Chairman announcing that-five were in favour and four against.

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