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LOCAL GOVERNMENT INQUIRY. On Tuesday, Col. Durnford, R. E., one of the Inspectors of bhe Local Government Board held a public inquiry in the Town Hall, Rhyl, respecting an application by the Urban District Council for powers to borrow £1,400 for the purpose of extending the West Promenade towards the Foryd. Mr, Arthur Rowlands, ¡ (Town clerk) conducted the inquiry on behalf of the Council, and there was a large attend- ance of councillors present to support the application. Mr. F J. Gamlin appeared to oppose on behalf of a number of property owners and ratepayers. It was explained on behalf ri the council that the West Promenade should be extended towards the Foryd, but the council had never consented to the proposals until the West Rhyl Land and Building Company, and Mr. Williams, Summerfield, came forward and offered to give a strip of land 13 yards wide on the sea front for constructing a road. The council were offered by the company, and that gentle- man, the land, a road, and half the cost of the seawall. The total cost would be £ 3,110. of which the council were asked to pay £ 1,400. It was argued for the applicants that the rates from houses which would be erected on th, land would within a very few years pay more than the annual charge on the loan, and the building of the sea wall was necessary in order to ensure the safety of the town. The Council considered that they had been very fairly met by the owners of the land. In support of the application evidence was given by the Town Clerk, Town Surveyor, (Mr. Robert Hughes), Captain Keatinge Mr. Abel Jones, Mr. Robert Jones, Mr. P. Mostyn Williams, and Mr. Chad- wick (managing director of the West Rhyl land, and building company). They each stated that they considered that the ratepayers of Rhyl should take a broad minded view of the improvements of Rhyl. The development should not be all at one end, and that for the past few years improvements had taken place all over the district. Each of the witnesses were questioned by the opposition to show that the rates and liabilities of the ratepayers were already very heavy. The opposition called as witnesses, Captain Howard, Mr. S. Perks, and Mr. Elwy Williams to show that the liabilities of the town were heavy, and that in the near future there was • very probability that the ratepayers would be called upon to spend various sums on neces- sary improvements. If a wall was required they contended that the adjoining property owners should construct it at their own expense. It was also argued that the expendi- ture proposed was not sufficient to build a wall that would stand the inroads of the sea and in support of that Mr. T. Booth Farringdon, C. E Conway, was called to prove that in his opinioh the work proposed was not strong enough, but he said that the surveyor (Mr. Robert Hughes), had prepared an excellent design. Mr. F. J. Gamlin contended that the Council had not made out a good case, and that in view of the heavy charges on the town the applica- tion should not be granted. Mr. Middlehurst said he believed that the town would benefit by the extension of the Promenade, and the construction of a circular drive around by Foryd to the Marine Drive. The Town Clerk submitted that the opposi- tion had not only failed, but had proved by their own witnesses that the wall was required. He hoped the Local Government Board would grant the loan for fifty years on wh. eh the annual charge would be £53. A vote of thanks to the Inspector, moved by Mr. S. Perks seconded by Mr, Abel Jones, was carried. The Inspector afterwards visited the locus in quo.






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